Keeping It In the Family

Friday, August 17th

Are step-cousins off-limits? 

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Our investor rescued so odd article in gray haired confessed to chase her brother's best friendship time. And chase goes on dude where's my cousin who spent a further my cousin kind of day here. Yeah Allen leads you are. Debating the merits of that isn't it loses that actually okay especially. If it's step because as I cannot believe how many people are on the fan and I did tell us that yes it is absolutely okay. For a large seas 630941. Here to the jet engine shaft so percentage rise Jan. How many of our minds and let out. 100%. Claudia. In Jonesboro while go to the gym and then jam. And Lou. Ariane. And is kissing cousins OK Claudia did. I I really you don't. I my mom at that age where I didn't put my mom 'cause then you might step. Wait one more time and does not say it can't come out. And ignite a bad. Day when they're eighteen years. Agent who might not. Your idol I'm kidding I'm Soledad yeah. Well I only good and a is plotting a terror and caring and coming in mountain division. Good idea or bad idea. Act and I happen to mention the fact that I keep it there and quite each. And I acre owner told me. People get yet. I think and it they. I see so you are graze together and then kissing cousins is weird if you just meet as adult cousins yelled dad. And I love mine site right and I cry golf Jackie intent. A longer under the shadow. And my god that I want to then I'll bring. You wouldn't mind and then on. Eight it engaged. To hurt other. Where they raised together. And high school name and high school. Each though. And they live together and all that time high school. I. That reserves are easier than UK. Yeah. Yeah. He's against letting me I don't. There's always out one hand million if there's always that and the handling. Alone Victorian voters rings. Cool. Guys that would have we've your boyfriend. Okay. My boyfriend and I my yeah I don't Mary hid dad sister and Leah are no longer. I haven't heard I don't Rory and Lee had any other urgent. So you guys used to be stabbed cousins. Where you went you know dating while you're a step cousins. Now I'm now and an easy Simon you're voted in and he had been previously married. And and oh lead I gotta think they like and that we can't let me and I are. Now you know this is get a force us to do I met Monday on the show is. How do we that we can get into that messed up family trees I messed up sanitary ware we also hear we've we've notepad. You diagram because that's a voluntary comparisons like the heat why has C I'm bending in Atlanta. And I need you my uncle. Oh wow. O Lang. I heart breaking get out. I. I in my area about a divorced when I lived beyond my mom married and can't let a good bit younger than her. And they've been married for 25 years and you married his brother. Yeah I hear them again and his brother you met your sad that and then he met his brother and you relying don't mind you I'm not you have later better. You have an uncle husband so yeah. Even more weird could be an uncle grandpa. Apparently you don't like my kids might make my and you have children. We have two children are doing it my dear uncle. Or is he their group health. All hoping. It. I cannot read amazing I love it cell lines and rest up this weekend be here is we're gonna exit a lot of phone calls on Monday we're gonna use a lot of brain power for the finals we take okay now this we had the jet engines on Monday's going to be like Ancestry.Com. And I. Yeah like it and says she downtown look more like it died of cards you treated him. Well I am feeling you're supposed to say in sensory dark times. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.