Kelly's Dumpster Fire Conclusion: Part 2

Wednesday, March 15th

Kelly finally catches us all up on the best friend break-up! And we crowd-sourced to write the perfect reply.


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Star in 941. I Kelly's she's a video of the dumpster fire for a few days and finally this it'll be out by this time tomorrow. Because we're gonna thrown enough explosives to suck all the oxygen out of the area and there's burnout yup. And I think it's gonna we're gonna have one of the fire extinguishers and just see. So it's a bad here here's the situation Kelly wants to break up with her pretty okay guy. I AM. They said no I'm not now honest and not sad. I am does that type of person and I think this comes earning a military brat when you move ya have to talk to anybody and and I am just that person I'd rather does and goes she completely especially when I tried to be nines and say let's have a conversation and I get. That's cool back after you've been bashing me and how bad I am communicating with you which I'm not. And then I get mad just I just try to do that but this is going to be funny and. Fine breaking out with friends is way harder than breaking up with a gotten. With girls and best friend like those are the hardest relationships a Lego Friday because that's somebody. Real why that's it's harder yeah I have friendships that ended. It would that was closer than in high school and college in the end after college that it still bothers me you have. Then she and I are friends that's why we still resonates but you know. Ex boyfriends might well this is what. I didn't. Well heck cares you know and that's way different friendships for some reason they got. Carter USA when he got to go out ego and a blaze of glory so you know and you never second guess what we're doing here and I'm on the penalty I born here. Dad lived for so basically Kelly for. As it is dumping this growth that she's had her love for third for thirteen fourteen years now 1717. Years now. And this woman sent a very terse. Rude response to a heartfelt request for a conversation in the cal is that the at 3 this morning Kelly got a text message that simply said that school. That's not cool that's not Cologne and so we're going to compose a response. To. Kelly's friends crowd sourcing at. Everybody gets a line so we got for a 42630941. Calls jammed up the vibe from lines are jammed averaging get through you can add to it for a four. 2630941. Who once the opening line January Geneen Jimmie and I think you should either opening line I wanted to be the closer all right I obtained that letter that text messages. Dear friend come up. What. Oh dear where on earth do I began at ten. That's dead and where on earth do you IE eight immense amass some texting and now. On the earth maybe shouldn't in the midsection not in the actual technically not examining tax if you don't you go down on earth I understand. But it. And that's why. Oh dear where on earth you again Whitney and Smyrna you get the next line. I was like oh yeah let me go. I mean I did I hear a line at banana nut you know about your feelings right now. Honestly. I can give a flying wet banana monkey now. When. Banana mark how are you doing right now evident they act out they can't order. Hey you little argument. All right and rats blank right say rats. Banana monkey taped rants banana among tech data and data are you are. Okay now we did have another caller who I picked up a minute ago and that ship as she can sing on and I thank you recurrent line thank you and Tara thanks any her I'm going to be very nexus she says. This isn't cutesy this isn't just when it's convenient for you. Oh re trying to store yeah as an event this is think UT I think gas station. I know I got on Cody embraced in what would be the fourth line of this text message. I think it would be best if it didn't curling chick rock. He always. Thanks Tony that's a great phrase mentally and it right kick from hunts. We in for Kelly to get all caught up she's typing. Super comes over there and Aaron ally usually have a little microphone I just say into the found it did I you know I think it's aren't. Time for you to kick rocks period perfect. I'd JO NN Atlanta. No. Right at its relationship breaking out it's not. Neo Tokyo. All of a gouge and you wanted to make sure that they blame is on her side of bank is right. Sorry this relationship is breaking up but it's not me it's you hear it. Brenda and Carol ten. 08 or highlighted. You won't miss the at a car at my that but. Yeah. Yeah. Opinion I do yeah. So when you get that problem I guess here you and text that. You don't. You bullied without hitting Eric and body which meant that we got our outlook saying it one more time. UK slipped a part of my left. I kind of you can kiss at the fattest part of my left butt cheek here. Eight checking to make sure auto correct doesn't get this so yes not a encouraging okay so you don't I know it's it's time Natalie now one man. Can -- Daniel read about him and you can guess the fattest part of my new bike chain I asked app after app will be one more an engineer but have Kelly in Marietta. They telling you. Know I had. You can add and a lot embedded in coney are actually allowed wouldn't know that about quitting a 112. Laps. Rocks with no socks. Daryn. While putting on your arm flip flops I am I while. I walked out like they ended a vast right you want and so it's time beating kick rocks. We know socks with no sigh acts. In your wings flip flops. How cool are you a barrel. While putting on your term flip flops period Steve walk him. Want school as I. You pocket instead. Broken Douglas LUB last in the engine. Okay that can't stand Alexei. Actually eat you know outlaw ill with this any longer. Can't deal and I want you with the senate longer that site's business out and then she and Qaeda had I can't deal and I won't deal is this any longer period. Jan bring us down. It's seventeen years that you as a friend through. I thought our seventeen years meant more to see you then this. That's cool. I've thought our seventeen years meant more TU then this. Period I have the last line at a bar. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Kissed mashal it would. Happy Saint Patrick's Day and yeah. Here's my shall elite. Every those out shoot. They're there and reading. Oh dear where owners do I begin I can give a flying rats banana monkey's tail about your feelings right now. This friendship visiting cutesy is not when it's just convenient for you. As signs reading kick rocks with no socks and your Deng flip flops keep walking girl. Sorry this relationship is breaking up. But this nominee this year. You can kiss up that is part of mild weather but she goodness I have Candela how long deal if there's any longer. I thought our seventeen years them more to you them mess. Having same pact should say kiss my shall Elie. And I. Love a stunning and now you are single. Refrains fanatic act yeah. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.