Kevin Gillespie Drops The Meat

Wednesday, August 2nd

Listen to renowned Chef Kevin Gillespie guess types of meat just by hearing it drop on a cutting board.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. I sent French and plus Stevens studio because he has some talent. So we're gonna test today we. First setting up how many drafts right now. EQ. You're starting to become famous for this meet dropping hints ability. I mean yeah I mean among other things that I'm famous for me yes. I mean you know it's did not know Larry he resigned time shaft he's written a couple cuts folksy as a whole bunch of restaurants super successful one dollar Atlanta universities have when he got to wait weeks to get into some of them but what CNET and ordered to eat. And my mom's really proud. Any job so you're is really weird that you can detect what cut of meat it is as it's being dropped on the cutting borrowing just by the sound. Yes that are residents to you know it has a certain kitchen and and it's complicated honestly but it just I don't know something about it. Now we we had some gray area last time he did this because it is an old tree in the man's awesome he didn't know what ethnic and what the content was in a butcher block or cutting board or whatever so I. Kevin I brought MC. This cutting board from my house so he needed checked that they stepped up your game looked at it like so obviously the wooden cutting board Nina has the best frequency to a certain. And honestly I practiced in the meantime protect a near gonna throw some poultry or something random match. I am I so I've gone a bit abstract and I think I'm using a mobile to impress against them I promise you there's no poultry physically there's no poultry okay and now. And hold and there is some stuff on the line here at CIO. Yeah yeah I almost done. I have four out of fun yet he gets four out of five ruining him a few minutes to plug whatever he's got to applaud him if he doesn't get 45 Phineas and leave without us advertising his events are. In this place of the grand. I so I'm JP say some media megaphone. Rate now in vain. To say hello hello codes are one do you can hear him now correct yes you are right JP a gesture make offensive Kevin and Matt here you. In the microphone OK. In his head front. Kevin look over here. OK okay now let go this is how we get to play along at home. Kevin turner chair inside see you cannot say Harry Maggie back is now so the cutting board and I use gonna bring in our Cardiff meets. And he cannot hear what JP says she will hold out Kelly she's will hold out. The kind of meets with if you can call it out. Jones got them OJ goes on. Well everybody's referring to visas OJ loves I had the forever more be energy gloves have black latex glove. And they don't it. All right so I. The first cut of meat if you hold that out I'm holding up three JP Kennedy enemy who's now know okay. Looks like some bacon. And I it my name crank out the cutting board microphone issue would it ain't. Okay I Kevin hey go right stood at the number one. You want one more on more obvious yeah I. I need to know I know it that is instantly send but please for that for the listeners at home and let's have a more time. Guys that is. That might be the most distinctive sounding thing that we've done so far that is obviously bacon says. Chill relaxing sound as if it's the caddies or. Or so. How wet yes I honestly I love bacon but it gives you a little bit of the CB GB solid yeah. Good as all right so we're one for one. Is what she's getting the next meal ready is there any me you prepare in your kitchen that gives either he BJB's green. Are way past that now you know and I act I don't know on Unscom of that very primal person you all meet my. It's weird when people say don't like meat on the dynamite to it all comes on the back yeah. Waiting Brazilian is they don't like to see it and I did notice the creek don't buy vegetables actually sound on yeah or anything healthy. That matter I I JP identify for every UN playing along at home with the meat truck game that looks like a nice Iraq Korea it is Arabs. They're right. A you any democratic. And actually. Eat. I could feel that when that scared deer around. Eyes. William I'm on my mind. Second breeze on my back when you turn. So I even think people at home can take this on out as you can hear the bones collecting against the cutting board that is a rack of ribs. Is different to separate jail this talent is incredible. Man I tell you what I feel if I had more application for this in my life if say I was a chef for class got another something like that'd be really helpful. You did say that this has become a family. Okay right I told you that but I haven't told the world that. So apparently as weird as this might sound my little sister Kayla who is she's the comptroller from my from my restaurant group. She was listening when this last one aired and she went five for five in the office listening to it on the radio and now apparently