Kelly's Confession

Monday, June 26th

Kelly cheats the system every couple of months, and you can too. 

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and I. Hey you know what we need JP can we finally some confessional music can you just search confession or church or confessional music I he has. Kelly cheese. Needs to confess something to us. She UC claims her soul by publicly admitting. The crime. That she has been committing for the past. How long tears. A couple of years he. How long a crime. It's a crime illegal crime and I'm not sure it's illegal but hunting people like in the door for this company. Why are we see you know about it until in. I don't sir yeah. I close the curtain in the dark room and insurgents are talking yeah. So. Payments on time offers of free thirty day trial. And that I love Amazon com. So if somebody has it easy yet tell us the benefit. That's up yes so he never millions envoy known as they try Amazon com for free which means union suddenly Tuesday evening it's the same they ordered today and it's not any extra charge. So Internet and Amazon prime if you know. It's a life changer it. I paid for it usually out of it unless I clear how Pat Knight kind of ask your eye and I first thing he did however you and your name. Then he had to cancel Amazon does this really nice thing and LAK you know I don't cancel plans as yet we'll give you another thirty days are totally free. So I caught on this and now every few months I just. And I'm running down and I Megan you email account and then hanging in planning for. And then an email account and I just having inning preeminent on time. For the past two years last year. The heat and Tony's or you know calculator ever. So that's twelve leg I have no attorney mark many tough tough. And you know this could you just keep getting light to shed is it easy and very good. I would never remember to do this and then I would be signed up for twelve different climate counts thanks I have to send 12100 dollar steady. I didn't even remember to imagine there and change it. Herman Herman. As number if they cancel time and then Tony Harris they're hungry. Well it's completely all of training they Madonna and the economy is yet so don't tell anyone hey and is. I yeah. This same card and the same mailing address parliament. So I don't know how they they're not really fact second to none meet. Is it busy buy and hold for the tonight. Hey somebody's Canada's federal prime account. Inman park letter had seen this coming give everybody your secret away I know I should've done that everybody can do that. I don't know I don't know I. Atlanta sunny cover planning canceling. And anything I'm helping them Julia we please tell Kelly sees how wrong she is. He's really. The only one and my boyfriend and I both did it separately. I say ya I wanna know they tags Eamon yeah. All right and then they also get beaten and mediocre round. You know Richard that they act and it slowed greatly need tax expert school. I even think about that. About needing any night nine dollars if could. The difference between Joey and people. Julie what are you studying. I'm going into the high gain antenna out and counselors they embrace him and. Holy Jesus studying Disney say. I just say you guys both now I did some quick math and you guys are saving a whopping. 27 cents a day. Lucy night knowing that huh. I now paying for Amazon prime. Melissa in Smyrna please explain to carry cheese how wrong what she's doing is. It's not I. Definitely. My own. Funny how tiny it starts off like that his six times and then to hear later. Build on that and is still. Little eight. Comedian I don't mind them being paid for and I'm I'm I'm good at what. Brad but she got the money for shipping neither sounds he got us. Think out of Manila. And alert and an. Now whenever you have any money. Whenever he got a Deanna did Paris get to give them. Example I. My started dumped at some point down the road the eight. Hey LB where it. Can't believe the number of people aren't out to support the early eighties. I like she's got to figure that actually thank you Melissa. I. Star in 941.