Kelly's Letter to Jeff

Friday, July 28th

A year ago today Jeff wrote an anonymous letter to a friend. His message weighed heavy on someone in our Jeff & Jenn show family & today she finally wrote Jeff back.

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What is Jeff can can show member has had something weighing heavy on their hard for. Yeah now. And just it is all because of something that you did. One year ago this on the show does that for real thing or perjured and so does a real thing. For Atlanta for real thrill thing go to Israel thing I guess when I make updates thanks no this is a for real for real thing because. You I did something last year right now about this time. And right now about a year ago and down this person is ready to. Tour this year about that and you didn't catch I feel you write your heart beating Intel like Havana an ounce and are asked. Yes a year ago today exactly actually. You have read an anonymous letter on hair and when I. To a friend that was and then troubled situation. And I don't think though listening audience knew at that time that you read that letter Sammy. And I wasn't Ian Dow's actually and my car. And I was just listening to you can't employ your heart out to me and I was just in tears the whole time and then spent a year. And I haven't listened to since I am Redick has you gave me the letter. Over and over and over again so it's really hard to hear it again but. It's taken me a year and I already back and I was on consumed. Let people here are you sensing last year and then share my letter with you and then anybody else potentially gone through something like this ticket items. We have the letter from last year and I definitely want termite and everybody had a. Dear friend. In my out of line for doing this. And are now. I'm about to go in on something really really person something so intimate that I have never discussed it with anyone before. But I feel like I have to. I have thought about you every single day recently and I feel like I need to trust megatons. If I'm being honest. I'm pretty nervous. Not really sure is saying something is the right answer. But I know not seeing something is definitely the wrong answer. So here we get. I know he hits he. And I know he hits you more than you have admitted to me or any of your friends. You want people to like him in you don't want people the you love to think that you are weak are broke and and that you would stay with somebody who curtsy. So you keep this secret and you hope she will change. But everybody knows. And I think you should know a few things because knowledge is power. First. I don't think he's going to change any tenancy. And I think you need to get away from hand to see an issue cat. I know he regrets what he does I know that he's really sorry and I know you promises that it will never ever happen again. I should know that you love him and I know you feel like we're just a little more time you can fix him. I'm not a therapist or an expert or anything like that Brett I don't think you can't. I think this is who he is right now and I think you need to get away from him. Second. You didn't do anything to make him hit. Sure maybe made him mad men you did something cause rage. Maybe you even hit him first. That does that give him permission to hurt you. I'm sure he's got mad in traffic I mean who hasn't and if he's really mad. You probably smacks this hearing will curses out loud at the cars around and even if he's in the car by himself. But he doesn't rammed the car in front of him even though he's probably fantasize about. Why not because he has control. He can manage his rage. So think of it this way. He thinks more of that stranger's car. Anything's a view. Third I know it only happens when he's strong too when he's hot but he still gets drunk and high and it happens so this is still a problem. I think men who abuse aren't doing it out of rage they're doing it because they want control. And why they won control because they know you don't deserve them. They know you are better then that car. So they play game would love in punishment in fear and uncertainty and desperation and anger and forgiveness. So you're always on your heroes. Since you're so busy monitoring him and his feelings towards you the you're unable to see what's really happened. Unable to understand that not only are they bruising you on the outside madrassa tearing you down on the inside. Making you that much weaker net much more likely to stay. So I know you feel weak broken scared confused. But you arts. You are strong and you are a lot of people care about you. But they don't wanna say anything because they're worried that he will hurt you if he finds out the you talked about. In his control turn onto your friendship and that'll make you even more isolated. So your friends remained quiet in hopeful that he'll realize the severity of the situation and your own in the you'll somehow escaped his cracks. I know you love him I know you want him to be good I know you want him to prove you right but the truth you're an ambitious vortex of bad. You keep harming U is a way to gain more control you'll keep forgiving and hosted the last time really will be the last time. And then you'll eventually become the man you out. That's not gonna happen you have to break the cycle. The only way to instigate change is actually change. So please reach out to the people that love. Tell them you're scared tell them you need help they don't want to see you hurt they will hope you. You need some space to realize that those feelings of love are for the man he is a for the man that you want and hope for him to be. Maybe that man doesn't exist despite all of your prayers and wishes and hopes that the only way to truly see that as from a far into a two day. You now just three words I need. Help. You know who will help you you thought of someone as soon as I said those words that that's the person you reach out right now. In most powerful weapons are the truth in your ways both to encourage. I hope this letter helps you find that courage. I'm really sorry your in this place it's really awful and I hate it so much for you and I hope you're able to change it soon. But please know that I care about you and I respect you what ever your circumstances. I just want you to be safe in free and that's why it took a chance telling you this I hope it doesn't change our friendship. Is safe and Jeff. It's occurred twelve months until she's ready letter back. And we are gonna hear that letter coming up next right after Kelly Clarkson she's going to read her letter yeah OK yeah. It's. Crazy hearing math. My match today it's great when your makes a big difference lemon into this way I'm. The Jeff content. Twice a year ago on the jet engines had Geoff Grande. The letter to a friend of tests. What Kelly she's just a minute to us about letter was to hurt and it's taken her twelve months to write him back but she's got a letter forehand. Many viewers tuning in for assignment is to get we are going to have. How does your in his second for you have you backstage passes fumbled we thought it was important for us to talk so Lauren and say that. They aren't. You are worrying Belvedere buried today I did not hear that. And I hear you saying they're error reads a letter back today at all I'm Eric. I have a situation there so our soldiers today it. It tricky is that what you care about you are let go by yourself. Well I hope view. Ten. You know I'm there's strength in the courage and although on this positive energy need in order to make life better for yourself. Would you he has surrounded by your support. What you expect people here at street area. There's