Keep Moving Forward

Friday, September 15th

It's been five years since Jeff's trainer changed his life, and his story might just change yours too. 

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I'm exaggerating when I save my life changed. I was my eight years ago. Flight Siri like there's no way I look at everything changed and I was in such and such are rods and so's doctor. Stick. Three words. I when I heard them so again we're able to change my life and stuff. I know they've inspired a lot of people and they might inspire you and I wanna tell you what there's three where's our can tell you this story behind him even if it just helps one person remains an act. You have to know the background first you have to know where I was seeing my life so that I can take you and this a little room. Where is a woman talking about riding a bike. When she said the three words like well. I had I'm been going for a few months through a divorce and it wasn't. By far the hardest thing I ever done I had been married. For almost nine years an eight or nine years at that point and we'd been together for for twelve or thirteen so it was fourteen I think so. It was a long relationship coming to an end in divorces is terrible. I'm I'm so envious of people who say that they are able to get to force and had it go quickly and problem free because. My didn't feel like that so I hit it sucked and when IE. Have to go when it went my reaction and my response to. Trauma like that or drama. Is to a whole lot to like withdrawal. Down low on turtle I can't bring back and in my shell alone alone. And I don't want frames I don't wanna go loud I don't wanna pay yeah I think deep down inside I'm I'm an introvert. I think that's part of what comes of being an only child you just handle things. I yourself and it's also a fear of failure soon will be your divorce is admitting failure. And I don't ego and I don't like to fail so I don't wanna if I'm in a place French Elian wanna show my face to anyone and now it's just. If you've if you've gone through it you've been continued down that know what your pages. Yells at you weird things in the in the casket. They're wrong. So I I can move data is obviously the house and I was living in and I was in this this Condo and and Bucs head and I would. Literally order Chinese food. Or pizza. On Monday. And I would eat let. Of probably the border two meals a day here on any of that maybe one or 21 at home and I would the people who live in the fridge until was gone and then I would order Chinese food in the Chinese food live in the fridge until was gone and then I would do the piece again and that let. I mean that was it and I wasn't going out I wasn't hanging out with friends I wasn't having people over I was just like. Hold out and block and it sucked. And an opportunity. Came along for me to. Trained for and is participating in a triathlon. Which is a race where you swim and then you're at night and then you. And I had never ever ever. And ver. John any challenging physical activities. In played little baseball when I was younger but like. But nothing as an adult now. Out and it was through CNN that it was a unique opportunity to be apart of this yeah and they were denied they're they're gonna foot the bill if they can follow along with my journey. And part of the story was what was going on in my personal life and it was just this weird thing how it. All came about where where I ended up being a part of this fit nation team. Is it in presented itself to where I say yes to doing it. Before I even thought about saying no was it a higher power said. Before I had it is normally I would say and think and analyze and only time was due to learn. The time on night eating rights are your marriage under and that would talk myself out of it but somehow the yes came out and I thought the physical transformation. Late. Learning that says swam properly. And learning to write a bite properly and learning to Ryan and becoming physically it would be the that. The goal at the end result. Wasn't. That and result was this lesson that I learned in the middle of training. When I was sitting in a room weave through my. Trash flying coach and she was talking about transition. And transition. And in that sport is exactly what it sounds like it's the period of time between. Getting out of the water and getting on the right. In and getting them off the bike and getting out on the road course has you've got to change your shoes in your mind and and you cut and dry off from the swim in them get ready to bike enough I can get ready to run and so there's. Think you have to do women here. So were sitting in this room that that other people on the team and and coach April she's sitting in the room and she says. There are two ways that you can handle transition. You can and nick. Either do it like I do it and she's a professional travelling Jesus train for iron man's and Kona and the big ones and stuff so you can do it how I do read she's like my goal is to get. Out of the water and on the play course as quickly as possible so she has her shoes Ari clicked into our white petals she has her energy. Gel like it's