Kelly Cheese Has Two Big Goals to Reach Before She Turns 30

Monday, September 26th


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So. I think that's an unpaid time. I told us. It's. Eight years ago. Don't tell you please. Don't let your in the last year of your money I made it primate and so yeah. It accurately and him kinda like you survived or weekends about yeah. Kelly doesn't really do any playing small. Austria. You work hard and you play hard as I do that's I'll work hard Gina. As we saw the slam champs is that we have fun that's been weak and I Danica as the friends on Friday and I ain't and it seemed more friends on Saturday night and I NC failing on Sunday so how do you. Eagle. You're sliding now toward thirty the next big dance and I do. And I feel that kind of bum you know after every birthday title it but he ended this year and as I'm getting older I think a lot of people. Either gravitate towards job or towards one and we are both and I am starting leaking and that mindset of come on going to make my life and the people around and in my life better. So that's why I'm focusing on as I. We might point to how Mike and leave my money's on my thirties making life better after. Me. Marker that decade marker does make you take a step back let me think about life. I look at it. In review certain rearview mirror and look forward okay. As a Reese in more than a New Year's resolution would be when you change decades. I remember really the about that and at thirty and out of 35. Those for whatever reason seem like Barry O. Seemed like more adult years mean and like. What you felt like. And you know Rona and just to be. Be better I think that's becoming like your your motto is keep moving forward bank and mine is said to batter ever day about always. How. Dad and I imagine a better on the turning down. I have. Millions through an iPad that is a wake up and I wanna I wanna feel that and I would make people around me Ers I've started to think about. But to really make things and I can do before in my twenties and in a way. You know yeah. I pay for the person comes off kind of kind of selfish of hers but it's curve for everyone in the and so. I wanna be healthier because I feel like that healthier you are obviously happier you are the better energy put out. So jet has been making fun of me and completely throwing an off but I've been looking every meal that I eat and inviting people over to share of these meals not because I wanna. Oh Kelly you're such a great cook that's. Him. All those they can see how easy it is a cut in and it's something we can all share in Italy together and be healthy together. Come on not one of those like weird work out well certainly black I do want to be healthy for and influence people around me to do. For the record I don't make fun if you know. I check yeah. Hi I'm never made fun of you I think the food you make it's delicious you just order a hundred dollars or that chick filet and instead it right down in front and you with a large coat commencement. I. On your birthday and wish you. Earth Day. So then by the end of the game giving the same on ramp to the person who got eight. Oh yeah. That was set to make yourself yeah exactly I can attack and that the argument that I lots processed yes and that if you want that he won the apple pie and ice cream in the cookies eat all the apple pie and all eyes out cookies just make it. And shows someone else how to make it and enjoy may yet because you really enjoy eating which is such a so hung over yesterday. All I want it was compete chicken biscuit smothering covered and sausage gravy and I'll work on now I know and I went out and do it and it was an English as I don't like I'm thinking instead Atlanta home and made breakfast myself. And now worth half what the documentary watched it's caught cook on Netflix it's actually got a bunch of some documentaries and this one's kind of like a process of processed food. Well and how your thought process has changed. About cooking and it really hasn't it's and my mommy support for seven people everyday. And leftovers are my favorite thing. I wanna start sharing that on the remains and friends of family dinners have accompanying him. Time that you now do a friend's giving a we do every year Thanksgiving. Meal and dress them and do things and and yeah. I don't know where I was on the accident that as citizens could stand. Miss sex now on has more. Community lives because I have lived in Atlanta for seven years now. And I wanna do something to give back to the community I wanna raise 101000 dollars reform party. Or either one specific charity or a bunch of charities just a mile saying over 101000 dollars hopefully. But over this next year I really wanna put myself out there and either run races and have sponsors that are gonna donate money war. Put on a party or something in and donate money while having fun and celebrating you know whatever I can do to really give back to the city and live and I'm in the surrounding areas yes. Are there any pauses that are really but near interior part the you'd think like. Hunger for homelessness. Or literacy. Or. Malan not tonight. Too deep birdie at salmon islands here. And mad as my nephew passed in April so I would like to do something for you there families that are true. That happened on that Adam lost a child like come on specifically what my sister and and these are going purchase it and they're limp running a little hole in life. And that's happened when non and my brother lost his wife as well a few years back I'm watching my niece and nephew. Learn to relive as such a young age without a parent. Annan and it's they went to camp I can harm from the life of me the name of the camp. But it just changed their outlook on what it was a lose some money especially a mother or a child. So something like that is really close send me sound. Without crying on the outlook that's the first thing and pop. And for the children and isn't and what it's of that yeah it's. And analysts annex waited. Children who have lost a parent that I mean. Went the united name that's hates yeah I've never heard of different outlets now and it's it's really. Yeah I would love to do anything like that any any ideas. Or anything like that and and it doesn't just have won it could be multiple. And just ideas on how to raise money as you guys are so good at that's one. Quick question. Is the why behind. Because I think it's interesting that. You know part of your goal is making you better part of Google is making. Connect into the community born where does that come for such as come from growing up our. Is that part and I think it does being a military brat I never really had a home base on the evils and Hillary from I don't have a hometown place. And that doesn't suck you know it's it's funny as. Atlanta has become my adopted hometown I feel like I've grown up here and yours on 22. And here are seven years later and I feel like I'm having fun in Atlanta for herself as street and so I wanna make it selfless now I wanted to turn it and give it back to the city just fall in love with. And that is my home base. And heavier and a guy. The ago on February turned down for good yeah. Now he. That's awesome and act now and his and thanks you guys do that doesn't crying everyday. Adobe him. We year and that. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough they just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.