Kelly's New Side Hustle

Tuesday, July 25th

How did Kelly Cheese's closet help her make over $500 in just one day? 


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And young star ready for a one. Kelly she's got a son and hustle that was so successful she made 500 bucks in and how work. And you can do it ten day he's. Inside your closet she's gonna give you all the tips to make a little side of the cash today. The tells Myers I'm muscle we're talking about it on the show the other day. So I every Sheldon. Designer clothing and restored in the wake up on out called posh Smart and make it cute and a month. And on talk to me about this is and your idols might be demanding hustle. We exit yeah. That's a lot school and I made it goes and advocated it's more fun to make really cannot. So you'll go window like goodwill and you'll find somebody who donated. What does it Diane bond first and murder or whatever. Sally and on each silk jacket tonight 815 dollars or. Ankle that for 900. I think is Jessica told us about that I think all the women in city or like I'm Smart play this all of Kelly James is on the website before urge escape even got off the found I download the app immediately because I have and the there are so many people listening who can agree. The problem like I got the same ten dresses and I'm MI am closet and gnarled find the same ten search Simmons keep buying the same stuff. And then some good stuff it's just night and he just are detected the same thing on your outlook my cousin Mike Leiter I have 510 excellence. Exactly the same and I recently came to me coming in organize my closet so that way I can actually see all this money now I was wasting. And that are Smart was cool because she sort of playing on a you can put this avenue you take your own pictures and it can be designer settling in on a free people are anthropology Hamilton's us out really quickly. That also about Seth from Asian and that was our higher end designers and they tart that they feel. When target does that yes it's been like fifty or sixty bucks on something he never wanted to. So high tags on it really so what day is a loaded up and I mean within that and I guess the most. Like you likes. Passages about tags I'm. Is it an baiting thing where like people are bidding on buying what you're selling or isn't it it or is it okay you just set. I want fifty bucks for this you said that you want to give us bucks for an end let me try and tell people what you pay for initially with the price tag on the air it's nice because you can just flip the tagged. And take a picture with and I noticed the more appealing your pictures are the more people are gonna click on them. And and the mourns primary to kind of find the product really think did you display the close outlet on account or did you Wear. I'm no because I never won any Obama for all of these clothes and I sold side tags on them. All of them 500. Dollars worth of clothes and that I sold so and spend more mad person doubled to. You winning d'isere here this is this just again same causes that tells us a story on I think it was Thursday on. You put the pictures and everything up online within 24 hours news. And by that time that we can't Nvidia 500 dollars more in your bank account needed before muscle and then end of the night on Thursday I had five. I do my pops up not getting lie. And can you take that out as cash money that you can standard you've got to spend it on other clothes and stuff. Either one you have the option so let's come on PayPal survey and lows of the world so they have. Adoption field tell your bank account information there and then you can positive. More here bank exactly and it takes like a day so I did on track down there's an on Friday that the money on Monday. There's somebody else involved miss there's so many of us are right now thank him. I'm a concert tour today he had a tough tough I did better or easier time I just got a migraine. But it is not bad enough that I cannot take pictures of everything in my closet that I had not wanted to. Months yeah I am and my so. Are these I got so many friends that have online shopping problems. It's a problem. Where I mean you everybody does he locked in a target for one thing you want 1300 dollars with the closing you've probably already have or he might not ever way and then you never return home. And whatever happens in having her closet and when I organized my closet this lady did she put all the clothes aside tags on at the end of my closet to show me I look at all this money you spent. And you've never touched it she's like this is I mean you are born and spring of this year you try to live out last year easier right. Now that I'm Smart was introduce feels like this is any good done. So posh Markota so if you're a shopper. Looking for a deal it's amazing if you're this person. You can go. I ended whatever and browse. And find a dress that cost him. 200 bucks in the store Nikkei share down menu by says he never aware yourself for 75 dollars to changes in management and. Exactly exactly what's really cool to feel like how do you send that put us on the par those and I'm just gonna ask about the shipping the housing this is really hard vessel was unattractive to me and I didn't know and I look at it and the moment time buys it and sends an email to you always an actual. Shipping label so you just have to go to the post office put down and a box or bag or whatever and send it and I was. Easy Jessica from family who introduce you to power Smart ass is calling the collector commission. Okay does gun. I am limited late moment just killing and that's on sun yeah. I mean I had so much clothing and it's cute sucks that I bought singing I don't know where there's an obesity short and it was online so I didn't returning or whatever. And I mean within a day and it was not. Sadly you just yeah. These UN guys Jessica you and Kelly she's about to change the game. For a lot of women listening right now or lighten look at her closet let its cash register instead of like this and let's of this a 100%. A lot of husband and boyfriend heard it's pretty happy that there might get some refunds on you know the talk but the ball girl but enough. There. I'm on a little more room to share in the closet I. Yeah let me tell you some Jessica I. I am a man and I can already tell you that 95%. Of the women. Who have a man in their lives are gonna cash this money and and then re spending it without ever telling us. Roads and don't you pretend like this guy did. Yeah. I imagine. I knew very shoot at red bottom so. Word this when the girls they're going in there beyond this old idea and stealing their oh. Yeah look out protect your closets our whole line lock on it. You can subway stops. And goods yeah he's not anything jewelry is I had down. They're now got a Dell. Aside money to make. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.