Kevin G Drops the Meat

Friday, May 26th

Kevin Gillepsie joins us to show off a VERY interesting skill he's acquired from his many years as a renowned chef. 


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole. Chef Kevin Gillespie joining us in studio is now officially a Memorial Day tradition. How is just you're here last year every year since it's starting to show us every single yeah pessimistic there. I anyway let it was last year I think that. We played a game of celebrity baby name her craft brewery or piano stuff actually in the theme of challenges right while we have shift lesbian seated again. We're going to challenge him because I have heard a rumor. And we'll do this will do our whole you know Memorial Day grilling tips and we'll get caught up in and any hear about his restaurants his guests as one of these you told us last year my husband and I still use some guys some valuable stuff all right so won't be that and then right after that bishop Gillespie. Supposedly. Can accurately identify. Cuts of meat based only on sound when they hit a wooden cutting board. That is actually true say it's well it's you know. It's a gift it's a burden itself how to pack after a series played in her years of play it would not meet you know. And just identified there's just something to the to this whack that you that you did they ego I'll know that is an and actually one step further. I can usually get pretty close to guessing the weight of it as well go. Though saying. I starts early for boys I and Santana. I'd his motivation and I have a little girls I just wanna under I wanna make sure I understand this because I am going to if this is accurate I'm going to challenge you right because IE earlier this week. Walked gain to. The New York butcher shop which is on Roswell road and sandy spring yes okay. And I made to them the most and usual request I have ever made to say you walk in there and you walk into the town learns they wanna. May I setter recorder on you're cutting block. Aims record you dropping pieces of meat a fifth on its did they ask you here on crystal meth. Until idol exclusive guy Phillip Phillip disguise for the Department of Agriculture. And eight assists so I have recordings. Of meat hitting. A cutting board that I'm gonna play for you and I wanna see if you go if I ever. I well you know I'm gonna try my best now I mean. I don't set myself up for failure I don't know it's cutting board looks like you know Yang was a consistent drop sites that that's very important. We I actually did say I'm go about eighteen inches. OK I guess two feet seemed unnatural eighteen inches seem like if you were likely now your fridge. And found a piece of meat like it. That seemed like a good toss and writes I still shaking my head that the butcher shop actually sent okay DO yeah that would UN and it said this they went. Yet no problem coming back really cancer again I didn't go back generally get in wanted to be you know unsanitary or does he handed them your recorder trouble side sent the microphone up on the recorder and the I've found. Okay and they put and I'm abusive but wax paper in a butcher paper and a corner of the cutting board. And it was Juliette who dropped my meat right well before we get started I need to know couple things we want is. Did they drop it directly a little wooden cutting board it was or something else on the board surface. While there obviously in the corner of the word whiz whiz by phone business and then there's like a box of and how wax paper just LER paper regularly hit the parchment paper. OK I suggest that fined saying there's a box that but they block is just the woods in the butcher block was just the way there's probably bled and meet here and then in a boxing gloves aren't that's fine I can work around the clubs we are. So weird how. I can relate what what are you walk into a butcher shop just a I record he dropped when it meets did you tell what it was four or did you just go I really really need to do this. I preface that because I idea I I know Juliette from. Buying pieces of meat. So I shall we should recognize there. And she said hi she recognized me and I said I am going to ask you the strangest question you've gotten this month and she responded width. Well I don't know we get some pretty odd questions. Like OK well. I need to know if I can record you dropping different pieces of meat and the cut it poured NGOs are you write you one. I so let's come right back right and then we will allow will blaze through the Memorial Day. You know grilling tips that that that Kevin is really in your work and then we will test his meat dropping now each. Achille I've heard tonight we'll come right back chef Kevin Gillespie in studio. Who claims to be able to identify cuts have meets. By the sound they make hitting at a faster then meet at. Oh my god why don't we make this competition and call it beat Kevin. Star in 941. In honor of memorial day of princess Kevin Gillespie is here to make you the master chef of your Memorial Day weekend parties. And this is an annual tradition now. While since the beginning of the shall cherished which is about two months before last Memorial Day. Yes so everything but still were a hundred verb yeah we're at a thousand yeah. So welcome back. And I have to say some of the advice that you gave us last year we still years flew one of them and it's the one that second most of my minor was making sure. They hear me gets a room temperature gas yeah I never did that before I never fully did of the force and now I try to think ahead. And and get whatever cuts of meat or whatever we're doing and out and give it to room temperature. Right yeah what's what's more importantly his do you wrest it before you cut it also. Yes okay what's more important getting that meets a room temperature before you put it on the grow. Or resting it after it comes off resting afterwards is definitely the more important but the the thing is is that if you take ice cold and ice cold steak and throw it on the grill. It's really hard to ever get it cooked right in the first like it's just going to be really really difficult to get it where you wanted to be settled. You know it resting will make a and mediocre state better. The other one just kind of makes your life difficult if you wanted and what's that the timing of that be his if somebody's gonna start their grow up on Saturday at 6 PM. You don't they they they're not set in the state and the account currently. 