Kelly's Hangover Cure

Thursday, February 23rd

Some of us (Producer Jeannine) could use some help after Jenn's birthday party


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole well you know you're old when your pre planning hang ever say yesterday we're like OK so we have. Big deal birthday party and we're gonna raise a lot of money for raises magic financial news of caramel and a woman have a great time and we're going to be some numbers who's got hang over cure. There really aren't planning on yeah. That's how you know your whole island and they re planning on recover and I like doing your same week. Because it was you I know I penny ahead but I'm not homers I don't really needed today now the only think I saw last night and just tired. Hung over the only reason Jen isn't super hung over is because. She was so popular and her party last night and everybody wanted to say. Hide her and give her a hug income translator I'm living this long and Oscar. And here in the great serve for reasons she was never able to finish and drank. Ginny on the other hand was suck at them down and share tiny little thing I feel and. Well my headache woke me up during. Way out and I don't understand how I managed to fall back asleep for an hour welcome seem headache. But it calm and helps. I can't think of the word I got service experience you gain helped me feel better about buying servants because caffeine helps headaches. So I got that. When they opened it tortured history regularly and lying island re in the drive through it like sports running out of it. You write emails me and the best buy customer on the day after Thanksgiving and right yeah like you're gonna get after got a laptop. Regina I argue that's president trying I got it is beautiful but analysts also struggling I don't drink often in. But Kelly tees is about to save her life idea. Because what we say right Kelly she's the X would do well Kelly cheese is the X. Byrd of what happens in Atlanta after midnight and I am literally mean MJ you Olympic experience. If I'm person and as drug during a hangover yeah KG easy and then communicates is the he's kinda. Now and you are a friend of mine are you really know anything about me you know that always have this in reference. I always have a semi friends and my remain is the same way I want to show you advanced. You well when you wake up like this again Geneen you know whenever the time comes like 30 we like oh my gosh I had him for years. Sorry I got us. I mean Diaz wanna try to yes and taking out insurance OK okay and closing your eyes and generations on the make. You might need this today but when you have a hangover next you're gonna think of Philly cheese. I can tell you have and not cheating a dream for this concoction. And on the world must have my hands out boom we're ever eyelid when everything I. I'm Jessica in my hand. I read it and everything I touch it and I think yeah you put all of your faith beyond. I an hoping I'd have any hope. Yeah and ice cold Coca-Cola. And I can. It can't be in a bottle it can't come from fountain of ice cold. And I can Diana gravity takes a load it just feels as it is exactly yeah. The idea that having those early days you get every time I got cold conference hey Deborah you don't do anything else she's an. Now so like food that goes with it on the Mexican team Coca-Cola is like a hand and led at any time unknown she visited southern again hand them to call it Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. I.s so is the dynamic of acts and in the first set it will cure your hangover instantly. Now I have it I have a question that bank is this can of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. Is this can of Coke. Better. In the glorious. Came couch and it is a McDonald's Coca-Cola. None none on him on how loves coming down south McCullough I don't know what they're doing that Kelly Nicole and Donald Smith is an and it's the right temperature and the lied they drop it just mixed with the Syria Yemen. But I'm Italian. When you get a Macau's franchise that's got that blend set up just right and you put that big fat Strom there you just sucked. How do you feel the healing comes Roger right. Gap but I'm and the joke I'm telling you. And it's got meaning can and I can't and in going to be I called and you have to take the Versa change your mind to know I just feels so he's he's. On the right then and there and I work in Madison and a couple of them not just in if you're supposed to play in your body not on your body feeling about it. Yeah I. Is this. Yeah and I'll drink and yet you gotta open the likes. Me. Especially the first in a I don't like I. This is gonna look a little in every day drinking if the bubbles were like. Assaulting my throat because their painful and I don't understand it. Assaulting migraine but we're like why why is leaving old. That's so ridiculous amount may show in the past 24 hours. They could get inspired. Yeah. Star in 941.