Kevin Gillespie: Craft Beer or Baby Name

Thursday, May 26th


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The Kevin Gillespie and studio where this you may go from. His time when he is on top chef maybe spend one of his restaurants. I've done show war revival indicator. And revival now it is converted its backyard. Into your garden which is gonna lead into this. Mean there's no reason cat. Treaty any of these wrong if you're the proprietor of the year are not in this business for a long time do you think these craft Beers and now but there's a lot of problems. In all fairness. There and I know nothing about Liberty's name it is craft beer or celebrity. Yes we are gonna play this case focused here again neither one of the guys know the answer suggests he can play along tips are ready Memphis eve. That's a baby. That is a female hygiene product. As the daughter bottom. Okay Daisy Cutter. It would baby name again. Also a feminine hygiene products. Hewlett surveying its pale pale though. Out of Chicago and I have acre. I yeah I Syria and you know this is the right ones that aren't aren't waiting now the baby names gave Justin Bieber yet in the round Wednesday keeping. And yeah it's so tickled by this game and getting as much in Josh. Toxins can execute this is I am I can't play ice every baby Democrats bear poppy honey. That's its name. That's a feminine hygiene product. That's not an option you on what problems going to be an hides. Daughter's eyes shifting ogre yeah and that's the only reason I need not. Yeah I know you do that but that's it me or I'll. I. Bring me the Daisy Cutter and measurement poppy honey yeah. Inspector. Pilot inspector please let this beat beer and he craft beer. Jason Lee. Actor I've got right right right I'm not yet. I went got nothing. New kids and yes. That's a feminine hygiene conditions. Are that can go either way lemon into it they. And it's it's heart rate from. Her craft beer seven serious. That's a baby name. I think it's the name of a wizard to ferret. Yeah not prepared for bad deal with the okay. Anchor steam beer that's an idea yes definitely happier notes. Some heroes. That is it could be your name but it's probably a persons that's the name of the woman who has all the conditions you mentioned cents a she he she has got fifty tanner and at poppy. Okay Manning keep an innocent era reconnaissance saints are pretty yet Allen's alright it's. Pretty named how many of these you have and how many markets media. I want yeah just that just one million but that figure they're getting it right. Mirabella bunny. Baiting it. That's the woman who gave serendipity roads all those diseases. Bryan Adams Neil is there about money I think I think you're thinking about honestly. He should be he's got a few. The man has a beer garden. But it's part of any Mike and I that's actually hard let's wrap the rest of these Edmund FitzGerald. Dating game beer. Knox Leon and editing a cute idea and it's too inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt yet Avery messed this stuff Foley's beer. And it's just out from boulder broad smile legally. The years son of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz then yeah. Round six here here. Now it's back wild horse. Beer disease that we can't dunk out here is an okay name Mara did. What do you say to him if he's got a little something as basic right yeah. Pays back you've gotten. And and lots and save on route that beer. That wild wars that. Eight to acknowledge a graphic that. What you are you named all three unity hobbies back wild. Like the police show up that was what's your name unite us and watch while that while we're. And we got drilling Ted's ex threes reason it will finally today is next relatives for the big weekend Memorial Day weekend everybody's going to be. And in front of the brokerage and I'll meet for their brands. And Kevin he's got some tips for you will hear him next and start right. Thanks for being bombarded it. Gel sorry that people want it.