Kelly's Dumpster Fire: Part 2

Tuesday, March 14th

Kelly's got a Dumpster Fire situation of her own, and she needs help!


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And she I'll Starr. For us. I try to write dumpster fires and Kelly she's thing she's like you when this. You good as they get 32 recap and then we'll get to these phone calls while when I click here torching a few out there. Like several Baghdad. That's so I gotta tell best friends are getting married amend their weddings are really excited I'm gonna bounce right party for like my soul my best friend this weekend. Which made me realize that I am in a wedding of her former best friend I've known since I was thirteen. Who is so mean and it's not as a bride fillets of Frenzel us. I don't respond or text messages. I get like bash for Reyes called careless or brood or insensitive or I'm too busy for arsenal boss I'm playing off on my job. And my job does take. In the driver's seat right now and now I'm kind I don't think friends should do that so breaking up whether money and I don't want Ambien a wedding animals aren't going to go to the wedding. Michelle in order Woodstock. She doesn't know if the bride gets a pass on this that sort that's I was wondering if if the wedding stress gives your brand of referendum pass and Michelle's again may be without Michelle. I get my car I couldn't tell you speculation an app. She shouldn't get up I advocate that there are your hat back. You break up what Eric in my situation and help where it's at eight. That was my third I do agree that option actually helped to make sure whether. That's no worse. You're it's so bad policy it is laugh about it that yeah I was terrible. Air in Abbott and this girl has was kind of like a sister or Fermi for so long having all Brothers having girlfriends and so important issue is. About one girlfriend for seventeen years so hard on it Fella from the jet engine and show does she get a basket she's planning a wedding. I am no. Hack and I also have an op cents. The why yes that you tell your girlfriend that. You will be in the wedding but you just can't devote time so bachelorette party is heading into a party and out of state party you're distracting. You really just. You can't devote the time the money totality you'll be in the wedding but you're not going to be an all those party to the bad that earlier necessary. And so you might say I don't want your wedding anymore. So you basically you're during the trickery you convinced that person to brake failure of our cycle. And her hand everybody's editor relationship like that right you just said to be such a jerk to the other preside Oakmont dumped me already had. I don't I don't wanna be adjourned and break up the human health coldly made out with the other. I don't know how to act out of flawed and that theory though is then you become the outcast bridesmaid absolutely everybody houses so like I didn't wins and they all know each other near the line and allow only one way and it also backs up her theory now and I don't care about all that stuff and I don't want to be a part of it and really it's she tells me the weekend before page or going for drug vinyl things are. I just can't it's just it to me she's being considerate so. Lindsay do you have any advice for Kelly and her dumpster fire back. Com I'd kill I'm actually getting married next weekend so I kind of kill them both side to this story. Mallon who I I don't think that she had the past. Katrina would keep trading ilk in my bridesmaid at my backbone and I would never heard trees the my dad and I know how much money effort it takes. Yeah but. I also would be devastated upon my bridesmaids didn't talk to me first and got a job at the wedding because I've also been a lot of money on them with I'm betting that came marrying and Gibson like everything that goes until it so I think you should just talk to a replete dropped out of the wedding. Or you should've said no in the first place. Well it's actually get the past that I became popular great job on the letting. Yeah that's a thing too when she invited me to be Bryant's minutes apologized she sent me name and and I would know or turner dress and no signage for her at all knowing way in ninety Jennifer ever I can't wait to get married I have have you back messiah like. No personal lines like it was like a ball thing was is it would have to say dear residents it literally was. Heavy sheet of computer paper that she'd used like. Pain or something like that lightly like paint on your computer chips are right out will you be my bridesmaid is humility in 1988 she mailed it. Yeah and that is upset with that yeah and then didn't sign your name sounds like well who's this Tom and then on. Month later I heard back from multiple person being your wedding that sense and I haven't heard. Anything now bridesmaids dresses. A wedding party and engagement party nothing like nothing are air says going to be our last on the same air Telecom the Jetsons and show. Oh well I actually in and tell your position that are or aren't quite what the couple. I'm surprised wanted to address I'm not a bit to explore the closest location what are the way. We've Joel Eric. We helped literature and other minerals are battle. Any apparently something that I read between attention also Herbert secondary they. Okay. And are. And never mind the fact that the issue I leave and 600 dollars on a dress. And yet I think we get sent the mail letters like oh yeah by the rail in the apart me and if you got a chance. We had something I had kept the attention off her perhaps a second and I hope our government and I got just a good job with me right that's that's how much issue that's how critically work. Diet because they're about one thing that I thank you wouldn't tell me what why she can't turn into a total Bryant Miller. And I I think you know. I need job offer and apparently a lot of government background in your what are you won anything yet it's so stressful is so awful. Yeah exactly and especially you're gonna new adventure it's a new job at what I've been doing for the past year. That negative energy or somebody that isn't isn't willing to say AM and takes me back get an a busy like let's chats and it's all just hidden behind. Read text messages that it just comes off like bullying well I think the load up love that dumpster irons let us right now. Now on Monday you know get away. Well thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.