Is Kelly Cheese in LOVE!?

Monday, June 5th

Kelly Cheese, the woman who could never commit, just told a man she loved him. Wait what?!


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All right now before one okay. Turn it up. And Justin Jan shell hole now. This guy is the Warren. Magistrate. Totally. I am feeling if you ask magma. If you even ask yourself the question. How do you know if someone is the woman. At this point we need to bring Kelly she's tonight when using her typical walk up music. Sam you're. She the end of the single lady I know I am sunny days dating game I'm playing well. He hears that the. I'd say you haven't me I understand you I don't know you let Lou are you. Oh I don't know I even said this or that week and I went in as the horn. So intake is not so executive area with a eight iron man's figure is down this road of love with this. Who you entered college with them or something and I know we met in college there you arm mutual best and okay lose and you read it queen is that. And a wedding a month ago. And now own only. I know. I know like I've never told so many I love them. I noticed that I love you and like less than 678 months and one guy easily I'm await our. You know I weight have you ever been the first one to say it ever unknown never. And you the first of the actually no I I have because I told people before announcing it to be first isn't to say back two weeks so. I stand ready. I think it's pared around like you say you don't. It the pre warning before I am not without the free warning you just your head over heels yeah I usually end. As is Bebop and around you're laughing so hard as I almost had a lastly you where continental waterfall Arnold's like and the turnaround nothing I. Il and like I think having some tickets out. Yeah did he stayed back yeah yeah you should. Acts as the summary question Kelly yeah and then you really are beaming I know I can't assign them partially tonight when did you feel. I can't tell if it's the Botox from Marietta classic since John and I wanted to love unemployment this Friday you're beaming yeah. So what is it about this guy over all the other. Chris morrow hurt Chris is out there. Found. I I don't. I don't know I just feel like we're so goofy and he just gets me and I have such a good time around of the two festivals listening now only just stance on the whole week and a common enough fire which is like my legs by a group of girlfriends and I mean he's just jumps right in head overhead like headfirst since it's great and the difference of this guy and the rest of the guys that we have no new two dates yeah he's good god almighty. Oh my gosh he's so nice and like he's he just makes me feel so bad verses like. And is let Aaron is a flying you know have from the beginning her you know they treat you like this is this isn't going anywhere anti war. Millions or maybe that's when we'll Sammy on sleep and I'm right exactly you know and so he yeah we Jesus so nice so it's it's really your. Saying so when did you say hello you tell him. I am trying unlike says it's at and on what he means what's the difference. While it was just as I said on Saturday you'll say Saturday and Lehman and that's a little bit when I have an emphatic. On Friday he's talked about how much really love everything about each other weirdest Sharon each other all these good things I love how funny laugh tough for your. Everything that she loved the way you your reasons. You hang a person who. I think we eyelash I'll sleep on these. And so I don't ever have to miss you for not England's second. I love the way eyelashes and Yang back and look. I love the way the baggage he's like yeah. But I think that we hear about it's that's exactly how. Okay and then that was Friday and then Saturday is when you're like I yelled you're like a love you a little. So Saturday is a love day one. We download pays for. So ma Geoff Willis go wrong we're fixing. It was gonna take you to be annoyed I know niceness she's 1870s. And usage on fourth. How does the area and it always Palin on my kids do something about a match these days yeah yeah. Well congratulations tell you he's saying. And don't ask eyeglasses. Yeah he's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough. Congestion.