Kelly's Dumpster Fire Saga Continues.mp3

Tuesday, March 21st

Just when you thought Kelly's bridesmaid drama had been extinguished, she got another late-night text. Like throwing gasoline on a smoldering...well, dumpster fire.


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Before long and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen. All that night yeah. Never really had a great things especially when it comes from a bride Villa. That you're supposed to very complex. Are in the midst of breaking up with that is let Kelly she's is end. The middle of right now it's your ass dumpster fire for Chad I know and I thought I'd put out on Barack I thought I was mixing my Charlotte or whatever and I'll grant. You put that wet blanket on top of that that was done but again it and they done to lit a match. Land math summit to try to recap this and correct me saying go Lanka and his images from. Memory by you said the you met this girl. Seventeen years ago when he moved to August yet and you've been friends. Up until about a year or two ago. Yeah we cannot sell off haven't seen his own press her for years but she's had childhood friends I know that have fans I keep. Yeah she's in the inner circle right yeah those are friends of siege is kind of pick right back up again why you have disease had Larry and talk all the time to know like as a love and care about you know. And she gets engaged. Two years now and sends you a note shortly after that. Inviting you to be a bridesmaid but if I remember correctly that no was even a little bit weird. Yeah if there is no return address on the envelope so I didn't know what it was open that and it was just like a white piece of computer paper that said Li B a bridesmaid and there is no personalized note there is no. Lewis from nothing she happened to gardening caged a month or so before. Salaries out you're and then I am here from refer a solid month so you called her and said hey did you send me this car should answer such at a picture of an ugly day here's an envelope and I am and that he's paper and hammer return address that Iraq friend who got aids recently so I assume this is you know. And then a month later restart again on my hands so I heard anything a visit from me I have got to figure out and I. She is yes army. And then ever since and it's just ban kind of Asia is bullying me but yet since then having on one end Itanium bridesmaids. I have heard about any bridal innings I didn't even get an imitation to wedding until a week ago. And the owls and all this kind of started because. And even the invades the incas here's my three so so Kelly explains it over the course of fed them. Engagement that when the bridesmaids stuff should be happening you're kind of out of the lead nothing. I got zero information on any thing and I don't it was you're series that she was ghosting Kelly and they are well she what I think is I think you got accidentally. Asked to be a bridesmaid lake in the afterglow of the engagement right leg. Army and as Kelly like should have Fran and then she thinks it's urgent and I don't want to because when she talked here about the actual wedding. She phrased it. There's no way they way to indicate you're not a Bryant's name. Right she said that she wanted me to be there. But she didn't say anything I'm being and then the wedding. OK and this is absurd kind of suck up for myself because she kept saying that I wasn't responding at an Iowa is. And I was like we're sending me messages of three or 4 in the morning which was a big problem firming so. You're sending me stuff and a line doers on it I just kept feeling like I was getting bullied by somebody cited and I understand. They haven't Simi senator few years while we need to really continue to friendship anymore at this point because. I really know what's going on her alive I don't know her fiance. And she's academy in Maine. You would wake up at 4 in the morning to commend edited the radio show and I have to answer taxi case she would text you have like. 10 PM and the like have a couple questions about the wedding. And then when you didn't respond she takes good amid mango hello and it takes you what I am emulate hey this isn't core and try to get some answers here. Yemen it was yours ever wedding related at all wasn't whenever I K are there questions about bridesmaids dresses I literally not heard anything about. In meat and and so it always. I feel like you paid me and other parties ING zero weird passive aggressive stuff it was and it was I mean it was making me feel that in and it was making me feel like us too busy to be her friend but I was responding to messages so. I just I was like bullets blame it on my schedule but. So you said you're gonna have dumped her. And then I came menu chicken to have so weak how do you rate letter the idea humming right a very vicious accents and we just we just lined up people on the funds we say one person after the other give us a line. For this text message that Kelly's gonna send this is what has sent a link at the end. Oh dear where on earth do I begin I can give a flying rats banana monkey's tail about your feelings right now. This friendship visiting cutesy is not when it's just convenient for you. As signs reading kick rocks with no socks and your Deng's flip flop this if I keep walking girl. Sorry this relationship is breaking up but it's on me this year. You can kiss up that is part of a mile left. But she goodness I can't bail out wall deal it is any longer