Kelly's Dumpster Fire Conclusion: Part 1

Wednesday, March 15th

Kelly finally catches us all up on the best friend break-up! And we crowd-sourced to write the perfect reply.


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. Well Kelly she is grads may dumpster fire him there did she Taylor I'm not mean your wedding and I'm not gonna be friends with you ever again. I think I'd end up to hate. So Kelly she's. So rarely got to get this dumpster fire. People are so bad yesterday because your associates an update time breaking up with your breast Fran and then we get distracted about Kim's friend who came to. The grooms and out of the wedding in any Indiana and. You have to get your wedding party approved and all that matters how we get the end of that road we totally forgot we never got an update. From Kelly geez why I'm actually glad related because there's even more of an update now I can. So little a little frustrated so I over the situation I try to called. Actually work on Monday I usually her only two or three. So I'm leaving. Just give our readers are real quick recap to and his the idea just I'd tuning in Kelly told us last week that she is now how the 41. I'm Tony and I can. Achilles 129 and she made a friend when she moved Doug asked aged thirteen does news this is a lifer right the middle fellow friend up until now this woman got engaged last year and since that time is still turn into a giant bride Zell via word bad brand. And Kelly goes this energy this negative energy. Way too much got a cutter out of my life yeah she was supposed to do it last weekend which he didn't. Because she just didn't want negative energy around her weekend. And the reason being is because I was led thumb a best friend of mine who is also getting married. At about slab party and that we can go months without talking and we don't hold that against each other us his wife and that happens so this girl album. Breaking up way it has actually engaged for two years and she fell off for a year and I would never hold that against her but now that she's on every surface and she's readies. Targeting everything going she's bullying the LA kept them meanest text messages and yes going into the weekend classic and I was like iMac and I. Ruined what could be a great time with the real friends. Are really value on this relationship. With Emmitt and NN I wanna end that we can only either Silas work on Monday after talking with you guys. At a couple questions 'cause I wanted to know when I still on the wedding because she had mentioned it and a year. I haven't gone any bridal fittings are heard anything bridesmaids dresses and she's getting married in October. So I had that question and then I was kind of like do you really want me to even be there because if you really are sending these messages where you feel like comic. Peerless friend as she says are self cash why should I be there. And such are calling her but it lists her dreamy afternoon and I understand. She's probably or just like when she text me two or 3 in the morning. That's when she tends to respond that I'm obviously sleeping so I don't get mad. My account is taxer and I don't know ham I'd like to talk. There's obviously some stuff going on you've got some feelings and I've got some towards a situation let's talk now never heard from our. So this is on Monday called lost the message hey we are alike called and then I could only a message because they're now wants a full size Texas there because she sees a phone call she has a text message. And I am thinking shortly with all of the things that she says to me. I'll get some of our response from our. And I got no response on Monday. Well as you can Mary she's busy busy busy busy busy year just hopelessly single writing back and I think I have no life I'm not busy out all right itself. That whatever dog you know whatever time she is she is working and she is getting married and planning a wedding shortly shall respond. All day yesterday I go without a message without a phone call. Maria clock in the morning. I have a 330 you know she did so like four hours ago yes no I'm not kidding she texted me saying. Ash and I remember trying to block in our memory. She says the the article. I'll say Arab registering if you have your phone off and later did you hear this command and I've put on silent camp and you know I'd very sarcastically said to her the last summer talking like oh I'll leave my phone on so I can hear your text has just come on 2 in the morning because. As a great manly don't do that at 3 in the morning. Tax me without school. And our sponsor signed up like a top Clinton plan is of some feelings you hash out Jane translate that Britain's translate that into girls speak. I just feel like there's very brief response says a lot news just goes down we're friends they've known each other that long. And I feel like women we are great communicators. Philly communicating with our words and how many of them there are and where also communicating with how few of them there are. And how long it takes to do it position is that right after US insurer is saying that school is would've been like oh that's cool let's talk about it a couple of hours because I'm busy right I think you wait 24 hours that point of Newton's the fact that she waited Geneen. Means that she thought through her responded. So like almost like I'm gonna show Kelly what it's like to not respond firm today I think she's coasting you from being a brat I am really think yeah. She's kind of lay off and I think I'm just gonna text Jeremy I K I wanted to top class I don't think it's worth the effort anymore. And I think we just don't need it are you gone that far in the texts. Why try to caller as you want to call me back on my car again. That Kelly doesn't need to chase her end Kelly has been agonizing over this for her few weeks now if not longer ran months and months and so like my best advise I can give view is don't lose sleep over people who don't lose sleep over you you obviously she's like you must be your best friend. Right and she's making you wait 24 hours to say that's cool yeah. Blow you off late now very sad because you've been president at thirteen yeah. Not much time in so many memories what I am going to say is a lion never lose sleep over the area opinions of just bird in the bush. It's the opinions are just ask five. Sometimes I like to just stage a stitch in time. Doesn't ever take a wooden nickel. It's the fact that none of these things right and man and he's and he and I if I had a dollar for every reason c.s in our lifetime yeah. And it isn't necessarily be Conrad yeah. Well I am I. They listen if you cash CNN is not in any get a big hit late IE what are we crowd ciller's. Mad lib is style. And various tribes that you write to. OK okay so like we get started off and everybody gets sick contribute one cent everybody gives one line in the text message reply so like that's all right so let's let's play Maroon 5 and hang Waller claim Maroon 5 will line up but five people and and I have 4042630941. And name. We'll have people started to wave you know lying to wind. Do three we'll just go once if you are five tank and everybody gives own line for the bank. And men it Janine and Jan will give the last elect actually one of you gives the first line. Okay and then what have you gives that the last time I then why we have proven hit send and then we don't. Ended during that show yes yes are you have that gamma Gloria this is such a good. I have sometimes when the fires really burn and the only thing you can do is throw and a stick of dynamite a gallon gas and and night. Rather grenade girl blow up. Ancestors are now ha yeah that's how well look at all these people calling up to help burn a airbags iron and it's not players borrow 463094. Roy and are proud ciller's saying. Kelly's response to her terrible friend. Who who've responded to a heartfelt message we just Steve stupid word and I do think need a line in their somewhere that makes her feel like it's her fault. All okay about this is all your fault. At at at at how it did is he is lazy and don't ask. For a 426309. Forewarned will get to work on this we pride we need your help. Czar not before one.