Kelly Cheese Is Wearing A Ring.mp3

Thursday, July 12th

We ask kelly about the newest piece of jewelry she's wearing on her hand. 

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Star in 941. This just got a ringing up from their significant other. If this free game genie now I'm gonna be mad. Many days they just went busier parents. I know it's more wrong then is she would tell their parents and she'd give should wanna go see your parent was at the last minute trip. Like it's you know I don't know and she's up there telling her parents I'm going to be seriously hurt Clinton now is not pretty soon to name okay. Series is seen her dad Archie. But she is not engaged and did not receive a ring from her significant other. I've already got one. Really managed shot I can't. Kelly she's got a ring Shiites. Okay look at game of where you react you have to know the story you have to gang. I was they went down to a wedding. Mean spirited beautiful thing coral I mean. Avery and quiet little place there Phelan although the feel love and romance. And that is an all that and yet as. I do wedding in saint Croix. And when I got there I noticed all of the bridal party every single person and then the bridal party. Or is that wearing this piece of jewelry guys and girls miles Michael wooten is what it's. What is that and the bride he's from saint Croix explain it's in me and she's and these bracelets. That we're all wearing. Are hooked bracelets. And she explain the meaning of poker bracelet you Wear. And if the hook is facing towards you it means you're taken and it is facing away from you and means that you're single. So there is wearing nominally like old school tender. As her old school all fake and I never did any relationship not a relationship variety and it Amazon account design bridesmaids are wearing on Iraq and on but then the husbands and boyfriends or where are known to end. Their face towards arms I. I actually think I have one of those bracelets that I bought in the -- and had no idea that it was a code I'm even wearing Iran now I'm now I'll never Wear it again I never got one your p.'s because you know view when your peers and you get the wrong year peers and that's the day year and that's the street here I'm. Off almost forgot that matters. Press in my life. We'll check this out those so I went ability of the bracelets and doesn't Iran is wearing and that Michaela that on his from their tells me the original place again that makes them and because this is like an original thing to saint Croix. So I go to the spot and the bracelet has an 800 dollar price tag. And I don't format so. I walked out like heart broke and and that she told Captain Crunch and I wanna make grains to go Captain Crunch is Kelly's boyfriend who moon. So we want him back on the last day of vacation and that they have these rains they only have a few gold ones. And one of them fit my finger perfectly. And I'm in tears and also happy about it and come multiple or I could like get my line out of paying for it. Captain Crunch is of pullen out his card and Kansas deleting he's like now I want to get this trio showed. Because he knew how badly wanted it. So dear to his jacket and I can't tell jobless rate outlook is facing is facing towards me hasn't taken a bite it's an. You're acting like to choose on gay did not engage in on Monday change. We're supposed to Jack with the listeners using our teases not each other up. So you're not engage I'm not a lot you again now weigh about marrying a brain that is significant. It's not an engagement ring answers to gift. If you in the islands. Aaron Jack Del Rio not coming up next we are not changing the topic here because what the best part of the story is is it. Do you armor reaction. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All a look at her pains. It was worth a thousand word slogan Smart is you're. Karl on what you need to know about Kelly. She's on the jet engines show is that she has been that be it single girl I mean up and sell camping gradually camera boyfriend she was just like. Roland through on that site assignments like that. But now she's in a committed relationship. And it. She's got a ringing yes it's that same she is got a range and it's allergies engaged a I was concerned that a piece of jewelry from a man that you love is a big deal and he bodies to learn gave it to her and then what happened next is the best part of the story all right well. So everybody knows going forward. Kelly ain't gonna put rang out until she's not doubt that that's going to be a well. Had six. But tell him to include it Jen is really sold your reaction which means it was beautifully out. At Brian's who awkward but I really wanna this piece of jewelry my intention was to buy it myself because. That's how it's been the last my whole life. I when I went have paid for Ed Captain Crunch and ended the sneaky like non getting the ministry. And independent single Kelly Kenny came animals like no I I'd I'd asylum this I. And then then you know so we are now on mineral Asia Kelly kind of butted heads a child's cell phones like. But we've had so ninety's so I had this super confused kind of angry and also I'm really sorry I got my name. So other people are panel to command in the lady was women on my anger or look at you funny and you know kinds of talent and I should be in the ministry and is I had this weird conflict do it myself. Not so independent I. She's a good word no out loud. Oh are. And I still pulled my wallet out and knights tried to painful Lawrence and I hope you will all of you happy that I like independent I was like I can do this concept. Gatlin. You understand going but he should have made eight. Say give it to this sales lady to give you are can I actually benefit COM putted on your duty putting on your hand now the sales lady had on I think are any I didn't take it off because I loved it instantly. All like girl cut it at all by your doing memories in my back from my wallet and that's regional sneaking in and I was like what knuckle user mail out. Amanda. As Allen on the corner. Laughter god bless you Caylee from you for thank goodness it's just yeah OnStar and not before one.