Kristin's Update on Meeting the BF's Family

Monday, March 28th


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So Ryan Friday morning we had Christian on when this first it was gonna spent Easter with her boyfriend's family. And including his very religious grandmother right very Catholic very Catholic grandmother. Here's why it's Kristen didn't tell. Her. Boyfriend. She's not Catholic she's not even Christian she's not even religious she was raised Jewish. But she said they weren't really. Overly practicing to an impact I think Jewish family right she isn't it that was her heritage right. And it never really came out where this guy that used dating for like six months so. It was an issue until he said OK just funnel it you know grandma's gonna ask you a lot of questions about your church stuff. And she's like harmony until those moments you just can't panic Japan and pay Kristin welcome to the show. Hey guys how is your east sir. Well. Thank you Bahrain and and he hump and I actually you know I. To Charlotte right so you were in the car with him. For her yes OK now. Car. Right after Black Friday and I think that it would be totally honest with them. And on the truth. I can't figure that I was going panic more credit to try to pretend that you're back in my ability to ask how come. So I said he'll let you know that haven't come up. I'm actually not Christian I was late US. I'm not religious. And he. Actually had freaked out he asked me not to say anything to anyone you know pretend that I would Christian basically. Well so he wanted you haven't gotten so hi Mack hired and how far into that trip. Because what is it it's I think it's about 45 hours for five hours on a normal base and guessing holiday weekend. Will and some. At a certain prospect. We I mean I basically it took awhile to warm up my problem you know they're the yeah I think I'll Latin. Now cook I'm. And then he knows that the credit operate directly ethnically. But the tiny electric or anything could happen that your current song and I wouldn't feel right about that you know kind of the either put up. He said you know it's interrogate me I don't we and I I didn't want to do I didn't want ally on the model why so. Richard you fire and at that point to turn around. Yeah. I'm in the car on the a couple of look back. So he got there and he says he knew that I didn't wanna lie about it and so he did a really good job at keeping at. The entire trip her. He. You know make sure that you know he ran an appearance between it's so it never came up. Yeah we need to drill but you know I mean it never it never did you know. So Graham and never cornered. Now. That is lucky break he is completely frantic as breathing as you were telling me answer that Israel has had plenty and it never came on the. As a percent of Greek and I'm the last two minutes that's sick cow right now like we're we're very. Were there any antics are hijinks that went on to feed and you engram and Alec out of that the same room they have grandmas and a walk into the kitchen. Yet certain moments where I would be here his grandmother and I only got a hat and not something you can't help even though it. Opens today. What it was back then let it become routine over the weekend. So what happens well I mean on the way how near are did you say he has the ears on July the whole time hours. You ski my. I not hit it won't tell you that this is the power and the truth and then he'd gotten it looks he had in the super well. And you might know I have it like you know I feel like. That is it dot org not it's not working relationship they feel like it over. You have to look so worked up about it and it felt like he was really high meat yes. You know I was trying on the way he didn't want. Will be on is wrongly view why would try to be honest I think in a relationship. What's the matter if you stand did you have that Richard break up like at the end of the road trip or. And now are acting like not officially that no official record and it went back it just it is that a mountain the weird awkward. We both felt like it was weird it felt like and there's a break coming to me about it I got about six months. So that conversation is gonna have happened this great moment. Like yeah. I'm sorry I hate having to face that conversation even even though he'd sign is coming you know it's coming Isa to have it. Well Kristin let me ask you question the worse took Hank. Let me ask you question what have you learned about being honest in a relationship. What do you what do you learn about trying to tell the truth and be and it being upstairs. Because as I could get you anywhere. I mean you I was on a from the beginning and got. Back away eyes would not have from the joint. You know any concern to be honest when there's a ring on your finger. Until then you fake it T and made it there's the rules people.