9 AM go to and it depends on what is so citi's stakes are for using Matt you know. On your your talking kind of between minutes before him thirty minutes a forehand which it. You know it depends on how high you're amnesty I suppose if it's just off the Sauna in my not take Islam right. I what LC a what are the other importance. Grilling the rules as we hear it it's summer here in Atlanta. The first one is a straight up just rule for grilling in general it's understanding how to how to keep the right temperature late so when your grilling. Ideally you want what is basically medium high temperature for most things your grilling meaning things that cook relatively quick. And for a lot of people they can't tell what that is so I have something called a 52 rule and it means that. He should become of the sounds crazy you lower your hand towards the grow greatly that about six inches above the grill. And try to count to five and if you can count to five or past it's not hot enough. But by the same token if you can't get to three in it's too hot. So if you count 11000 to 1000 Ohman got a need to take my hand away. You're you're going way too hot if you can count while 1000 to 100310041000. OK thing to take my hand away in the perfect spot. Oh that's a great tip so yeah it's easy to use and it's it's it works for everybody liked. It's not as great for professional sets as we've lost all the feeling in our hands so I can counter. Well I can only count a hundred anyhow let and your skin is blistering yes I realize how maybe it is to holding it there I'm going to count so does smelled delicious. Yeah V can you do it on flips and stuff around oh my god yes how would you like that wasn't one of mine I'm gonna make it wanna mind. Leave your food alone please for the love of god people let's that is actually one of the biggest issues for home cooks and general. They like to mess with things they like to touch it they think to somehow or another that in implies that they're controlling the outcome but the reality is that. Let's say your cooking a burger you need to turn a burger. When you put it down if needed turn one time and a leaflet that turn at one time 45 degrees. Then you need to flip it over the new need to turn it one more time 45 degrees at Max. That is it's fine out what's Desmond what is the 45 degree turn do well when they grow marks well it does provide nice remarks but more importantly what it does is that when you set something directly on a grill surface. You're kind of cooling down that area where argued just sat it. It's a by picking it up and moving ever so slightly you're returning it to a spot that is actually at the temperature when you first started I know I'm not stealing our area cooling down so that's basically it works the same for stakes. Chicken breast or whatever the case may be so. Don't turn it more than that at Madison honestly you could just stick with the one flip flip over and that says as a legal and illegal alien gang is that it's gonna work way way better if you do that and then. I think my final one for people from a grilling to standpoint for Memorial Day weekend. Is did everything to the grill before you get started I'd just watch this the other day and one of my friends who was trying to grow some hot dogs for his kids. And he kept haven't run inside because I'm a lift the bonds pilots to catch up. And heat a nine elated the hot dogs because he just kept kept going inside so. Get everything out there get to the table so that would all your condiments you know minus the ones that mean out of mayonnaise because there's don't like the sunshine. We did everything you need their keep your burgers a few good cheeseburgers tactic she's right there don't have to go back inside and great grilling and especially Memorial Day we can win. You might be enjoying some adult beverages. And you're definitely have your kids running around Mike losing their mind there's a lot to distract tees so make it easier by getting everything lined up before you ever get going. I've let's get to us let's get to the real reason that. I ask Kevin to command here today. And I have heard this from more than one person and out of Diebler check with me and that but Kevin claims that. If he hears the sound of a cut of meat being dropped on a cutting board he can identify. Sad to meet. Word on the street is your professional at this meet sound. Yeah yup absolutely no it's does not a rumor that is honest and an absolute fact night well Juliette ads the New York butcher shop in Sandy Springs. Help me out because I took a microphone in their her answer to set an and the butcher block and then just go through the case. And pick. Random cuts of meat. And just drop him on the butcher block this does sell on this we're calling this contest. With Kevin Gillespie. He sure. The appointment. Our jobs are ridiculous and I you're ready for me number lineup but still it. I'd like we Tokyo fast and it is the second time. I hate to start bumpy from. I think that is. Always say that's the so it's boneless cuts for sure I know that and it's definitely a state. Com. I think it's New York strip. It is a chef at Lou. Some. Well okay. And I'm excited to have a good number two hearing yet the ratings these. Again to Olmert to meet two out of the gate just two times back to back. Okay. That is a bigger stake in the first round. First of all that's that's definitely a larger kind of meat act. Mom. I think that has about a minute. But it's still definitely a steak steak has a very funny Sam and makes sense and kind it's. Who so okay logically about a union state is probably a written by a bone in rib eye. Somebody go to cal boycott rim by but I'm an amateur add something to this. I think you're just over a pound somewhere in the lake eighteen to 22 adults range give or take shots. Yeah yeah. Again soon its opponent now or I am is there a way it's. That's it and this is the weirdest weighing how he said it was how many ounces I don't want. Windy ounces baby right in the