Kelly Gets a Message from a Different Redhead!

Wednesday, August 10th


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And jumped still aren't. I'm ready for a one. This. Half hour or so of the Jaffee changes dedicated this single. Listening because he started me Emily. Rated the top of the hour Emily so frustrated that single men and land we're gonna help her find her. A lot of hope I think you can put out into the universe in the universe and deliver a cubic feet. And name yeah and then coming up a few minutes. We're going to check in with Allie and find out if she's willing to be winners this relationship going green. True. Who's the guy that she left back in her room down in Florida. And think he's trying to escape the friends he's totally trying to seek difference and we've and it just find out directly and if she left the steel. Where's this relationship now so we're addressing terrible signal at the caviar are addressing friend zones in the bottom of the hour. In rate now where addressing colonies have at at at. We if producer Kelly Jennings. Who for weeks now he's been stocking a guy. I say that in the most likely possible but that's exactly what you him. Acute girly way. Well I'll publish a man it's weird it's okay. The finest men I am now and that's it I need to know about it all right I'm gonna tell the story and we're just we're all gonna ignited this is creepy. Gave them because and only if a guy who were doing as creepy Kelly doing and she's adorable though right not creepy doll you know it's on them and suddenly had that started doing. So black green. You all of that on he blanked. I usually find that shortly trying to make that tell me theme song. To retire Rockwell. So a few weeks ago Kelly census pictures of this guy that she sees that. Coffee shop about it is she's I love this man even though he was looking clearly at the camera she touches being sneaky. And wrote what we get under way right legacies he wrote this the it is. End and we have no luck really tried tracking him down so. We propose that Kelly. I'd leave a note form at the competition because she knows that they. Both of the same place in the breeze that she's got the grease issues that the manager should generate the coffee shop and team Cali so they. Hate her know which is actually a poem he take her poem and they say it will give it on an incident either way. In the east even when she advisor on. Lake state secrets he slipped her little piece of information that I I. I hear his name you're hear is you're locked me whose name is Joshua. Or like or David Saturday righted and the company indeed alive and out of his name is on the truth. So that's like day one and 82 advantage Clinton has again this down in the lake yes you can have us down. And he's in market. National architect. And now would you like to try our New England it's called. He lives within walking distance. That's only information I think it'd Kelly chief has so far and if we heard back about it now you have dvd sales are there any developments. Fell. I haven't heard anything hang on a phone call or text message. I did get a letter that I went in to dancing with the editing and decreases in season low season. Can seasons doctor yeah 1010 that a fellow soccer with doctor necessarily create sent. Yes so I went in and she settlement ash and an update for you. One an update. That one I got an Emporia and she's at and suing might have made a mistake. Hi Elaine. And she says that we might have given your home through the wrong path. Too attractive redhead to man guns and peer advocate dancing dead. Over six well. It's oh this magical hits like you know hunting the hunting ground EG my semi rare arguments advanced. Now. Then the manager Greg comes in and he says I'm pretty sure I gave it Joshua but then the other ovaries got this letter my guy named in the land. Tell us about clay yeah well those nice woman and enough from Glenn says. Hi Kelly this injures name is Glenn text being sent and that means. So easily land just an opportunist redhead who has heard you on the radio talk I think so because of the time I didn't know maybe they gave the notes in the wrong guy maybe they didn't but I had phone are ahead of pictures from the group message and I think you guys the snow and that is politics like let me say this fixer of the Parise who got the man was there and and manager who gave my notes and Josh is there. And we realized we gave an end to Josh us and now he is just not responded to the pound. But Glenn is just an opportunist and it. My income and well OK now the other thing I don't want this is terminally dateline 48 hours side itself I though. And that's what I did is Google third sit down and hammer and you can say that sellers and number and I thought it Sammy yeah oh. But I'm not industry. Getting letters that could happen. Yeah. I think we've said all along we have maintained because she's the girl giving it got to a note it's not previewed at the note from Glenn Beck hurt. Mikey announced. Kelly. Do anything with decline while Abbott Josh wrote outlive me and I king day evening. He never alerting them line number really wrestling match and that's the reminder. They never give us just a foot let's play this out to a possible conclusion and today I lets you and then going out and you guys and everything's fantastic. And there's there's. Who. There's chemistry. And that's destiny. What do they tell their friends and family. Children if they ever have them bring in kids. Bring you the 'cause I'm really grabbed a gun and next. Well. I was talking at different redhead asked us. Don't have to in and and delaying the inserted himself into the equation is just. Excuse that everybody's government online that you met through mutual friend yeah and that's I don't know audiences on earning bracket Danziger and you know our picture studios I got legs at CNET and I'm. Kelly please keep as outdated as as. Whatever and I continued treat it as things as stuff warrants. I haven't sat and really I'm gonna need to hear from Josh I might text not yet another I wanna know what's going on. Here comes in unanimous and that the. To bring you a little bit behind the scenes. We just have this conversation at parties or counties. About that big guys the red heads are breaking down her door the toddler. And they're all that and properties David comes in here and he just casually says hey don't forget to check your with the call here. Hate mail last year the other in your other other mailbox and FaceBook and you. Other thing is vote. And we let Hernando and if you don't notice David you find instruction from online so India while Obama. There's and if somebody's not a FaceBook friendly view in the singular message it isn't this. Middle ground. With that hurt or aggregate. I messages. And David tells me how I did and she in the Earth's message. Is Golding. Since he's just wired dudes can create on FaceBook and their conference at the that instills a new message I. Anybody anybody can send a message they forgot FaceBook friends with them that you don't get it in your direct message that would pop up if your own face on the other mailbox. So the first thing the LA got you over exemption all my. And and reads a message from Carlos and here he says they're with that means I'm in and read it. Countless. Game that it dated August hurts that you or hate him. And it says. Them. You always been the favorite candy in the jar and never at a pace that's my hand. Out not. It unique total stranger you know him at all we have three mutual friends and I haven't spoken as regional friends and probably ten years they've diseases. And on August 1 during this year ranger. Yeah I was. Nine days yeah Clinton my why at a third segment pop up Oprah as you know when you open that this is what Richardson. I. He Hazmat suit. And yeah. It's a save all the governments now rule. This. And show. Dawn ready for a one.