Kelly Cheese's Nameless Red-Headed Unicorn at Dancing Goats

Friday, July 29th


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Jen shall we go to the and Asia and show you. Weeks ago maybe a month or two ago arrogant he's. It's area is an issue. In the center. And as. The only reasons issues because of the situation were reversed. It would be as creepy as they count as creepy as you can possibly. But because it was Kelly she's doing it doesn't happen that. And I would mainly text messages. Of this dude. Hi is red haired man bond hips. And I'm at the shop and they go to the same coffee Johnny and they it is there's the view that in the quarter just waiting for his lot to a year. Or whatever. But he every picture he does make our. Cal tech in your camera is your probably one of those. Dumps doctors it doesn't turn off the picture. Sound OK so my own home on silence I think he. Not at all. They're did he caught me but it with house money united like one as mutually yeah it's cool I didn't. There's nothing funny about it. Picture so we column where that what do you do multiple. Yeah of all over the course so eager to gently three pictures this did it in every time these weren't that different out there and it's completely different times once obviously very early in the morning you innocent. This on in you know that it's Saturday. 7 AM picture. The 2% amp. In the next is that 4 PM work on a day and so we like. You can't do that that I take. It. All like. Eight. There has tried to defend myself and then my friends are making fun of me about it later in the day. Now the house failed them messages. And I looked around and I realized nice thing as pictures I was saying things like I can barely contain myself right now the pillows or wildly inappropriate that. You know a lot of fun. OK so. She's at a guy. And they answered. The tall skinny red haired young hearts out facial hair yeah. He's got all I would hate if you work casting. And you needed. Really who view that in an attractive you'd. Whoever you visualizing. At least you know despite not unattractive and you can you can now he if you. Amen gosh she's sent here. I'll I'll onions. You have you have different ways you late it's not yet Allen have a tie I got a couple into yet. Crane mantis on firms. The game. And I'm in and duplicate and Greek. Wearing yeah. And faster. The reason I'm Bret remembering that it is because we pointed out how creepy. Kelly comes walking and they show this morning and she says. That were trying to and she able we have not talked about creepy and after you called me you know yeah well. She hasn't seen him since it becomes in the office and she says hey do you drink coffee. Is she completely. Does not talk about why. We were discussing the dancing goat off yes stance in the best you know Atlanta odds are we completely. She ignores the fact that that's where she gators are. Has somehow. They knew who idolize and says here take some coffee in the pope's work. You and enough out there. And because people were probably in their looking for the rendered unicorn. Well they mentioned to me that someone had mentioned to them. On the jet engines show this girl's talking about I think the go to battle from Bronson. And as a jet that beautiful red headed man who comes in here what is his name so for four or five straight I would see this same girl behind to counteract. I have you seen any yet because I haven't seen and he's he stopped going out making me that I. I. Am. It pictures there. Of nude. Going his way of fine art bought them because you have ruined his. The girl behind him. I knew we were talking about she knew that he doesn't know his name no one knows his name he is a nameless redheaded you heard corn that I mean in my life. Annum comes arbitrage doubt it got there. But the obvious so go ahead content yes yes I saw him I changed my schedule on Saturday. And teens caught a violin and I may need to. We reverse this and make it's that we reverse this story and make it a man. No no because no one at all. Yeah how can you imagine you lock in a conversation. Between Tony and I think. Since Tony that the pictures ever want. And I got her home. You don't you got the pictures the ones that you didn't net that she didn't I tell yeah. So anyways as anybody who works there is one of the briefs this. I asked him you just watch for her. If I never named yeah okay. I asked him that you know named formally. Well turns out after for a fact issued in command. So I decide to go there at different times. On the half. And if you look at me and like alone and I got. As and he wouldn't know. And including any that weird I'd highlight only at her only. Thing. You think it is coffee or did it. Now we are he had in his hand and I was ready to go out and telling that creepy Darryl hunt and yeah I'm Argentina's economy. Yeah he he darted out the obvious in the U. I don't know what we're officially Brett and that's yeah. Hey Tony you know that you know the girl used to take the pictures. And it and one that I change my schedule this season. And it's different between us now you. H and show. Star in 941.