Karaoke Gone Wrong

Monday, April 4th


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This late fees on this dog and it's. Melissa have reached out to jam with a bit of a dilemma. She's been dating this guy for a couple of weeks and he invites her to karaoke. And she goes and he's here horrible thing he thinks he's great everybody in his life keeps telling him he's a great synergies like. To my birth is but it's on the true or not and we like we got to hear this first so we've biter to karaoke. This past Saturday night for this in time and she went. Recorded him so we're gonna hear exactly how he did. I'm coming up later on in Asia but we wanted to introduce you to Melissa and on C could hear the whole story between the two of them. And this is doubly shocker because it started out is a friend he was in the friends down after that I admired and then he email and company asked her out in this is what won their first day. His parents were there all of his friends were there was like karaoke is it a big deal this DBK is. He thinks he's so he's got a future thing for elevenths 05. Melissa and and and get to the bar. Settling in and let Melissa tight from there. He's the first on it all that for karaoke. Is seen him very well on everybody's little regard for life and can because like he goes. Staying open or now. I don't know he'd pound bass or what but he is what I oxy. And own the horrible. There is no way to describe it. Other than hey my back and sliding moment which he doesn't negate karaoke. She had no where near the front of the song nowhere you're O I mean it. Question. For his ego state do you just pretend like he was a good thing. I look around you like giving him on. People are just being out in anyway. Well I'm sitting here like I need another drink about a bargain to drink. On he come around he look like piping bag and act and I simply say it was a great song so. You think women tired joke here he's horrible. Why are they telling him to keep going. Either the people that end up on American Idol. You know. Yeah he's done as well aware. We always ask the question on American Idol who gates to. In front of the judges and who gets to perform. When they're terrible who are those people on this of people late this guy who. Awful if everybody and she said everybody's in everybody and their life says hello you know great. Definitely go down and saying for the American I'll definitely try to get and the voice to many yes people in their life yes sometimes you just need harsh reality. So she did film ham we have a short clip we're gonna play it it's definitely worth listening. So we head conversation with the Melissa last week who is any relationship. A new relationship with a guy who broke out of their friends down. And is now. A man that she's dating and one of their first stage is to a karaoke bar. He was saying in his heart out of that karaoke bar. And also told her how into singing he was his friends were there supporting him is a regular. Everybody that I was and am golf why you're Opsound. And then she heard him sing and she told us it was horrible match so awesome. So she was trying to figure out if this weekend when she went out with them. What is she in and be honest defendants on the truth should she even to know one another day to karaoke versions kind of embarrassed to be your pennies thanks about a really don't know. Just go with they'd go and recalled pet because we wanted to hear. But he really doubt about it she's being harsh and does she sent us a clamp. A short clip it's only about twenty seconds on end you have not heard this yet right well she senate Timmy but I wanted to hear for the first time on the ears I only heard the very. Beginning clip of it so I heard his first couple words. This didn't. Add a tank in the first ordered so I was like you know what a minute here for the first time on the show tomorrow I'm did you send us along will pull audio but I won't listen. Now you haven't loaded in the system so I'll play afraid to hear a section the question is do we do we. Put this up but and the FaceBook page and let people give. Feedback. Or is that too harsh. Oh feedback on the scene of feedback on whether she should allow it to not what are we asking the war while the going out with a image that the issue the issue is if she asked him about the singing. So we need a collective. That's an acceptable karaoke sing okay all our Z. I okay. So this is him we really knows naming him wanted to know his name and she sent us video we're not gonna post. The video of this is just as opposed the audience the audience don't embarrass this yes he loves his singing career he definitely has ago to our risk is is is another Garth Brooks and hit it. All right. The return to read your face can. That's that's right they're robot harmonized. Only my guy she would email me she's and he practiced all week for them. Even practicing all week. You'd think he'd play. Mark on the back. No I. Hey James can do you remember the sub. Yeah he won. Com oh no way. And it says the answers I am. But I'm also not any karaoke bar. Right trying to sink in the whole crowd and right out on the radio could render and it is a joke I know it's bad heat that's the problem with him he need thinks it's great if you re you know brains he begins very in his captaincy that it's grades. I don't and I pray right. She should just be honest with ours usually go the other direction how good they have different governments want to keep updating this is key if she keeps dating him she got beyond. You have to do almost anything. Is it any different then then starting to meet somebody and going hey year's terrible Dresser for our. Think totally different more pride attached to singing imagine. Guys are pretty amicable when he wanted to change their outfit putts change with the wanna do for their life at their passion. Might feel more harsh and it kind let's put things that. And everybody ought to be agenda probably could. And me. Okay. Good kind of bad.