Kevin Gillespie Talks with Jeff and Jenn

Thursday, May 26th


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Thanks for being a part of it. I saw saw. A loss. Chef Kevin glassy join in the Japanese and show welcome to our times studio it's gone on like this and it's very spacious and a lot of space in here and got a lot of room here on your second cup of coffee islanders yes I'm great. We you I've worked in late last night it was definitely. No I well I was working really diligently on making pizza at my house last night I got this little table top wood burning oven it's called unique. It's amazing and so yeah I worked very hard for about thirty minutes. The perfect pizza yes Kevin Gillespie has what on its. Well you know okay so my opinion is it's a less is more tight situations so if you wanna make Neapolitan style pizza that's been crust pizzas it's it's tomato sauce it's cheese in it maybe it's nasal or in this case had some swami. Real basically mountain of cash. Would you how often in just a little Kevin rusty. Resume in the Asian that second cup of coffee on its way and I just. Is there every time it's a year of gun show and revival mansion a fantastic restaurant idled Newark. Project in areas communion behind their food truck. He knows what he's doing in the restaurant world on top jam if he's a big company of thirty. Yes it's well it was 29 but yet. I only see so far with with the other 28 in works the latest one is about pork we it is me so happy. And he goes to. He knows what he's doing when it comes to food have you ever look in your own refrigerator. And trading at night and there all the time actually. All right time. I that all the time to what is. I genuinely don't have anything in it like I had this enormous Petrie has like some flowers and some cream. Like there's nothing. Imagine that you can be absent chopped and look into nothing yet to make something spectacular I actually hadn't done that my wife. Like if I say this utilities that's trees like this you know couple years ago we have snow apocalypse are limited whichever one it was our urban. Yet we didn't have our first several days and yet we agree agreed on pulled stuff now making different choices and it was like you know worst league and you know being weaned. Rationed it and I get I think he does everybody do this kind of it for the. And so like I used it would be able to go to restaurants now with kids it's more dagger off yet. Prominent Indian market in combat I love being in the kitchen too. Stressed out I can write to me so seeing. And it's just means fairies and happy that's supposed to be mean like cooking is supposed to be fun supposed to make your life a little bit better. People does it eats itself that stress people freaked out about what that's not like. And you'll. The bills or Blake will go to the one of them one million restaurants near your. Chances are there's an Applebee's yes exactly is seeking delivered just about anything right yet I don't think we're gonna started at this because you made one bad costs. Do you do this Janet even though it like an hour after you go to the grocery story here is stocked is your mutual ever again. You opened up not. Like this paralyzing. Through every night dinner that happens to everybody I mean it mostly happens to me just because I open the fridge. Anything which is code for like I wish I had more eyes lakes and I just don't want idiot to think the fact that it. It's yet to take time to make anything yet feeling. I. Eat right right rather than take the next month the Jetsons refrigerator radio Canada annually to state coach I was looking for four and one fully on the Boehner right. When I'd rotisserie chickens and the it was that handles which is also how you get energy in every video game ever made before. Right exactly. I'd say here's dude I don't know that conference that adds a perfect. Or it's about two minutes. I so here here's a graduate with Kevin we're Gannett get some grilling tips from him because since he is the the master meets. And this is a huge grilling we. And that's gonna make your school look like a probe has you're gonna go into your grilling this Memorial Day with Kevin's tips. Now we're gonna do that if you may have been good and next we're gonna play this game that does not sound challenging you can think. He the first time jam brought it up as that Salim but campaign. It's it's tricky. It's craft beer or celebrity baby name you to death of any inning you guess which one it is right it was a Kennedy. I can't guess those around him to be really changed will be this and in just a few minutes it's top chef. Kevin Gillespie from gun show and revival in communion and railing and he's in studio where this will be and that's in the definite. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.