Keep Moving Forward

Tuesday, April 12th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually are because we can't do it without yeah. It's world war so. Before Andre thanks panic. Is showing you 41. Keep on moving forward has become among intern not just for you Jeff but for a lot of people hash tag KMF. Is trending all the time it's your motivating statements really. If you had a mission statement for your life it would be those three words keep moving forward and it really stems from. A cool story that all of our posters and. Yeah I am and I forget about that they've. Did keep moving for a thing is fairly new. Percentage wise and in my life and it only kind of became the mantra in the middle of 2012. So the back story was in I'll tell you this going into it. As a share this story the whole key moving forward movement as it pertains to me. Is one of the coolest things that I've ever. It is ever come out of the radio career memory in career. Because and what is keep moving forward I mean it's while it's it's it's baby steps in in here's the back story. In originally came about when in 2012. I had just gone through a divorce and it was black ms. black you're down that he announced his boss. Training. Emotionally draining IQ and through a divorce and it's awful an Asian bat and I was living in Condo in and I'm Buckhead. And news. I just wasn't going out with friends I was literally ordering like I'm Monday night Chinese food and like Tuesday night a large pizza and then that would be manuals. For the rest of the week just leftovers and he'd compete in the air when it surges block. And CNN. Had this program called fit nation where they would select people that participate in triathlon and who had minimal. Athletic ability they would or experience or experience or they would pick people who needed kind of a life reboot. And who. When they are not. Athletes tend to prove that you can do you can do anything in there and I get to do with some really really. Amazing people like there is a girl on my team who was a softball player lifelong soffa player named. Her senior year of college she buster like playing softball and that getting infected and amputate her leg. So she was kind of lie and they wanted to. Show her hey you can. You can do this and she ended up finishing a trap as some do in this triathlon training and now I've never. Played baseball for one year in high school other mattered and that athletic and around sports I don't do things that involved sports. So apparently you weren't a fan of sweating. Price and that's a good way to put it and I don't know why I said yes to it but who in retrospect the reason I say yes is because of the words keep moving forward. And there is there's a point in my triathlon training. Where we were discussing transition. And attract a line if you don't know is where you swim on a distance. Then you biking distance in and you run the distance. Transition is considered the periods of time between the swim in the bike in the in the bite in the run. And I was sitting on the floor. Album and my coach coach April was talking about transition. And she said there are two ways to get through transition. You can either do what I do you. And fly through it like you can have your. Shoes already clipped to the bike. Yet your sunglasses like already taped to the top of the helmet and you come out of the water in you get on your bike in less than two minutes. That's one way to get this nation to save time to say times. Make sure your time is good and then the other way to do transition is this kind of sit down dry off your feet. Put on you know somewhat put on your sunglasses make sure everything's all set with your by taking time and you can get through transition and five minutes or six minutes or seven minutes or even longer and then this is the moment seriously that my life changed she said. As long as you are doing something you are still in the race never stop. Because no matter how slow you're going as long as you keep moving forward you are still getting closer to the finish line. And what she was trying to do is reinforce this point. That don't just sit down and your little stool here transition area and takes him deep breaths and just sit there because at that point you stopped racing. Just do something try off your feet deep and energy jail. Clean out your sunglasses use something that gets you closer to that finish line in in those words no matter how slow you go. Is long as you keep racing. You are getting closer to the finish line and it was this weird. Pits and being intelligent about thinking about it is was this weird. Up at any moment where that all of a sudden went from being about this race that I had to finish to my entire life. Do everything Gillick a little bit quiet her quieter and although outside noise is only dad went away and he could just focus on her words cutting through. And age I just realized at that moment that by not being social. Not really lying and the friends who are trying to reach out to me. Not being healthy not taking the traffic on training seriously. It all of that stuff. I realized. I was taking myself out of the race Dan's. It just changed at that moment and every single day I made that commitment to be a better person even if that was only. 1% better even if that was only a tiny little bit. And so I came out and I'm on the radio it did old radio show and I told that story and I said. You know is long as you made one tiny adjustment. You are getting closer to the finish I knew I'd be in a few days later I started emails. From people who say I've been trying to quit smoking for. Ever and I just made a commitment to smoke. To less cigarettes a day not quit now cold Turkey just two less cigarette since you a little bit better every day and in a week I wanna smoke to us and we commencement to us. And it was working for people people read these missions to lose 203040. Pounds now by. I'm just gonna lose one pound I wanna lose one pound this week and when I lose a pound animal a focus on these and another one. And I mean pouring in I wanna become a runner so I'm gonna go for a ten minute walk today and gonna try to run twenty seconds of that one. Because that feels doable yet that feels like you can accomplish it and then you just build upon Matt and daddies when a guy's big lofty goals. It just feels insurmountable if you can't get their seating Beatles stuck. Well paralyzed and in looking at the big goal. And if there and that's exactly what is so many people have these changes they wanna make in their life whether it's save a ton of money. Or quit smoking or lose weight or have a better relationship of their family and their like there's no way I can have. 2500 bucks in the bank by the end of the year. But if you save just five bucks a week. What you have at least 250. And then beginning get closer and closer near 10% closer than you are. Yeah I mean right so that's always if you just smoked two less cigarette today guess why he spoke to a senator today and you're gonna smoke. 700. Less cigarettes over the course of a year. Yes that's 350. Acts right I think Saturday night in the map trade at 35 packs of cigarettes that's three cartons of cigarettes less the that's significant. If you lose one pound a week you'd be fifty pounds later in the year you run. Thirty seconds a day you're gonna be around her before you know it. So how do you keep that motivation going for keeping moving four because it's tiny goals. Don't burden yourself trying to be completely different person don't burden yourself with trying to to lose fifty pounds. Lose to. Because then you only need to lose 48 and after the two you feel like you can keep. Doing another tale that's what I did to your other tea you can lose two pounds easily. Everybody listening. Can lose two pounds easily and so instead of losing if you need to lose fifty pounds. Wanna EU which is super difficult. When you lose two pounds which is really easy just do it 25 times. That's kind of the whole mentality going into unstuck if you want Iran half marathon thirteen miles if you wanna run that far. Want you start just by running a third of them. No I'm saying right. And so keep moving forward became this monitor for you and you feel like is it something that you look at every day every every day or reinforce every day. Everyday. Thug of a cent. Hey Sarah welcome to the shaft. Pete at I did they tell you. Thank you Boris here because our. You have such a platform. Jew. You let people hear this and what are they now or even affect people. Today in joining me out. It's the thought that someone who who helped to change me that her last year and that moving forward getting better every day it's something that I actually. It's part of the motivation that I do every morning now and some that you should highlight. And I. Forever grateful for that person and so the fact that you have that ability in. You don't now I don't mean that from the day they change something just because of this by emitted from the radio on the way to work well. Called a user thank you Sarah for crying I'm just curious what you do every morning. He says it's part of your routine every morning. Every day there's I'd do a motivational. Either I eight Sergio motivational all. Moving on YouTube in got to mean something to let it started and then start my day out what I think it. And I had I think that I can be thankful for that day. And then I'd kind of certainly keep in front of me each day something I can do to be better that day that I let the big four. That has had a lost tiny little tiny though I them we can spend a lot of our life feeling like the grass is greener on the other side or somebody has an easier somebody's life has a better or. You know it seems to be human nature to kind of focus on the things that are wrong things that are bad. But I think Hughes and keep moving forward. That'll keep you focused on what to be grateful for and stay positive yet tops them so thank you served for letting me sheds a really it truly is those three words there are Aaron and I think that the greatest. The greatest thing attacking the media and radio ever thanks.