Kelly Cheese & The Great Wedding Date Debate

Friday, October 28th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Odd move right along we have to talk again about the monumental occasion that happened on Saturday October 22 2008. And I am not talking. About my. Although it did happen at the same exactly. Talking about. Heavily cheese. 8820. Wedding yeah. It's. Always been a single girl wedding following our every my best girlfriend marry me Agassi tonight when some. My best friend's wedding couple weeks ago would have Rotterdam my Brothers letting it travel with me. I've never bride. And guide aides to. So first tell us about all of the perks of being the single girl at the way we'll find as you can always call your friends you know or bring in their husbands or wives or boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever. And you can coordinate and where is there ready saying and you can on your own schedule especially in girlfriend and I are gonna enter whatever we want right. That's great that's so much I'm so he dated adult. I've never done. Letting. And this this is the guy can we talked and the Eric it's you had several choices of the of cajoling you yeah China Kelly's great wedding date debate right yeah I had a couple options. Calling them. And die and and in this guy I was the winner we this is named Raj yeah and Shayne Dinah. Machine it was it was the winner Julia long. Hello. Apologies to the two guys do roster in the running who'll never listened addition. All right so. Were you nervous were you anxious were you excited going into that. Yeah a little bit of everything because your. When you when you go to friend the pressure's really bear in it's. And I certainly impress people ledges and make sure that everything goes smoothly. But he brings some money and the meaning a lot of people out once and this case like coworkers and friends so and am you know Fowler is there right. How Boston there's that aren't aren't our boss's boss a level. You're a lot of people there I know so yeah makes numbering some bodies. Going to be OK with all of that coming at them once but also battled the ability impressive at the same time. There's also drinking involved as you know there's an open bar and that's nerve wracking because you never know things get really out of hand. Britain not only that I would think that. I had a wedding. From beginning and is all about love. So if you're there during the ceremony. You probably hold the hand of the person who's next that your date created date yeah and I mean you squeeze him a little later win. Win Mitchell as our fish him when he's reading this. You know verse about love did. I happen. I mean he is. He's and he and the new language are like they always got his hands on me at some point he actually teared up and I looked over I thought is kidding you might kilometers that's what I. And is kind of the. You take this and this could have giddy at his I am not in ran as the light on the anchor back now. You know so I looked over and he's hearing and I thought I was kidding around lake and dads and Yunnan. And none of them yeah Madison is emotional. And this is really beautiful. You know yeah I'm always bring a wedding date but he has doubts. It that use these we he has feelings. Meanwhile Kelly's inherit like he's thinking like. My guys this week they wrote their vows for each other and Kelly's thinking it is gonna have champagne into packed hour that apple open bar and. A good thing is it was so beautiful that I'm just not an emotional person like that so then you bring a date hoosiers has so much fun and Annie is so involved and it was great it was a lot of fun. Were there any potential what are there any moments where you were. Nervously potentially dangerous moments. Man no I was nervous before you out on the dance floor because I wasn't sure he can dance and I and many busted out some news channels like how much in the chance to. That's a winner to. Did you get it did it was our duty to hammered with C inappropriate without any line. You know our losses and appropriate with him actually. A half I have. I've Tony logs and being as though isn't it in man right there can only hope enough of my he's he's literally standing next to me he can hear everything and anything. Thank you and Serbia and then an engine wean him you know like and then he cross the line. Yeah. We all know that wasn't Tony that. That was drowning. Wages what happens Antonia and opened them up front and odds are you Kelly tees this man's sounds perfect do you have a boyfriend. Home commercials I think she's a belief that an enemy and who rely a lot. Of Jay hasn't aren't there some. Everybody giant is looking and hearing now hold now that they're right grab that consent. As of late we have a boyfriend and a man and then I'm Mary in transit and I don't know him well and yet when your face success. We're planning baseless and no I think it's you know I have. It is aligned jump over she's seen that it has on. I have a hook up. This fantastic wedding planner. I. I a terrific. Taylor. Saying you're listening I'm so sorry could enact an outstanding printer. Everything you need invites. Food. Barney and he's in his the. Imagine giants these. Congratulations Kelly. And young star ready for a one.