Kissing Your Best Friend

Friday, September 2nd


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Star in 941. Kenya Africa back in friends after you cross that line Kelly she's got a friend. This just adds yeah. These two people girl guy yes friends. For over seven years many minor crash on each other via for over seven years and he went in for the kids hanging patsy and within a mutual crush today when they both feel any. But it's always been like he's been dating someone and she single or vice Versa so they never really had that opportunity and that opportunity is finally there they're both singled right now is. Yeah and and now yes so he asked Armon date they went out on the tape and make sees this Mena BK has to be in the and I was. So bad. So bad but she's still really likes them but they kisses just here so wait. It was a date and not just like. And now they've been friends for seven years. We've all the talent pushing all of our friends and internally on both single now you stick on a date of and so he kind of you know group parent asked her and so let's go and the long term Crocs street and had a great tax had a great time is technical talent. And and I yeah he went in McAllen. And as an. What makes this announcement is about to mean for wall method thing so let me just describe how she does advocates like I think I went. What makes me sick kids at that I. Because you are right. I she's ago I was he is it was terrible. And that she says that he got beat her face so me like you know Pollack a little puppy goes up that top of the water and the amount of kind of open on like I don't. Well as there's like one on one like a little while black hole the event that was him he cancer as it's like in IP. There's in that he thought he could definitely doing right. I. Really going to be awkward noises and in my. Adding that there was no real field you rang responding to her is that constant love doing when he thought he was supposed to do a lot of now anything's in them. I. I would like Yahoo! I wanted a question it is. I would like to defend this guy that I don't have is it possible that is they were walking around. Right he says there were cracks eaten that walking around. Maybe he. To get the competence. Just got a couple drinks human and a possible a little encouraged yeah like he when Annie goes you know adamant I have a couple of drinks is the is beat. Eat and shop in me a better or worse now than ten. A quick break into net though with the breaking big the recipient advocates drinking makes him think it's a better. Oh okay well I think they are both drinking gang so. I don't know I don't know that I have been their reform where I dragging this out those great and then I kind of think this needs sovereign. This though I think an issue on the other side of this means to stop but she still really like them. So I think there's a chance but I think of that second day has its Harold is at vehemence it's more like a. So what's your out what agers guides. As women as you guys tend to be what are you what are your thoughts and am going back to being friends that possible or is it over. It's pop I think it's possible because of their history adding they've been friends for so long. You can still rely on French. In their vote coming goof balls to I think I make that play off of it really well. I lows like using my brother or something good thing. Mamie in your brother went egg got me FBI actor brother that. I have one of them is more intuit and like let's say he's head over heels of months ago romance and she backed accidents like now I want to back to being best friends. Be friends of its balance. And that could be awkward. And then our all of us are probably involved. I forget about that he's time. I have seen it India that I am I a and I keep it up I am looking up and you. Look it up and bash you know the bad leg got avid you know my day. Star in 941.