Justin Bieber Won't Take Pictures with You

Wednesday, May 11th


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You know Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall we because we can't do it without you. Lots of world war so. Before Andre thanks Ronald. It's still not before one I'm about to say the most ridiculous sentence that I have ever spoken since being on star 941. That's going to be in the oh. You know a very. Erratic at eight. If you're not familiar with Justin Bieber here is a little bit of a Thong sorry. All right as I feel if I. So Justin Bieber. Posted something on his instant Rampage. Last tonight. That I you re posted because I found it comical found it to be a joke. And people are responding. Defending this guy. Came and I can't wrap my head around. Him a little bit about our history with Bieber when we were at the other radio station we get to meet him when he was light. Twelve. We thought that it was before because he was very not well now nobody you know I knew who he was he at the end pose a couple of things on YouTube and and discovered by usher yep. And we kept us. Neutered discovered Eminem brought usher and his partner. And when we did the first interviewing him it was only because. Usher was coming with them but I doubt we get passionate view that we unity that we can't talk to lift it this Bieber can't let it. Let this beat her I thought anyway so we know animal long time and because of that I always supported him I don't like the hometown teens you know came up from Atlanta and I always wanted and we won it. Support. But he exits. He wrote last night this post. If you happen to see me out some and you can call in now if you lie if you wanted to defend him I've. I'm curious as to what the defenses. For a 474194. If you happen to ceemea out somewhere and know that I'm not gonna take a picture I'm done taking pictures. If he's gotten to the point that people won't even say hi to me or recognize me as a human I feel like an animal. Mean like a beaver. Yeah. It. I wanna be able to keep my sanity I realize people will be disappointed. But I don't know anybody picture. People who say applaud your album no he got my album he got paid for and com. Does it say fine for a winner be CBS and photo. Here's the thing is I think that Bieber has lost sight of the fact that he is an artist in ways that you. Succeed is an artist is with your fans yeah. But I also agree that under the famed spotlight that's going to be a hard life and no matter where it goes out to dinner at Ted. Wherever grab a coffee again it's got cameras following him and he's got fans following him whatever but I feel like he should take steps to protect himself. More privately and I have to come out publicly an insult has been like that right. Like maybe if he gets sick of seeing people he can go to Andrews basement and climb under the pile of money that those people I'm. And I height for a little while. Higher more toxic team unit and I mean there are people more famous than Justin Bieber who. Awaits us. And usually I would imagine that apple is relief relief. Super famous and asked for pictures everywhere Al figured. Amanda and Lawrence value added that claimed that deeds. ARK. I'll. We got defendant. Our law I'm I'm I'm actually saying all I am a little Canadian with the speed up and defend them. I feel like having a mental break down. And start. And good support system around and work out of Iran on by. I'm I'm not and I am on the disparity in talent that these are bad. And there are you vipers like screaming like bloody murder he would be like I was even surprised. Here's the thing. He is he is an outstanding performer he puts on an outstanding live show he's extraordinarily. Talented I don't know if you've noticed this but here rents are any for one we play the songs from time to time. I was amazed. So. I I gates right so like I appreciate his talent we use team do that I can only kind of thing. Because he grew up in the spotlight but. I don't think of him. That I don't think he thinks it's okay. I think he he feels justified in telling people can't you picture him. In life so publicly Reynolds let me see if this sounds familiar to any. Non you know work until 915. In only. But that countries like disagree with your statement is now 'cause I'm millennial. But I do agree the jet. He has put his life out there and he continues and he does all of this means loud about it. And he's out there about it whereas. That Brad and Angelina or even Justin Timberlake and users can parable to yes kept his life private and some lies you know when Britney Spears were dating they were young and happening and it was blown out. But in today's you know social media world when you put yourself out there like that and you accidentally you act. And and you sell tickets for 300 dollars are shallow and then nose bleed sections you should hug some fans get a better team. You know get a better PR representative or whatever it is and market yourself and a good way of its price hey there's a way to find. A man days in the town please talk some sense and everybody. Oh my couldn't that I infuriate me know and and why aren't. You learn when I look at you type picture you air. One and leaned on him at war and the what are and he can you know law. Act wanna make sure you let out and the public aren't. Mike take a picture. And what as a people defending. They're saying that I mean he used his pride and he insulin means. And he needs to invade and it's okay that he's asking for this room to where he. Well I've prepared a statement I'd like to read it to the end and came. That oppose this on instruments. OK so as my statement. Will someone please ask me for a picture. Anyone. Even if you don't know who I am. I don't have an album or anything. But I'd like to pretend I'm crazy popular and people asking me for pictures hubs that tremendously. Warning. I'll probably look awkward in the picture. It's gonna have to show it to anyone. Just ask me for him to please help me out. Please. Thank you. Dollar. Yes John we just.