it's like a family trait that we've is that our DNA tested recently and I don't really know where on the double helix this land sometime. On or what benefit had to our lake you know Neanderthal ancestors but. I think this somewhere along the lines being able to guess what kind of meet in a wooden cutting board was clearly there's isn't your sister her. Went five for trashing women. I mean or for if I know exactly so it might get stronger and what is it cause any family issues the your sister beat Jeremy. I'm Maggie. You're getting into end of every conversation two of the will melt but. I ate Taylor comes at you next time and guess we should totally do it head to head see what Taylor can do you can get out. Wasn't there to CDC will quote find her five so I don't know about that yet was anybody else in the office and Rasheed is oddly enough no one else was there. I Kelly I'd drop meet number three while eighteen are in Indiana for everybody listen what minorities looks like a couple of rots. Kevin you're ready to sign your cap. You. Age. And. Oh. Are you so ruined. I go out and. Dozens I think it. Yeah why isn't it invited I. All right I think if I think she might begin to get away by that statement alone. Something tells me got your hands reverence middle sausages but I. I wish you really can't know there's sausages. Can British sausage and a brought you the same thing yeah well Lara well yes so LeBron is a sausage but not all sausages bratwurst. And you know we are gonna get beside the existential thing that a good going on everywhere right now 9000 feet I. You put that into me. I while we were gonna grounds animals before starting. We're gonna grab the last two pieces of means. Not if having gives one of the next two right we'll get a few minutes to promote hate. As Kevin Gillespie it's huge. Job. Yeah yeah. And she I'll still are four orange. Let's get you to speed here on the meat drop. We had sent Kevin Gillespie and studio here this crazy town where he can listen to this thing now. Means walking on the cutting board and he can tell exactly what that cut of meat is and know we've got himself on the line today for this concert. Yeah he's got an event that he wants to promote any PS if if we would mad men and yet mentioned formats and you can mentioning yourself. If you can get four out of five meets right. So we are right now. At three correct answers three out of three he got the very. Moist sound some bacon hitting. The kind of bored yep and then he had the vary from. What was it intense whack of Iraq a braves hitting a cutting board live and. Kelly paneling to meet this morning to sausages and Indiana's ninth it was a I can't say that at and we've got set Kevin's head on Sundance and he cannot hear JP but we won you all the now. What Kelly is about to drop. I wonder if we're maybe we shouldn't give the answer shares worth people wanna play a line. I guess. And it lets not get the answer series last tail with the Seattle see if they can guess yeah a commoner. I'm Erez against this is dripping. Okay how. Here we can't. Kelly. And ended and yet. In the area. And righteousness. Did not. See. When you're in the meat make up a little bit lateral and. At I JP share them yeah a bit of a stick Condo and I duty if anybody saying one at home give them the answer while Kevin thinks. She guessed three hot dogs humor correct. This and can normally sounding. Com. Genie in the drop one more time. Yet dropped it one more time. I. So disgusting a good job. He again elvis' jobs you said there's no poultry no poultry. We pretty much everyday at Calvert asked Kevin. Madden. You know somewhere rate now your sister's screaming at her I know she probably is but I'm honestly at a loss for this I'm not. It's going to be here this is your first. I don't know I don't know what it is. And the next what a must gates. Kelly you wanna tell him what you just dropped I just got three hot. All right for okay. You know let that go into the lesson in there were done during the talked about how Diaz and cheating again. RA and can Arlington County that. Don't make what's happening behind me to make me whisper stop that is so. It's a bit like resonating. Behind me and it. Yeah. Can drop the but I already know what that is. Maybe that's Graham became. Got burned during the cutting board away. Yeah. Bloomberg's eyes. I feel like hitting some victory music but I don't I carried out. He is the champion of four for five. 80% of meets correctly identified. Well no 100% to meet you guys dropped hot dogs and everybody knows those probably aren't actually neat beats some. Don't I mean if he gets lips so yeah you can listen and other pieces and honestly the may have some poultry and I'm Jeff. Need to check that package I can and we'll come right back and you can have here at five minutes of airtime thank senator daddy again events four for five. And also while were in. In in in the Sonja Waller playing outcasts can you check your trying to see if your sister