Justin Wants to Know about His Brother's Relationship

Friday, August 19th


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It's Jesse James shell. John and it. Where's this relationship going is that segment we do on the share nowhere. People call up the Telus about the relationship that they have and then we call the other person and find out. This relationship going normally Jenn does all the uncomfortable talking but because she is at home dealing with at the hospital rather. And dealing with res today. Kelly Cheney's it's the ambulance and that's news and not adjusting to achieve. It doesn't aria. I'm an area I'm and I'm gonna say you're on us because EU lines you know where your brother's relationship is going. OK so can you tell us a little bit about it. Sure so. My little brother Daniel. And it is girlfriend Megan. Have been seeing each other poorer. Just a little over five years now. Yet so it's it's been a long relationship routes. It's about three years ago. The annual proposed. And she says now. I should let him know when she was ready to get married. So it's been three years since then and it's you know that the Stanley thank. Right term and were happy that she's you know part of family but it sped and that's been three years and and you know she. She. Makes good money. Product like you know Daniel. Daniel's death clinic paid for the Condo that they abandon. And I think maybe takes care costs you know most of those holes and maybe some of her pills are now richest. We'd like to know host at some point this is actually gonna go. To where he wanted to go anyway. Have you had a conversation we've Daniel about this. I mean we talk about it and he just broke me that it it's I mean there's not really much he can keep their needs she did work. Continue on the pat he's gone and I know he doesn't want and then only browser. You want us to call her and ask her. Does he know your doing this. Now now it has no I'm doing this so they beat not. I mean I guess you could say I'm baffled me yeah I mean I don't know touched weird. So ladylike Meghann. I'd like to like meg and I am how many. Problems under my cap just the problems so it's like you know it's just the longer this goes on tomorrow or the Stanley. Just wonders what happened like totally replaced Larry and that there was a couple months in the end it's. When it opens session here is ready what those reasons as you Tony ninth. I'm not exactly. Not exactly. I you know iPad IP is but I mean everything it I don't and I'd so you want us to call Madge and answer game. A UN as the call mag game and tell her in the U. Wanna know where her relationship with your brother is hated. Because it is you want to be able to advise him on whether and when I can tell this far but you basically want to be able to advise him on whether or not. He should move on this life wars stick it out for this girl. And they lived together yes. I. We will make that phone call and by we I mean Kelly she's wont make that phone call. Here in three minutes thank you for bringing this to you as your name is Justin correct. Yes thank you for bringing this to is Justin we will put you on hold and that we come back Kelly she's. Calls your brother's girlfriend whose party turned him down from marriage ones. And find out if she is totally interested. In your brother lord she's disease and yeah now from it then don't read or write this Jessie Shen shell sell and.