I thought our seventeen years landlords to use them messed. Having same packs it say kiss my shall Elie. So that was obviously last Friday him to send it now away a caller sign you look here's the thing I did you feel better there after hearing after all right. My guys I felt great I was writing that letter was cathartic yeah yeah listeners understand where is coming from and they were calling on grade advise it just made me laugh which I needed to that the situation because I was getting frustrated. But I don't ever want to make her feel like I'm didn't value our friendship or that I would just write her off and a text message I want and to have a conversation. And com. I told her I'd the whole reason that text messages even cooked up. Was because I told her hand eye irritation let's talk like let's have an open communication. And our syrup made act was. That's good. Like. Why are they go to Iowa it whenever you're ready to talk just I mean him. Sorry Al ready for what I got last night yeah I want is about what time this came in twelve elevenths attack they are clearly. Asleep knocked out. Knocked out and have been asleep for hours. And she says all of my friends and family have been asking why you are not in my wedding. So now she's just declared you're not a bridesmaid who cut out a way ahead don't tell on numerous speculation needed. Now we now okay I'll look up to that and I'm RD like dazed and confused as 3:30 in the morning I wake up every all I re. All is said and it. As it is and this the only one before that is that that's did. Like that. I don't okay what is your iPad did you responds yeah. Overs on in this morning after a shower and had time that I realize that this is not a dream I and I said you actually invited me to be a bridesmaid forever ago like actually over a year. And then I never heard anything ever again kind of figured I got the bid since I legit. Didn't hear anything are part of the card in the mail. And I'm response as ours is that I'm not put. Mad for you. You wanna tell you of your friends and everybody that you're not even coming now that's like what I wanted to say so here's my question what do you do she responds way. Okay by guns we'd be a bridesmaid I know I tell our I am so frustrated and however the situation on nine coming. A 100% I dude where's the other thing not gonna go to or away no way Padilla no way seventeen your. Wife Amy and it's at toxic friendship becomes like a little and it is so up and down you don't you want a future with her. You don't see and it two years from now you hanging now let's turn her has banned and like I feel like it was M. Past relationship yeah I haven't seen on board as Peter I think we should serve broken things of these responded with a B a bridesmaid if I can also be the dead parent your first show I know. It's just frustrating because I don't. I don't understand how I go from getting bash are being told I'm not a good friend. And careless to it now all my friends and family are involved in wondering why you aren't in a wedding I. I was in the wedding you invited me to Vienna and then never invited mean it anything else it's I'm so lower cursor promotion yeah. She's super passive aggressive half hate people like pat dean and manner. Welcome to the shaft. I did. It's gone. Yeah I mean you're obviously no communication between acute event and as Kelly king to be trying to communicate. But why not do again urged. Story and Gephardt on the Alley and hagee and questioned her in couple Jake Tapper answer these questions. Contain. You have been deemed a radio producer of the year I had a pattern war in a. I can't say the end Natalie has a similar idea Natalie what's yours. Prosecute these segment where that relationship don't. Hey you last therefore you. That's my that's evening. C and I would I be so I mean I would do it I'm alone not to think about I don't do it so on come from all Lindsay in Bethlehem it's up. Haiti is so I. That aren't sorry but my suggestion is ill Asia. To drop it in in their relationship and it. Just easier that way it less stressful. I went there like that the lawyer like situation except for. Not I was may honor you. Come out there like it's far. Rattner nor pre split they would all like. You know happy and I was so happy or they have had a bit. I where you know they're all about religion that where. Like Burnett you know me and their. Gee did I mean I'm not only is a rare beyoncé like my my boyfriend Liam got a horrible it. And I knew we would go out every weekend yet here we go whereas for. And it's just. But Bennett. Cheney's bunker. It's always our prayers and he's he's he's gonna have no idea. Where he. And lung wind didn't yeah now I get in LA and straight up the van jealous orchestra. I don't think you understand the passion that women feel for our best and I got it if it. He eBay that passion in sixty seconds or us. And I. Good luckily that this is right too badly you please ask herself on the radio you have first term gender as a boxing year. Well again this CD just talked to Jeff and I. That would make it we series it will make it a go sending a whereas this relationship going or you know let. What the hell Emily wood. I think they say Kiki get on for like whereas relationship going you're like a ghost angered I think just. I'm gets an. Not good video that is mongers are getting all of our benchmarks included generator pets on the matter he and I are gonna be hash tag blessed without a that's in contention I'll star for our.