text messaging yes I will now. I wanna see if she was finalized family feud began she claims she gets the gets to live. There's chemicals and burden. Really good curse because curse of the lead drops and. And young star ready for a one. I guess it's coming into this show when you miss wise Kevin Gillespie chef Kevin Gillespie and you know. Went to restaurants how Jeff and his cookbooks so he is he's mister Meeks he knows his meat. And wean posted are we challenged him to identify correctly. Four out of five meets that we were dropping on a category if he got four out of five we would post his event online and let him. Because it this is your talent you can identify these cuts just from the sound it's actually probably the most significant thing I've ever done in my career now. I didn't guessing I mean yeah element Eleanor you know. Overstated but it really shouldn't. So he did go four out of five so we're in the process of posting news info on Miami made a video of him watching the meat drop you were debating whether I went five for five and were calling out the hot dogs is being that the hot dogs count on yeah. Right I mean yeah that will will get down to that later I tied it EU have. We can identify whether or not I don't count. What do vegetarian eat a hot out. No but estimates I also don't think many other people would eat hot hot actually I. Hot dogs me but. I am a man of non discriminating taste Cisco. Six Telus which you have go around this weekend it's Friday right Friday Friday Friday you've earned this air time Kevin. Let them meet speak I want to hire. Are a bunch of people on ready to hold onto jobs away com we have a job fair. From ten to 2 PM on Friday at. Myself and then the owners of all the other partner restaurants that are going into the new Mercedes in stadium where the falcons in the united are playing. Were hiring for all of our new restaurants that are in there and so there's a pretty big I mean this is the first place did that I know of where we've brought in Mike real legit off the street restaurants. And put some really cool stuff in there and so we're looking for forty probably people and from sushi chefs all the way down the people who have never worked before this could be your first shall we have a lot of different roles here and I want people to come out and support are easier when everybody else forty different people for your kind sense from Honolulu and then there's and go out. They're they're literally hundreds of jobs that need to be filled for this place and in short order tee because it opens. The falcons' pre season at the end of August so we're ready to untie hustled says the trump hotel downtown the one in Atlantic states matters yet so when you walk in the meantime assigns to show you where it's from tendency to all be there om we have we have a lot of different groups there and Chico's hiring we have the fox Brothers will be there. We have other guys from concentric said the list goes on and on and on this really great group and so I think that there is something for everybody if your interest in working inside the new stadium and it's gonna be amazing. If you wanna join our team we rarely have a lot of open positions honestly folks don't really leave our company very frequently and this is a big deal for us to bring that many new people on set. And if I just heard as a miles all of that's me what do I bring with me what do I Wear a kind of thing you know what honestly in this scenario we're asking people to show if you have a resume that's great but. There's a Lotta entry level positions and you might not have a resonate as you've never worked anywhere before so what I really wanted to bring is bring yourself bring your real personality. Will be higher for people that we feel are gonna be complementary to our team I'm not nearly as concerned about where you've worked before I just wanna make sure that you're going to be the right person for us or show up with a good attitude and an excitement to be part of something that's going to be really really big. And as you said it's it's all the partner restaurants at the new Mercedes-Benz C and so you can go may Pete says we've Riggio or hang out that our Brothers guys but you won't get the gift. Of meat sounds detection exactly yeah. No where else is that going to happen for you right right right you've that you think that that they're like you know. And Tico guys can identify piece about a sound it makes sliding into it I hearth. No no not at all. We'll tell you what the toppings were if they heard and dropped on the pizza chicken. And they should but they came cellmate Kevin your first stab at that that's right and why it's right yeah once you learn this to really cash in check. Thank the government estimates that there really appreciate it check out the video of Kevin identifying the dropping meets I had a BMI this afternoon OnStar natural and Atlanta that counts. He's for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.