middle. Nobody knows me by Kevin. I how many honestly my heart is racing right now I'm just so excited to tell you go to school site is this Wiki dying not every school. It's more like you know the show can't duplicate Mathieu the one master passes it along to somewhere else you know. I we have three Barkley is right yeah I I wanna go in and talked to JT before we. Let's take a break okay gotta go talk to JP about the order that the user NK. And then wal come back. And have him guess the last three okay did I just wanna make it too easy I think there's then I think there's a progression. Happening if we just gotta top to bottom OK so get a sense same cell block around so the game. Each. I will continue to hear in three minutes to rid chef Kevin Gillespie. Guess saying cuts of meat by the sound they make hitting a cutting person's different. They over Taylor so far 3 morning gal will continue rednecks and the damage and yeah. So are in 941. Of these different she's so Larson Kevin Gillespie's his blown our minds and his talent here because. He came guest. What is the cut of me just by hearing it's drop. On the cutting boards I mean I'd probably go five for five guys I don't I don't want to sound ragged Osha's OK I can putt it's gonna happen. At rewrites every guy the next three or their right. Yes we're calling this contest. Each. And cut it means number three Kevin are you ready I'm ready and as it has requested argument you twice yup. Back to back in and is many replays as he needs I would go quick on this one out of ten ST I'm. Better yet don't think it out too much yeah. This is one. Here it is again. While you only dropping state. Is that all they have the New York but your job. Label ports on everybody here. It's it's just another steak it's a rim but still this is doesn't have a bone and it but otherwise it's a revised probably actually the exact same size revised minus the balance of probably write out a panel. Did he got. Late this is eight was the next about going to be a sirloin and then behind that yes. A hamburger red meat after he had me British government cowards don't from the front of Friday's wedding anyhow yes that was the nets on the rogue roast I say the first on his watch and the. Ers when he got the New York strip. The second when he got the bone in cowboy or provide any guy in the weight any got to wait within three ounces and then we try to thrown off by doing and the boneless rib by any contact. I've that it were to throw auspices freakish three for three high. It's here here's meat never for. I don't even know okay. How I can't even see that I can't even hear a difference. The bone nor the bonus right about now really a huge difference I can hear that does that clients. Right yeah you know there's some stuff on the board I think T like I think there's some other stuff sitting on the cutting board you're dropping on both sides hope it's a whole cutting board table tops right right so there's. There's probably a knife and there's some bloggers write yet yet you can hear that in the background so that's throwing it off a little bit but. I okay I'm working on re hearings are they catching a lot of fast. And how many are in the box like a product SNC but not a sound just because it that we probably all by a considerable debt if president OK I think I know it disown his and I feel like you'd change this up now which is that's cool I around. So the thing is this was right in my wheel house and you should've known better than to have them dropped this because. I knew everything there is to know about pork and that is clearly. A pork chop. Playable more time for Regis I can figure out whether it's got a bone and it. And it does that is a bone in pork chops are to have. He met I. Isn't so laws and I were this is yet at well. First of all. You should have just ruled out dropping pork in general. Right yet is alene that I did you know you have a cup which maybe I don't like it or crosses yeah exactly you'll take a drop every piece of that port on the cutting board at some point that's right that's right. All right last YRI last one last one with CEG. And for here it rather let's hear it go. Four for four so far this is perhaps one. Can't Tom. So it's weird sounding. Didn't move the microphone hundred. You changed you lose the Michael's estate and I didn't touch it it was same sent the same spot the whole time did. I don't Lillian a sounds weird this doesn't. This doesn't sound. Bite and so it doesn't does sound the same as bad. The red meat. I don't know I I honestly don't know it only a drop it's it's not only in top but I don't know what it is. Sorry. I. I know what it just so I can't go five for five I'm embarrassed and sorry land chabot Jeff tellem and it says it gays are boneless chicken breasts. It's chicken like my final worldly anyone dropped chicken Monica she. It's still he tried no we're also dropping poultry products that I could've played. I would of known to think that way but I thought we were just killing would meet here. I'm gonna say yeah. I guess. Five for five for us like a let you down on that last on and and in your listeners I'm sorry guys. I'll do better next time I'll be our next on nobody's gonna try to cheat you on the last from either so I hope you're still able to have a good holiday weekend despite deep paltry incident of forty cent of military disaster and an ally that your town is free and emotional pull myself out of the side. The start has tried Karen thank you for coming into us guys what are you wanna plug. Well our seasonal restaurant communion is open right now it's only open during the spring. Through the fall it's an outdoor only restaurant. It changes every year and this year communion as communion cantina so it's all Mexican. Margaritas. Shares in caiso tock goes. Big giant Mexican Beers it's a lot of fun so it's opened Thursday through Sunday and it's right behind revival Tony reservation to show up coming Alice. I grabbed Kevin's cookbooks go to Israel strands. And if you are a chance and you find him in the kitchen and see if Kevin can be your army fifth defense test this Els is the I'm a little game that we call and drop he drew up thanks Kevin thanks. For making this way it's just it just on star not before one.