Kim Zolciak on Eating Placenta

Wednesday, June 15th


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Line. Yesterday morning we got a phone call from Todd with a very unusual question he said what does a placenta taste like apparently his wife is about to deliver their first baby and she has come up with this idea. They both eat the placenta so we go around the room nobody here is the endless no. So I ain't that we over the phone lines a lot of people have heard of people eating this and nobody is actually put their mouth. Saying it's like well. Except. One person that we know and and that's chemicals. And she joins us now to talents. The answer to the question. What is placenta it tastes like. Hey cam. Good morning. I'm very. This much wind we were talking at this time. I want to do. And we got about calls that said. Talk. She knows. I. I'd like that make right. OK so let's go back to the weekend. Which babies that this is the most disgusting question I've ever again. What baby's placenta did you guys. Actually I did its winds. Had to put that. Cute babies. Not identical self. I have ever really heard about it. But my doctor. I have four babies who have been under thirty months and under so. My doctor when Clinton can no twinge or Obama battles are much higher. You know postpartum depression that there is a concern definitely. More so between them. I think that they are. Kind of researching ways to try to avoid you know and effect of suck and. And so what it's supposed to do exactly. Well they say that it. Increases your breath now which would try and I needed. In. You know your mom after. It you know was less insomnia. I don't know that that really in any. Prison. But I tried and I I did I drink it for you. Right after the babies. In that case it life. Medal. Like. Net applications time medal it was a mental anger mean. It's crazy but I I don't mean that in. The and that I have the arrest made in. All right so I know I have many questions senior act perhaps at your at the hospital you deliver the baby and that placenta is the babies you're twins in the placenta. And then the doctor says do you want would you late the placenta offers it to you. Now he does. Not like I'm. Okay. I called my doctor that I need to keep that I'd like that I that I have a conversation. I. The lady that did this came out on this right. She had been a bit of night. Edit it put on ice. And it. They were out basically a coolers but article for 24 hours and wouldn't. Come and make she does she make the navy and everything wreckage to erect calm ride it into the pattern of putting caps. So why crew doing it leaky yeah Olympic crying about that do that but okay about it you know I sell now or. They look like all right listen. I know I know you ever OK I want and I've been around you guys. I've seen that the love in your eyes we don't have to say yes to everything. I don't. Are you said yes to Vista plus plus. You love. Brought it out of my apartment it would get some. Some athletic department from. Well over from. Berkeley diminishing growth hormones and are only here. But actually that Ike are getting that should boost that day. Got it. I got and I did anything did you get where you so Jack's. Now or the like look like an Asia it's. That would do that what he's. Like you know you could be different match a lot of flavor things sure but the finish of a little bit lucky that the men are okay. The finish you just described it the way people describe why. We'll put it in an immediate duque. On. The day. Life I've loved you for thank you for coming on the the shadows and explain and please ever time I did that. A war that you get has and I thank you guys. Yeah. She now. Or one.