Kelly's Dumpster Fire

Tuesday, March 14th

Kelly's got a Dumpster Fire situation of her own, and she needs help!


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star now before want to. Kelly. So our fighters massing right so. There's fire have installed wind iron grip everybody's run around now. I'm tired but if it's a dumpster fire inside and trashy masks. I Mali's begin. Total trashy mess of. Just talked to Dana and she wanted to tells the dumpster fire that she has going on this week and her sister. Is going into. It proposed to in the near future and read it to a guy that she doesn't like him rather than break up for them she has asked her dad. You've declined that his question. Man marry your daughter. That is being as dumpster fire Kelly geez. Let's hear Roger dumpster. Yeah all I'm breaking out with a restaurant. A move then they can't NM Anderson's analysts thirteen do you afford to do that who would you hang out Hainan island am nineteen friends like at. Let me know glad IA and in her wedding. And I am going to let her now I no longer want to be in it and I'm not even going again. Yeah she is. She has turned into that the worst is she a bride's Ella. She's a friend's Villa like I have so many friends getting married it's actually a little overwhelming. It's expensive. It's takes time out of your schedule you've got a plan vacations and bachelorette parties and wedding parties and engagement parties and has an apartment. What is happening. And she's one of how we get 28 plan yes see that's secure and prime time time time and I and I love and all my friends were all busy we're all working element different cities or even the friends who live in Atlanta. Planning a wedding takes time so. I don't hear from armor they need some last minute languages understand in this is your schedule. This girl does not understand that and I'm known her since I was thirteen years old job and she's my first friend I met when I moved to Augusta Georgia for high school. So like this this is so hard but for the past year that she's been engaged. She's called me terrible friend she says and I'm careless she says and I'm insensitive and it's because she texted me. At 1 in the morning asking if I got something in the mail that I never got. I don't find because I'm asleep and then wake up to a message saying that I'm a careless friend and I don't give a crap about her wedding. And it is thing going on for a year. So this isn't the bachelorette party are going to know better as a parting anoint you as my soul my best friend like. It showed grit Britain the other friend will be there and now I am on this gonna do a before I go on the bachelor party. Discloses detox because I can deal with it anymore I don't. Understand when you have a friend who is working. Totally opposite schedule you beat me I'm working with a wake up at 3:30 in the morning and you expect me and text you back him in paint a Weiner. You get a satin I mean it's been gone for a year. Them Jesse appear bridesmaid and sent me a blank envelope without a return address it to hand my address on it. And a piece of computer paper that said will you be my bridesmaid no personalized note on it no. Love with her name and it like food nothing I didn't know who it was from. My cat that's great I know so I sent her message feeling hey is this from you because I know that a writings on and another friends that are engaged not in their weddings like who's who's this from. Should respond any for two weeks. And so I finally sees Matty you for not responding immediately to text messaging Friday and ISO and it's and the way she puts it isn't like Hannah your busy I haven't heard from you. Just let me know did you get this in the mail has a couple things she sent me have been sent back for whatever reason and so. Her ghost or Kelly sabres of the troubled anguished I had friends in college then I broke up with. And I'd this is embarrassing I came leave on sameness right now I wrote him a ten page letter yeah writes more than. A paragraph yeah I'm neurotic who writes anymore. Asked cared enough to write him at attain age. Email I probably still have it and his ex we don't know why more why aren't as could be friend exactly like did you even respond to know. If you still have my stuff on FaceBook and guys if you still have that latter can Kelly have it. My name. That's a dumpster fire. That's going to be though you think your just too good now are your too busy because they're your job or whatever that's what shall turn it entails being ham radio star right here actually she's gonna turn all those evil against Steele I. I don't know that show I'm I don't know I didn't never really seen a side of her of until this year. Com I've seen a candidate this other people. So now that it's me I'm on how this is. This honestly bullying is very Ameen because I'm not responding to your min ninety xmas and then we cinematic yourself because you're like I saw her do this other people I never thought she would do it's me but why am I surprised she's doing intimate graduated. There anyone who thinks either in this rumor listening right now. 4042630941. Vieira says an out if anybody thinks that this friend who has been a lifelong friend of ours. It's a pass because it's her wedding. Hate that I know but I'm just wondering if the if it in if it's possible that you need to. In the time leading up to the very stressful wedding time she gets a pass and jerky behavior. I mean when your bag and I mean I get it if you're right although the bridesmaids dresses you know they can't be ordered in time and economic color that I want you flip Fowler whatever you know I get that but. When it's because I'm not responding to a text message and you known sleeping in you know my schedule. I think dazzle little unfair. So I do feel bad that I ages. I don't know I just feel like I haven't seen her in two or three years either so I'm trying to rip the band enough brain exact okay. It just sun sentinel thing about like the reason the season our lifetime people commend your life. Chooses this season it's okay you know with us like seventeen your season he found to make Zahara is eleven on it's a new chapter are we going from Mike. Crises says. Aquarius or something like that. And that's at the Hyatt chain and hard just compared to certain to. Six high season. Help grow up I said there's not donning avenue aids or something like that the whole time yeah there's a new chapter beginning. I don't know Tynan is a guy thinks I was telling me about this yesterday. Melissa okay I thought I. Does she get a pass because it's the year of her wedding. Did not get a pass for the year are you now it plain that. All small plain awful I had a friend from kindergarten. They did the same to me. I'm 43 weren't a lot of friends. At this idea that you are not even acted like that was the first ever first child for our second child. Cut your losses now and be happy. Thanks on us. Jessica and Madonna does she get a pass. Yeah she got I think kids I don't apple and the LA saying I can't say that much. I didn't show financially binding. He'd say no there aren't sturdy kid that I mean. Agent Ari bachelorette party I I 101000. Dollar and had aren't letting and it broke my bank I had to do say that. Cabinet meeting out of my towel and now everybody ought not say when they mess. Up and. Well even the affording a part of you know when you're when you're in the wedding Jessica and you're excited for the friend that's getting married. Is spending that money asylum I'm burning through cash but at the same time this is my best friend who I love. So when you're doing it with somebody who you haven't seen in years. Is being mean to you it's time why am I wasting my time my energy and my money on a wedding her fiance that I've met once and your mean to me like I. Eating Raymond who actually donor money race. Yeah and things evidently I had nine because there's any command to say maybe give her a pass. Home. And she I'll still are ready for our.