Kelly Cheese Can't Sound Nice

Wednesday, August 16th

It's like Resting B!#*h Face...but for your voice. Can anyone help her come off nicer?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Es news. I don't Vinny. Let's try got to feel what we're. Focus and wine and one that you can help illustrate we hope some get help from the game if he's. Her voice yeah. Fertile. I teach her how to say things nicely. You can assist when that we're gonna need you are held here and twenties I helped Charlie sheen's JP. I would like you to say isn't save this sentence. Will you give me a call back after lunch. Jeff we give me a call back after lunch please Jane we you say we give me a comment after lunch. Did you have we come out to lunch Kelly. Yeah. I have is that I invents this scene I've I'm thinking kind of at times. Do you hear the difference in how JP's that and I used medal I JT repeated. Jeff he didn't call back after lunch and it's almost sings sunny. Happy it was little Kelly herewith are permanently salty sounds I do. Maybe gone through this before and and can offer her some help let me give you are trying to grow at 4042630941. If we can. It's not granting because. Even here know that your well intentioned our concern is we actually said to Kelli. When she goes out into the world's led by the world agreement leaves our little suite of studios here at the radio station I hate. Can you call went for example. Can you call David Davis act eastern Nikko. And get as reservists a couple of tables for the eclipse. Party. And issued a general problem and then we'll end with. Being not doing nicely but sometimes make sure enough it's because your tone should. C is done telling calling relate to their lives up Morgan you know come at a restaurant telling you this and that meant in customer service and there. I can do that mrs. Arnold conversation. Everybody else and it's like hey do you wanna make that phone call are reminded me. I think and that James say would you like meeting called David or do you wanna you know would you like me to call or you can talk. So I mean are you a hypothetical. I think it's that phone at the end like I think you Shannon JP. Come I think the ends MIT. And are you doing here is laying it. I. It might be. CN I was. It was regional I'm some Florida BJP is from Chicago and even mid western guys they're all nice it's not from anywhere. They see you're from upstate New York. That anybody should you guys are the salt CES yeah. As you would call it it's always winter were very chilly air skins always cracked were the ones he should be like a UConn MMI. But it may I. I'm I'm southern raise my dad's from Atlanta so. I feel like I've got the southern ridge which is always much sweeter widgets rude behind jet backpack. You realize that. I even know super direct. Kelly maybe do with a southern accent. And I Colin and back to earth are you can't imagine do you want me again and I found and then come and my column Mac Arianna Huffington and all right for a Fuller. She's 63094. When we just want Kelly to stop embarrassing herself. He captured thanks very detailed. Since the Fed can you force the last word up I'd alien music. Loving that mount editing manage everything SA Israel and his supporters say that what so what would you like me to save them. Well it's your lucky because I am still compassion my case yeah. BC ABC series again how they can jazzy B series and I don't mean nice and I keep me. I know Amazon's neighbors and I think. When Jesse thank. I hate to come into. He's always learning I think it. You can't do it Jessica is slowing. My answer this phone call I'm Jessica and Johns creek and a nice and Jessica Ewing counties are gonna I just talked directly to one another and suggestions heads out she's a speech problem so yes I just thinking you how many legs. I think you're trying to maybe magically go higher when you can't just tried out. Your eyebrow just so light it's okay. Helen. Yeah. Doing your your child every now you're flat aegis has so little vacation fat so. Wait you're right. You're going to write a little bit better and better and get a little higher and. Trying to say just give her something to say. I'm trying to under right now. And raise your eyebrows are needed I have Botox can raise you can make them may yeah. She won awards and slept as you want and where to raise your eyebrows to break up a little. You have to do it at the whole time. I think some raise eyebrows and I say. Try attacked I am driving it now. Yeah yeah. Hudson for a word usage period own nine for a breeze out of LA we'll. Need. Star in 941. Pick you're just started and every day and show this morning Kelly she's kind of Vista the disease. I just her please salty sounds in her voice so we we won here helping coaching her sister now. Here maybe Cherie are there for a -- 6309401. And we've got some laughs some great listener and I find Tre Kelley. Hey Lydia in Dallas opened the jet engines have. I'm thinking you actually you're talking he may god or it's I don't. Well sometimes I feel like I'm talking dogs and children is now. I had so we have. Heard so what was the original line go first I. JT the original line that we started this whole thing is when you give me a comeback or can I give you come back after lunch and Jeff can I get a call back after lunch hour when you say that. I'm Kelly and I want you visualize somebody really frustrated you got him yeah and I now there are elaborate at all. All done an iMac out on. That. It's it was a little like I pity you now the Alley hasty Yunnan. Slightly condescending and out ammunition to Larry it'll I'm. Schnauzer. Annan is. Legal only in a big gulf call acute come Geoff can I have talents. Miss me and live another suggestion was that child sits picture of what have you heard nieces or nephews it's you're geared your favorite on the hey I was on an idea lion Milloy only guy that got their minds. Let me much improvement Lydia you just see terror. I. Okay and whoever your meeting with ease their hats do occasionally drink water out of a ball. Awkwardly lift their dress over their head in public Shia Islam really do one of those two things. Your name. I Perry in Atlanta on line one I can help yeah hey Gary. And says that wreck hitting a couple hundred people. Yeah she's I know it's the town. I'm only ten. It's a fairy. On the whole aura it's a you guys to be out for like girls' night and Applebee's or whatever and having the best time ever and people look across the restaurant though. Who is he talking about eight weeks. I mean I Rachel NL analog in the south. Hey I am trying to need to hire. And the hulking man applied to answer since. Yeah it. I got a minute and a crowd of 20 years and I am and on and didn't and that's what I call. You I hate you should get after we don't appear to have been a white southern eggs. Ray have you wearing this south of navigating the south that you gotta kind of take a little added don't cheer. Don't want everybody to let the transplant and NATO's. Thank you and I like you rates they're got the same as your mama and them is the medicine. Gotta say yeah I think our kids what Joseph did this summer again saying this since February new summer. Rodney Leisle doesn't stand failing and. Well I made it. But then I'm told that I. Yeah it. Should in my mind I'm being secret differently by age and my waist band or her colleagues will engaged in glamour all I'm. I maps these. Only that I was aggressive the NL's I think we uses aggressive. Any you're being right right now Kelly hello Heidi. Yeah enough. I'm Don and children. And teacher and let Donna but yet you all adult the we'll get. I know engineers ever I want you to. Visualizing. Your head the most annoying parent that you had to deal with so far this school year okay. Fifty have hammer her in your head. Each start about it so. Last year. Ariane Georgia and got an OK now listen think about that person you're gonna look great at them and tell them something by. Late next to me it's a pop and so now look at the puppy and say it out. You. Say that at all trying to shut up or that true. The guard and and are urged agreement and I'm sure you and I have a great relations. I never did they did Jeffs. Good reason allegedly found that I don't believe her that's. Why you keep looking to my side that I'm watching him. Singing and my eyes Kelly planning mean. Says playing Don. Reach out even a scratch enemy and a year I think you can do that you got it all right Jen and Logan bill what's wrong with our. Nothing on her I think everybody in the Al Sadr code every big hump yard and right you know Derek. Like her and hear about it I'd rather have people go straight to me. You don't think. I. Am I use even worse it. Exactly players I can't thank you think the problem when that is Kelly's even mean to the people that she does like. And I can't believe I'm not whereabouts of play the song from Diana let itself. Then James gave me. It takes the bag now at a big gun. Oh good luck I'm denying he's. I really nice and people just can't tell the nice thing ever. Yeah they're not going to say whatever they come upon the lamb and. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.