Kelly Cheese Bday Song

Friday, September 23rd


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He's running Dennis it's helped arrest. Oh really yeah. Demonstrate our common overload office it's just been ginger on starring Betty Ford Lola. Yeah it's. It's not there. It's no big. Deal Kelly cheeses and a birthday you know this laughter. Huh huh. Well I'm just because it's the last moment. Yeah. And he's fine and grammar yeah that's not holding. She's a tends to go hard so it could be her last week. Do you go hard times. We just never Syria. Hide extradition and that Japanese yen. We mates on people's case. Nervous. Do you miss it as you know. Yeah in a few things I know some things I was. Are we live we've put together a song to celebrate. Kelly's shoes on now go back story and Kelly cheese mis. I she started working in radio in Atlanta or radio season doesn't exist. When she got that job. By. Writing and performing. A rap song via the win account has to be the next round. And on the a game an aunt and at that radio station at a business and so I'd Jen went to restored by uttered. Matt Wright and I've sent me a message that only add earth and gotta be apart. You did it jabs that. I now that was one of the sliding doors moment there on the spot and in a difference whore. And an affair as a friend of mine and that's or is this an over Little Lulu. And that's and that yeah yeah it's like that when options on endorsement and when all of money in the lobby and I knew you are public. And and then you know we had to sign people up solidly. Sudanese I don't. And man. I have they're really funny yeah I literally take different apps like. This sound weird but I just this entity we need to work and I haven't I like Italian name Adnan has boutique Kelly at ask how long it. I think it was it was weird in my front pagers who and it. I anyways so welcome to the shallow now he's the executive producer yours says she's not someone answer anymore and out of her little. At an hour rain songs for her on her birth. Hey I'm ready. And then and then and. It was cheese that's. I. She is the. Let's get and is now. Blasts both great and pretend he's Tony and it apparently cheese. Replaces those thinking it cannot eat and eat and certainly get married or how I need. Get ready for any of these hamburger parties. Seidenberg again. The aid. Yeah. Today shot. I so what are you going to celebrate. Got a group of friends Venus tonight in on a porch and then. Gonna go from children knots no real. Rihanna and an NN JULE 1 in the morning time. In the race is going to be letter there yeah a genie got me an explosive glitter and that I'm not gonna tell my friends have glitter in it. And I'm gonna we're gonna hit as. That's the rudeness thing you can. And in every Arie. Star in 941.