JP's Voicemails to Heidi

Tuesday, July 25th

JP left Heidi voicemails during is Bachelor Party, and they're so hilarious that she sent them to us!

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All. JP's fiancee Heidi gave us the drunken messages that he left first term. So when he was celebrating his bachelor party this past weekend. Nobody has heard them but me and I will tell you it is or radio goal there. I'll wait to hear these are iso JP. Spent this past weekend in Chicago. We is twenty friends. We've when it is when supposedly like a little celebrations and single and bachelor party yeah I got after it there's a lot of beer we learned yesterday that his dad came along for part of the bachelor party festivities which. I can throw a flag and you called Soledad but this. They're so fed. Right an icicle and so can't seem to have replied I was going. Hellman and it was like then the real chaired a patent guys that I threw a flag when I found out that Heidi went to Chicago wins him but that was for also a different reason. Yeah a bridal shower chair bridal shower that JP's family threw for her erratic in new pesos so sweet that was okay. But JP is. Nauseating. Lee in love with height. They are one of those couples rail like alana says sticky sweet and so the first question that we asked was. Are you gonna see high eighty than native your bachelor party. And this. You didn't and is not you stayed away which we were all very impressed crowded view yes or. But after the show yesterday Heidi reported that I am. You're physically able to stay away but you couldn't resist calling. While like once and I think maybe. Several times throughout the course of the day and she is send test her password and we have all of this message. Just so you know. There are six of them. Yet it. They get worse as they go so this is the bag beginning of that we're going in chronological order here pretty much at that. Here's the first one. I see your earlier. And let's talk about that for a second I Indians JP. Look I don't think that I think that's a waste of words like she should know by you know since getting million active yeah okay acres is easy ABBA. You're there. And that the other thing aren't at our. Local. I'm Eric and Panama on. Who. I. Us. That's it this they're just trying to punch me in the Wiener the entire. The film clip. Message America doesn't like me in the kitchen trying to have a Tillman numbers is that. Don't. There's 10:10 PM ladies and gentlemen 2 PM party started at eleven fact is message number two. So. And it gave me about it this make you. I would not be party but and there are a couple of circle cold air. And somebody they're not sure I'll brush and it would add. Tied at it I. Really prayer list this. Year. 400 dollars an hour tests you've just not here or let's get right to tighten he belt that never act. Who is that Minnesota buddy Doug I'm. I doubt of course trying to throw me under the bus big dead and. Streets and against. The right. Now we get a little bit later on in the neck. And then it is not out here and so on and see who youths and Colin I need. And then it did not mean Amanda and the. I advocate and it. It. But. Or let out. All of their country and it floated are prepared. Street did not at all or like jelly you. Attractive and new returned it 33. On the streets. And and shot up your. Cap and I look at this view but I'll admit last internally from the shell. Need Steve. He's no he's the coldest man I shout out to Peter who is the other guy. I'll go he said you're supposed to be the best man in my wedding and does it landed any tension and types yes it co bass man I was. I. And this one pay very careful attention I relate to this next message. Play pay attention to where he says he is at the beginning. The messages one minute 12 on CNN pay attention to where he is and second one where he is and second sixty. And that is at hand. Ed Baird who creates. It's about 848. And I've heard quite a bit at a lower. Yeah that's an update. And now I'm trying to issue that get their act out brochure and it being Greg now. I atmosphere. You can being here. And our. Separate. In the main the main. We're going to be spending direct her life and there. And I now way. I had a massive amount outlaw not bullets you. And round out our our news. And I love you. Site. And I don't know or France. They're suing RJK okay. I'll bump done. And tears. Mixed. JP is in Toronto came at bats learn Knight bachelor party night messages. To his fiancee Heidi continue. Wind but dial. And with some tears that I will be coming to Iowa after used to make fun of JP but I think every woman listening is gonna follow. Off we do have this on Mendez tickets for you and backstage passes as a comment here and just minutes after he we hear JB's play south a lot of these. Voicemails. Our co starring. Your body did. There's a grain of salt. The best system via very Doug is a I'd tell you is I'd code best manner viewers tuning in my freshman year high school swimming we are in speed nose cough I dug I give you some dog treats. And it did not mean I had the. So I advocate it. It. Oh. Or read out. Off and archery and it floated are better. And all we're playing jelly you. I sent him in your return to hit any. Jewelry box to. Your. Cobra plan. Shot up your. Cap. You went out and they went out last internally from the help. I've. Did you do this. Guess. The funniest thing like when you are that many Beers and dog treats in your beer is high comedy still pretty funny ran out. I got served great there by your side education at the time Ron. Ed Baird me. It's about 848. And I've heard quite a bit. Slower. I know guys who remember the first half of the messages. The next TJP the first one appears to be about oh okay because it's just a lot of noise. And the second line. Is gonna give all the fields. I would predicts. At least June meanwhile. I had the but for the button dial anyone but Allen is now can make it Democrat gazette just gonna make you. Look like a dog and here's a high pitch sound. Off. Oh. It isn't a lot I know this. Organ. Well it. Start. At home. Holds should let you do this to. Good good good. Yeah me. It's as though yeah. On the ground I called. The parking deck he spoke on my face and her. And is ready to really understand why Heidi who loves her some JP idea. So that's very naive to bother me and alcohol. And dog treats in your beer. Cooling your face against. Comforting. Touch of a curb. You call Heidi. And you leave it. This message. Please. Read mutations. It says here. Are moderate her career your program note this. Alison looking at eat out check apartment everything excited about it you bought patent. It is just so greedy and I would mean they've been tried and feed you block enhance. You wouldn't. Be surprised anybody. Who have been surprised there only twenty dollars you. Good to break it out it. Then thank you. I'll be home. It's. I mean yeah. Love you could not let alone gee there's. She didn't want him badly and he without getting wasted and eating dog treats with. Gets tough. Iran is adds that he isn't the most adorable unlike our current and they have good. I hear them. Because what it happening was this she went to lids and we're both members and share the same card. So once she swiped the card to get the points or whatever that thing was pops up Panama. My email and I'm like I'm black hat who's got my follows hi ED. Those. After you had about sixteen years in two days of this and just got it right the seals those. It's so sweet. Those U I 110 married stereo and I look I want them yeah so closely that one hurt my pride a little bit but it. I don't take anything back and I love her very much and you just heard why. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James one star not before one and it.