gonna have an energy bar or something for pretty attrition tapes to the handlebars or sunglasses are in a moment. Everything set up ahead of time she comes out of the water. And jumps on her by eight. And off she goes literally in tournaments while or less I mean that's. Rich south that let Satan flies gone a while she's running and she says the other way you can transition. Is. You can come out of the watering can walk to your bye week. Have a towel sitting there dry yourself off put socks on if you don't wanna ride your bite barefoot if your rate about blisters or whatever haven't had your nutrition whatever it is. Prius sunglasses I make sure helmets buckled and then walked to the start of the white line we'd your bike. I'd rather than run with that you know walk there are so that. You have time to kind of catch your breath and get mentally ready for biking you can hop on in you can take ten minutes in transition of she said neither of those is wrong two minutes is fine ten minutes is wrong in this is that this is the point where my life changed she said. But you always have to keep doing something you always have to you keep moving forward. As long as you're doing something that keeps you ready for the next part of the race you are moving forward. Don't stop keep moving forward especially. In times of transition. And I stepped I can't tell the story without getting choked up because. As soon as she said that. I realize that was what my life right now I I was in a huge time of transition. And I had stopped. Like I had made the decision. To not do something every day to move one inch closer to my future. And it all changed when I can't remember the rest of the lesson about. Transition in our what we talked right after that because I was like oh my god this is why I'm here and security here that sentence. Even in times of transition. Especially. In times of transition. You have to keep moving forward. To stay in the race. And it was like a lights. And literally from that moment forward everything is different and I shared this story I can't tell the story in half because. The first time I told people reached out to me and said that. Oh my god I'm stuck and actress changer for me and and and whatever it is you're dealing with if your. If you're smoking and you smoke a pack today what's at twenty cigarettes and smoke nineteen tomorrow you don't have to quit cold Turkey right now. Go few days only spoke nineteen underrated if you're trying to get physically fit you can't run. Run. For one minute. But one minute because if you run from one minute today. That's one minute more than you ran yesterday. In all these tiny steps eventually add up in in my case all these tiny steps. Added up to sit completing a trap. So. How do you keep. Keep keep moving forward. You know when that lesson wash over you and you realize on my ass is a metaphor for my life right now. How do you put that into action. From me. When IE. Neither a reminder look when something happens I feel stuck I am I know he's just started literally a baby's. Yeah like they're you know there's times are just it's stressful weather's. Work related or you know last year was such a busy year with starting the show and Reese can you say can and getting married they're definitely times I'm like I this is overwhelming. And all you'd you'd use you just commit to doing some us one step one foot. One foot in front of the other things have to be aired you have to run the marathon tomorrow if you put one foot in front of the other today you're one step closer to the finish on that. So I. First goal is recognizing your stock yeah that's sometimes the first thing is you can feel it and you don't know why you feel that way. But just eggs knowledge and I'm stuck and I've got to do sending me get unstuck. And that's something. I think for me this is writing this matter resonated with some people for me. The enormity of what we get me and stuck kept me stuck. As the realization. That as long as I was doing something to move forward. Then I was doing something. Like. I didn't have to run an entire mile I just had around one minute. Because I couldn't do that yesterday and then one minute here a minute 30 AM and two minutes now and I also remember grandma you know meaning for me it's one tiny little steps you're trying to eat healthier. Unity chain you have to go all cal all the time tomorrow. You know it change your breakfast if you're trying to quit smoking you have to have cold Turkey tomorrow but commit to smoke and one less cigarette per week into your band is here. They're trying to quick drink and you have to stop drinking for the rest your life but see if you can go Saturday. That track you are trying to have a beer like regular beer half old tools that is gators had a bad idea cast careful or jewels there's never got to I check how. I have one of those loans pregnant I was like that this is nine dollars it says is dumb. A high severity as is the fifth anniversary which is I share that story awesome keep moving keep moving forward especially in times of transition. Keep moving forward. He's for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.