Kelly Still Wants to Meet Brandon!

Tuesday, July 26th


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PG and Joseph. Still aren't ready for a one. Where ghost hunting for Kelly today and we tracked down Brandon. That's talked to him. Sheehan ran in met at a party last October and she thought it was really cute now she's out of her relationship. And was wondering if he was out of his and we just confirms. Brandon static girlfriend but he seemed probably open to keeping Kelly's number are giving her his information which I palace ski B. Kelli real thing and all that. I won't act so seeing. And it won't be day to day. Upon how it. I guess I'd I would you know me you mean movement. Colleges. Now there and it idiot girlfriend and everything and back that that it would be cheating thing and it. And I feel like they're at like nine being in my mind but it is. Be good if like he wants Maher and he did I get it out of my. It's a slippery slope. None the I don't. You know let you know a copy. What did. Hurt anyone and it was it kind of like that I was there and mine mine and I don't ET yeah I. They. And it is meant to be seen it and he's an hour at that person might lie I had no I noted that we. And court I'm not that Matt is early yet but. A ticking time might you open the active but not without some sort of act and the. I hope that whole bowl. That's necessary to open your relationship badges they eyed guy thing. Like a guy we dole Fuller waive any gauge weighs another woman. Right if just deceive you do it just. For fun there's reports of sports yet in saying. Oh we don't know what you're saying were women aren't like that she's thinking oh maybe Egypt wants to be friends. Guys don't I don't know any guys who operate. Who just won my grandma with girls that are total strangers that they can actually that a party. Right rendering occur relation. Open wide. I didn't even admit he died that he had a girlfriend while he was looking forward by a or flirt. That's at. That point he acknowledges relationship with the New Zealand here and now and he's ahead. That he wasn't on the radio ads and that's a sure winner here and hold and he acknowledged the relationship before he was a hundred share of one I would call. I. Okay again but I'm on now I it. Well Kelly c'mon friendship thing that you're reaching out for our friendship is a little bit like the gas. App out immediate and why put it. Sleep at night I I don't know. I feel like Annie. I hurt his relationship I don't. Want it getting even make life. They're at now that day. And there on. Wal-Mart I act in it I mean. I picked up like compensate an ark copied her. I will put it in your hands Jan do you wanna give her it is a number of Iowa. Hole and I feel Kiki. That that you know I'm in that area anyway and now you know there. At the end. Probably not gotten me it'll be. Kind of that we can you know. With someone that you haven't really come that way and yet now like it was back. Me and I mean who knows. Devil's advocate and it was two people with no romantic interest that two people of this of the same sex to urges I am at this girl and usually awesome Allen. And I want. Ago. There isn't any time. Mean he'd eat cake. Happy now. You know I kept at it. Now a one way Internet and print and obviously. One night so I. Won't give up and cannot run off and nearing that her and I want. You know kind of reconnect right back as we did. It could straighten out you know meeting EP with some. Kind of connection and a I'm like. Did the hear from your life is now. The only reason I say give her information. Is because you're gonna give any amount every day for the rest of your life and played. She's. It's a 100% the only enemy it is. The main item I. How to eat right. He says that school that is she once it. All. I did is they are pleased that determine what's cool what's cool. Week that he Jerry Jerry I. Angel what we need to do is get our listeners Pennington the bounds right now they're ring in my crazies let's take three minutes or anti TO. Pretty you'll worst feedback and that you can help us decide idea it's. Passing the yeah yeah yeah. I can't. We need your help ROR 7419400. Still aren't ready for a one.