all or at UH it all electric lights out as people thought that at all yeah. And I keep it. Thanks aren't about until ally and. Kelly the floor is yours and Hanks I am answer I hear some I'm promised us we don't act known as so are Nazis and also says songs today. OK here against us. So a year ago today EU and I were having a very different morning staff you are here working to show house of part time so I had the morning off which was nice. I look I had in my car headed to my car to drive home I was leaving someone and then I'd probably told myself a hundred times over that I never got back to back. There was a turn on the radio on my way home to see what you guys are too and I tune in right when you said that you weren't sure how this was going to go. I had no idea what this was our levels about to happen as intrigued because of the nervousness in your voice it was different to me. And then you started reading a letter to your friends. I heard the first few sentences and you buy your tone this letter was written to me by the end of it I'll be honest I was furious and volunteer Hollis playing. I humiliated and scared. I was mad because. How did you now. I mean. I knew you had found out what I was going through mentally and physically. But I thought I'm sure so many others going through this situation I think. That we're doing and GM good job hiding the fact that we've gone back to somebody who's so terrible. Because we're so happy right. I. Know that you're only known me for a few months in my own friends didn't really even know what was going on May be like you said they were playing along with 'cause they were scared to. But how the hell could you tell so easily. I was humiliated because that person I thought everyone listening suddenly knew something about me that I never had any intentions of telling anyone about hammer. And I got scared because my thoughts came through I don't know one of those guys friends are listening when they say something to him. Then I felt something new because listeners aren't calling in and sharing their stories there are offering advice and showing compassion to Jeff's friends. They told you how badly your friend and needed to hear this and no matter how nervous that you word stranger a letter and that you had done the right thing. The stories and I started hearing from listeners scared anymore and then my original fear of what this guy would do if he found out about the letter because then suddenly the pharaoh what Wikipedia I stayed with Tencent and the emotions and listeners voices had never hurt had never met me hit me hard. Then no idea they were talking directly to me and of course on them because it was an anonymous letter. That's when I realized on the your intentions are directed at me. This and to help change my life you indirectly changed the lives of so many other people in the same situation. You woke a lot of people out from something man I'm charged just like I felt swing whenever I wake up for. You after that started reminding me that you are captains. And some niece and Serena they found that the situation I was them and those words are rings around my head stronger today than they ever have before this. And spinning here and I know I never sent thank you for your letter and I never said I think you are waking me up that morning and I never said thank you for changing the direction of my life for us but thank you firm minding these days and weeks and months later when you know and hanging and it. That I am attack and thank you for saving me from the situation. I had to as we can change my opinion UB and it actually. You're attached here. You welcomes thank you and I think Jen says you know we're talking. A few days ago about that the perp possibly program that we're we're doing on the show and I ate anything. You've got teary eyed talking about. Us helping other people and at the end of the day you know large goal this year was to make everybody laugh and feel good and being a good mood but Jenna had both feel. Like they show. Is. There's a responsibility that comes when that men and send 90% of the time 95% of the time it's dumb. You know spelling bee bee NT. Bids where Macon and Kelly spell the names of of how many I have good friends now okay as far as smell. And and all those things that we do but. We do you think there's there's some responsibility here so I'm glad I was able to help you I'm I'd. I would assume that your boyfriend are ban it crowned by a French. Israeli similar letter. I think it's really amazing to know that that was a wake up call free use tear it and then you really did put it into action and make changes and got away from the person in your life that was so terrible and was causing you so much pain you know spent a lot of time. I yourself and reflecting in getting stronger and it's and focusing on yourself and soon your career. And that's when a really great. Person can walk into your life is when you take that time's sake get a break from the negativity step away from it and focus on your own life then you become this. Much more healthier whole person and yeah can meet another healthy whole person and actually accept that love and enjoy it now and be in a relationship that's actually really supportive and healthy in good for you pray and in the open tonight 'cause I think when you're and that relationship like that earn a situation like that you're very closed. And the rest of the world and you think that you're hiding or had anything that even though your clothes soccer as solid as happy go lucky person so you it woke me up from Matt. And non assist helped me so much in new relationships Kelly. I've always known use of very fun outgoing. Person that just wants everybody around you to have a good times so. What you're putting out in the world you weren't getting back from this guy was just so frustrated because when I would say give. Potentially your voice heard Kelly cheeses match. And you just like that's it just it just doesn't match seven sometimes I've been in situations in relationships where I'm dating somebody that. This is totally miserable and just. Just as terrible attitude towards everything and you're like that's not me. So I'm still happy that you if you found happiness and that you move down and I'd be KC game so. I guess I am. So. You're flattered and that and tell you spray it. Like so cool like a ton of bricks cash and not yet because of what it was about that because I martz. You actually read another letter that you had written and without heat they think for her she got men. And then. I'm actually. I'm Terry and I had been committee include actually call it my card that that letter and let there. Aaron can determine their cap and Santo. I'm look at the game and I haven't had been hard but I have kept me in for a very soon. That letter that you read that urged parents concerned it is. Brian and I very and I are actually things about it. Like earlier this week that was email you can tell you. Or alienating restrict. And buried and I wanted to call that morning went out exactly thank you heard that their. Keep in Atlantic and Reggie Kelly ghetto. Land it and I was in the situation. And each. That situation and can even be a terror angry war having mental element. I'm constantly worked aren't very much consider it. The terrible. All of it it's to serve let you out in your shadow. Is very. How many people you reached and that desperate. Lately it's not only doesn't. I know. On matters. It raises the right line and Casey was the right one you know I think yeah I'm thank you very Ares I hear a letter to my letter thank you thank you. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.