Is Kissing Coachable?

Monday, July 25th


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Star in 941. Tackling the hard hitting topics. That America is talking about. Not ourselves with the fact. It's kissing coach at all. Is that question can you actually make somebody better. Kisser because we all have different things in a new relationship and said. If things don't go well yeah well the other goes great with the exception of the. I'm kissing I guess it's going really really bad meat and raising it and I think all of them. There's like little like tongue stabbing happening a little looking around the merit there's. The way she put it word for word was out on the best date ever guys a good friend of mine. That you guys that now. And that she's such and a great day that has a lot on them a lot of things how many super cute. And I've been and I walked her home like in the whole front door things super shy ending cancer so aggressively that he said it was like he. Adding a martyr in your mouth and moving up and down I. Yeah yeah. Dad's my back and they're no not coming tackler hits oh. Is that the question and it becomes his kissing. Approachable for a 47419400. Lucy in Atlanta hey you can start things. Off. Hey there at so keen is definitely. Our kicking isn't actually coached well. Yeah I've had that experience number experience. And I have about that thing called the Oreo approach. Oreo a Princeton accusing the U. Okay that's. An entire lightly doesn't like commitments few paragraphs are way too much time you're like low level well. You know China plays hockey town that I I had I got to take the lead to get very slow. Pull back nine. Day he. You're telling. You tell the guy that's why you guys are making out. Actually idea at some of them bank and communication. And and the badger marketed now they can back. And that tells you that you coached him through I don't wanna know a confusion in the best thing I. At at K I macadamia and I am. I haven't been better about it. Well our our. I don't Oreo Oreo shall play and you know it might you don't you didn't grant that was the time. On or you're not comfortable at that. Direct communication. I played in the lead of the net and basically Shelly and what you want. Yeah men and women whoever the gap and I was very successful and happy here at the beginning with Matt great kid being bad and it toll collection and to be in great can't. So what does this have to do with the Oreo I'm not pummeling. Thank you began when it constructive. Critic that I'll outlet like compliment that you really like about it like. You won't let go while they're still great he additional bowl. And then I'll put it like. Another another continent I think you're positive. Technical and in the pocket. Tasty sandwich. Guys asked of criticism in between two. I thought it was a Krispy compliment I thought you were gonna reference like using your round out the middle of. Yeah I thought about an hour. It is that I have news on technique that I've got a few women and I caught the snicker. Are you Heidi aired on called Gloria out battle that went back. Now. This is going to demeanor yeah that's not content. Me and the bad gym you'll use race doubles. Indian act worth welcome to the shallow. Hole I. And even if you think it's. Very Mac attack. Coal mine now has been. Wasn't terrible cancer. And I guess it has met his match went on national army. And Scarnecchia who apparently a lot of practice and determine. I lost her mom on my passion and I how many men are like are reluctant to act but I'm not move forward that has. In Sacramento is there. After that can get this with Allen out again. And America. They occur at the moment I really thank them thank. It's great now and scrape now that's hot right against them. You know I didn't hit Sam how talented they really share my I need it. I didn't. If you had to give them a nickname it'd be like. And stammer or like Sheehan swallow or what would you categorize that. Thank you attorney he. I'm Alice into an eight mean 10 my god. The man that epic and get it and. If somebody just tuned in their fate and while this is a difference aren't ready for one I. Andrea about it. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star now before one and.