Kelly Cheese Hears Back from the Redheaded Unicorn

Friday, August 12th


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They just spent shells. OnStar and not before one. We're gonna talk tier producer Kelly she's here in just a second she has a huge update. From there redheaded unicorn that she has been stocking. I mean creeping. I mean data I mean he's ready it apart and that she sees it the coffee shop they both go to. So we're gonna get an update from producer Kelly tees and as I am but first a reminder to listen to start any 41 wash your work today. Yes you thousand dollars thank you is up for grabs next chance to win is with another branch at a lead and again at two and on your right home with Marino. You talk about my. It's happened. Are you being we have a couple options again. And everytime. Very furry guys began. Kelly she's so quick. Just wanna say that Emily was supposed to be down at this rate happens we're gonna find the perfect man. We had to move her a Monday. Because there's such a significant development. LEG's historic. Ivan about the so we left it was Kelly cheeses hunting down the redheaded unicorn act the coffee shop and left a poem but hadn't heard much back. Of racism the managers are on team Kelly trying to find out information about this guy and pass him the notes when we had an insurer. It's trip. I'd rather have a subjecting himself to the situation Glen because he wanted to go with eulogies but he is not the right unicorn. But I think that's great of glad to take that initiative and to take that step but the problem is if he and Kelly she's right up into the sunset together than they get it to other grandkids about how they met Kelly Libby lied I was out this copy job. Look at this other dude and then the glass involve themselves. I. So I did the first guy and end up with a who has now been grandfathered. So the original unit Goran. Either we know his name is Joshua. He has Cingular text message in. And and yeah I texted me back. And let's hear it really are even if that's hi guys I hang say. And I had to have a different song. Wayne pines. Attacking at a different OK read. I learned two things yesterday at tonic effect that it Lyon and Josh as they're shocked Josh. And to those are idealists and comes in after this all tea Gerri it's a case. And he actually send us Samie Wednesday night that allows our team that and it says hi Kelly. A debate about thinning medicines I give gold and solid this was a radio segment and I realize that no matter what I say and there will be discussed which spurs shy guy like me isn't so great. Hello. I really do appreciate the letter than it does take them and it's an. I sing about what kind of white lies to make this less awkward but I thought effort deserves honesty. I'm really focus on our right now and I'm not looking today but maybe grab a coffee at some point and chat so it's not so off the as you having treatment and I mean feds are not as clever with the rhymes but nicely done and if it's a candid view I'll take Cassie Amy and I copies for some homeless guys at the shelters tears Josh. It's injury. Which Hawaiian he's very shy and also very thoughtful and that's like this latest breakup I've ever gone and I'm kind of but I thousands of learn and rate dealer we've put ourselves out there like and we're just very open and and ball word and we'll put ourselves in planning your awkward situations and be able laugh at herself later. Some people just aren't that way yeah and while he should not ever did you catch. I'm like why would ever generate and share sue O'Connell. I'm sorry can play games it's early guy and guys as autos there receipt of dentists say all of those things. And actually texting back and let me know like I just don't put myself out there knowing that he it's years you for creeping kind of thing and that's not. Any did you get hit kospi. Minas I think in the door is how lose Sino us IP and a time of talking about him on the radio is program was what he actually won today. Interacts with him in real life. In and. I will go get coffee with him but don't tell us about it and I and I really really hope that he's not an elbow later yeah and no sneaky pictures anyway. It freaks people out that's right at the age and you dating until such some work to do I really. I don't know but in the grand scheme of things such as one of them that I thought it was beautiful and I love them. And Jim shall we go to the.