Ladies Who Test Their Husbands

Tuesday, August 30th


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If yesterday morning was rough Gloria. That ended yesterday was great let's make this morning flight. Kevin. So yesterday morning I'm at their church and you said something. Very embarrassed. And 4047419400. If you agree. That good chance necessarily this comment. I'm thinking maybe some elaborate husband test all my. Low life. She's proved and how they got passed the test. Highs and that's that's ridiculous. Please explain so I think women if they will confessed he can use a different name and we don't have to say you're currently doing but I. Women secretly test and me. So we see things. To see how you're going to respond to all our set timetables to wait for you to do something. And we secretly testing. What's the point of this test to find out if we are worthy of staying weak U. Turns on. And now this situation that you proposed yesterday with a couple is married yes and she suggested. If she didn't did not meet her wheat loss goals yeah. That. He post unflattering pictures of her on line. Richie ultimately did not. Right and it could have been one of two tests that could have been one testing to see if he would keep his word. Or it could've been a secret has been test to see if he would. Embarrass her or if he would put her feelings first which we we all think he did I we we think he asked that. Husband test if it was a secret. And I'm guaranteeing that there are women listening right now in the midst of a secret. Man tax. The man that. Only. And it's. Or. 40474194. And I think it there this may occasionally happen in mine texted. My ninth issue of work. Accidents the if it's accurate she won by it's my job. You got that. 88. Garbage and yeah from the kitchen in the you know in the garage and the USQ. I'd united. But I did and dishwasher just comes out if it's. Whoever come across that definitely not load the dishwasher if I don't have quote misses her quote. The mattress sales. She can't stand me knowing that if Russia. Then there and you wrap this up without load the dishwasher and ultimately I have like three things in the saint and watched it on him it will be on. I'm in March and its image opens it rearrange the whole thing like like an actress team. And then it's that in there along with like nine other thing and I'm standing catches thing you could have already washed and dried and put away. Sushi I I believe there are times. That in the garbage is overflowing. But she's actually set garbage on the counter next to the errors and. Just to see how long we'll take you now how. A lane in Atlanta. And Alain are you seek testing your man. I'm actually in the car and my husband and he thought I'd be completely add something about that in the public eye. And it sure they can't let bell ending at Nike eagerly do it anymore and then the idea and he caught it. What are these talents of these texts. Yeah given him lane. I think I can see that the ATP attracted lean times. I was actually questioned but he. Doesn't and I'd still like that shattered that might edit the EPA says that he they are not dealing a look at another vehicle without a heck. If you take an act that you're into a big target at all and I wouldn't. Does he can't spend my confidante and then of course he's not unfortunately. And I bet you. Many different continent which your husband's name. Actually. He's the odd to me in the back. I appreciate her for calling this to your attention so you can join us now. I Tracy and Logan they'll use the tests her husband. Before they were married what did you dignity. Yeah actually sit here and while lord we were dating. With a note that said for months last year pact announced he didn't. Oh and how one of the he would he would tell me that he gap and then he Heidi and he is trying to keep it. And what. He tell you about me and the arm. Trixie out a little bit crazy and he will he Al baby and she may be an impact went out. Which I'm glad I. Paul Tracy of the crazy you bang your hard earned money. To send him anonymous flowers. Yesterday he passed the that's. And then he he got me there at. Prince and 21 years. Where did you tell him for anything that you did it. I'm an actor he called until we got them. I mean he can get people got asked they be there when you leave you're trying to search Britney and I have headway yet that you've packed. Night for Earl Fuller thank you Tracy for a formula you have in four linemen active. For a 47419400. Apparently. Changed your round. Please contestant this is a thing. Lord more calls now. Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs are not any more water.