Kevin Gillespie's Best Grilling Tips

Thursday, May 26th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Gel so I know people want us. We know we. Use coupons let them know about the fact that authority and it when it's offered excellent. Fifth. 75%. Of all of rail owners claim to be be behind their growth this holiday weekend. The Memorial Day weekend is pretty that we should pull that. Again and gave it to me. A they just set underlying it is it. They say Labor Day is the biggest grilling all day but Memorial Day is now in second place votes everybody's going to be underground everybody's going to. Have a big you know batch of meat and need to know how to prepare perfectly. Four democratic people's them. Does that make you sad that Kevin Kevin Gillespie in studio with a does that make you sad that most people use gas growth yes acts again actually that districts. Give it your traditional. Pitch on the charcoal verses that ask okay. Rights of the gas grill the problem is that it's a flawed technology tournaments there couple people who get it right but. The idea of burning gas and cooking over that flame it's really dirty parties off labor doesn't cook particularly well. Radiant heat works much better meaning charcoal you're not actually cooking over the fire that's on Italy weight so it ash is overly. It's that radiant heat in war that Dick Cook much better policy yet. The benefit of that trip down into the Coles and since the senders and indeed that quintessential growth. Talk to me about sales about it big green because crime OK so I I'm getting getting married a few months so far the only thing. Wedding registry and it's now I am. Not sure. Because she knows me. I think she things I just want is an outward expression and I. I should not an ever yet pick your dislikes making that you excelled won this the bolts legged beetle you know what that you have you played him bring home yourself. Hire them yet Abraham and put it are that's actually what I have. Right so what's she saying like I in her and she. And her okay. She's saying you got him. There's that you're gonna have him back in the obese so clean by the time we have children. Hide and seek yeah. Exactly you'll be like the bus. If relic of the path we're on high school. Is it worked out absolutely there. And they gave me one should make clear it was again. Because I didn't think they were. I got one at least that is the charcoal grill cooks amazingly well all the things. When I think is most impressive about the flexibility act in things. 200 degrees for ten hours of Coke's. Effort. You can control. Us. Most people debate argument to port to take too long as there's another is due back register for the big. Need to register for something called slider. And it looks like your wife's currently carrier yeah it's eight. That might actually eighty. But he used to started. So it looks like curling iron and blow dryer had eighty and you'd take its wand being put articles. And you hold the button for sixty cents to sixty. When you take it now your grow the it will. It needs one of the most spectacular instruments ever seen and it is that big a news which I used last night like this wood burning oven. You now to grant park suite and he's. One. Of our eaten yet assuming you have a power source I don't know if you gonna bring it drop cord from your house. A trade. You know little things out yeah exactly yet. Any Turco charcoal grill yeah its its its partners that just blows superheated year over something it calls. The flyers it's done well. When you touch your senior big green eggs does it make you feel more manly. Is this I am a candidate is part of I mean I suppose so I'm not really like at a shortage for things that general mainly as a. He books about pork meat grueling. And he's in taxis. It is camp and in and eat anything. It. Does not have thought I. It's pretty cool the thing about the big Green Day news. If you're gonna do yet derisively known to skip the you gotta get all like take a zillion accessories but actually duels serve a purpose pretty cool. So the guy that the real reason cannons and is now to help me by fifty imported doors or Internet. Welcome bigger and it. Is to is to give a score out quick and rapid fire here in front of the Grail. Yours yours you know army the year when me third rails user what you want to meet if it is possible ago when he. Okay it it's real it starts opera basic the first thing is mis implies that the French armies in restaurants all the time just means get all your stuff where it's supposed to go before you get started so. Don't keep running inside the house to grab a lot need this I need that like. It at all where it's supposed to go before you ever start cooking that's the easy enough. Second when all meet across the board cooks better if you allow it to temper meaning. You don't take it from the free agent immediately start cooking it needs thirty minutes and hours have been like that. To start to warm up a little bit the shock of putting something super cold on something super hot does it properties very good results of room to me read to me. And how long as I I I try to do that but I always get nervous. So I have. A state right and even temperature danger zone worry you have four hours is that general says right you don't need unique thirty minutes you need an hour if it's something being a guy. Are the third is. Everything cooks better if you have dried off that's the other thing people forget this when they probably don't even know. If you take a stake eve marinade you put it on the grill. It will always come out great you will never get the color. Before you could careless so take it out of the marinate use paper towels wipe off all of the access so that it's actually dried the touch. Did put it on your grill that tightening it perfectly mark. Out acts yes. That the next is controlling the temperature of your growth. A general rule of thumb is if you can hold your hand down. About five inches six inches from the surface to grow if you can count to five. It's not hop on the other hand if you can't count passed to its team. And I'd just another to him. It's right fast enough I'm taking notes for everybody via online later. In other news I don't do. Five inches of the grill yet. If you have. Drowned experts. Who played really funny and yes that somebody will do that and yet about what will be the first to say it may be those numbers are slightly off but that lost all feeling that's the. I don't think shall pass a hundred feet. I did the final one is what ever you. But I rather choose it does exactly when you pierce the side in peace and meet its cooking. It's the path of least resistance that uses one against some way their ended up that hole you just punched in the side slate. Trying to figure out whether or not your life raft and float by Jamie them aside and collapsed told it was the fact. So do you do instead you just have to have your timing and he your timing follow your key for your instincts things that looked under generally done. Also learning to be able to touch the meat and deal with the elements and it's a little bit of an art form but practice late in practice makes perfect. And how important is it that way red meat at room temperature before. The rest it is absolutely imperative all meets in general whether it just be red meter otherwise when you take them off the grill that doesn't mean they're immediately ready to serve. Generally they need five to ten minutes to sit before you servants needle is close Jesus. I just threw that last part and to answer I know that was awesome like I think I'm really proud of you. Q back into about the prominence come on we have to because I've been sitting in your date. For the last thirty minutes and now that you really want Kevin to humans. I. Once I really once we can totally hang out of time but I just out with friends you know again the reason I. Catered yeah. I hear they sort of a eight. Thanks for being a part of it. Gel so I know people want us.