JP's Inspirational Story Behind The Picture

Thursday, March 23rd

JP achieved his life dream, and his #StoryBehindThePic will no doubt inspire you to do the same.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jessie. We've posted the pictures for this segment it's. The story behind the picture is that there's an innocent in JP is about sharing this story. That he says. Is almost as important to him. As. Hayes wedding proposal. It's right at the I'm like you got to do got to face the fades yeah you gotta say it's number two on the list because of its even close number one I each of them here. Pentagon an amendment if it may be hash tags single. There's been so. So JP is gonna share this that this story and I scroll through quickly yesterday and I don't like to see the picture. You for a on the air and Alois I was JP standing next to a man. JP. Is six foot three. Bald. Dresses like super casual is like an understatement but he always. He always looks like he can be running into the jam make him at a midnight convenience store around and he's done and sand Ericsson which is a perk of radio he drag you were suit yesterday and we had to go to states MB of break. Casual did you go to scroll through and see this picture where he's got a jacket on a full had a hair. You look like you're in a boy band. Well that's that's generous I'll take that of us takes a one Beers and Backstreet Boys at school what is a rousing girls. You Iraq the beard and the bald head up. But in this photo you've got to go to seed very chiseled goatee. Lets us. Our guys don't I'm not target about one direction and whatever I'm talking about what color me bad. Come to our little school did so don't let. Isn't shouldn't there because I was scared and I was gonna have a double chin on television I'll hold off on that shot is from me. On wheel of fortune that's pets JPEG steer those shaking pats Ajax and at the end though. Think years' standing in front of the yellow. Andy you've got 5600 dollars underneath your name and you have a weird look on your face dude you're on wheel of fortune. Guilty as charged. Oh. All right let's hear the story be. Kind of picture his nine years ago my lifelong dream of being on the show wheel of fortune came true. And boy was it a hard road to get there with humor how you're 22 and assure lifelong dream and 22. I started dreaming about distance how as a four year old OK I'm going I would go over to my grammar grandest house and put in the floppy disk wheel of fortune and it would take. I dated to heat up and actually play the game but once they finally got fired up. I've probably played more than 300000. Games of wheel of fortune in my lifetime dip out here whether it's Nintendo know whether it's computers apps on your phone. What ever why wheel of fortune I just nerd out to it I was I was able at a very pleased to see letters on the puzzle yeah. And I don't know it just ICM. Once you got a couple of I'm right you're like I'm in I can do this this is my thing yes this is how my mom feels about will fortunes its really freaking love that our quick question before on how old is your mom. I say it is elements aides give me a ballpark she's about to retire a Cisco with that JP held area. When I was on the show. Bout when he three or you and your mom is. A treat yet so I would say sixty ish. They get it where in the wheel house I was so. Excuse me damn. About this I was gonna be on the show. That I would tell people about it all the time all could be on the show Monday. I'm sitting on the couch in my college watching real fortunate the six pack of beer remains come home they're like hey what are you watch him and we'll fortune like. YA dude why. As like doesn't everybody watch bill forcing the IKEA my grandma path at people thought I was literally crazy because I told my I was going to be on the shelves always headed what's addition process they have where do you even start it's exhausting okay. They have an online application that millions of people. Applied for a time so that I can probably not the best way to do it yep so I went option B where they had these wheeled mobile. Buses that come around so that all over the country. And after I graduated college and was living with my parents for six months of things were going very right my world yeah. The wheel mobile mobile came to about ten minutes from my parents ran on my guys like cog this is my shot this in my opportunity I can't wait. Everyone thought I was crazy. I got fired from a job because I couldn't get time off to go to this will mobile that I'm like I'm going anyways you see her is straight up got fired so you are like you like log into the computer Chicago the cameras he loves computers has. The wheel mobile will be in Chicago on Thursday and Friday in your like the. This is my opportunity. We go to the real various who fired via. A sheath for not showing up. So my weight shift. So you go and you make it through obviously whatever rounds they have at the wheel mobile yeah I was there for probably a combined amount of time eighteen hours between Friday and Saturday on. I and you play wheel of fortune live there's a staked. Pats Ajax in that they'd Vanna White OK and there are actors and you see you think those people tell other people with the UCL. Idea that you can banner white's job isn't really. That intense as Vanna White if you're that Vanna White back up. PX second string band away you like what. Very sorry go ahead so. In the air for two days eighteen hours over two days playing game after game after game after game yet and I didn't even get on stays to do it I'm just watching in in looking in the audience so. What I did was is I roared a hand written thank you know I've probably wrote about 45 of them. And brought them with me before this process even started and handed them to. People that I thought were producers of the show on my guy but I was also heading into security guards had nothing to do with that you're brilliant do and it I was is okay thank you so much this is just been a lifelong dream might just even be able to talk to you guys today and to be here. So I didn't hear anything after spending fourteen hours there between Friday and Saturday. And getting fired from my job to be there to hear anything for about another what 56 months alone a final. Home another way during jobs you know this is your mind so it you know all while. And I got a letter in the mail saying you made the final audition. I get to this final audition it'd say you made the final audition but like there're no he's in it and you had to buy a vowel to find. Yeah you can read between the lines you can get a gathers data 'cause I'm so inflicted told everybody. I go to this final audition there's 12100 people there all right oh my god I like god there's gonna be about 27 a view to make the show to. 12100 cable is this in Aussie and us know at this point it's still in Chicago there at the W hotel and they invited. People than just me there for a final audition. I'll OK so those some more hurry up and wait you eat you play more you do more her. You wanna see your excitement and enthusiasm all that stuff and I was through there is excited to be there and then they said well let's you know are now another six months. My last. Probably got a fire from Kabul during jobs after that. It. And then the letter saying that I was gonna be on show came in the mail. I. I don't let the viewers first you probably didn't make it. It isn't like the sixth of February and and I'm like oh letter in and I knew I got a lethal but I was like me to show they told the thousands find a by the first of February. And then it fell out of the Victoria's Secret channel fox. That's got to see you can be easily tossed it never would have no yes. My it's so and so you had a Victoria's Secret catalog. I. Very carefully going through the mail. Pace I would p.s my sister Christina is they're just December gutter is going. Like he's going to be devastated some giveaway from college application letters JP ways for a letter from patsy Jack. So don't go out to LA yards LA. And my guys get your whole family so excited Oreo they couldn't believe it hit my daddy specially because as things were working out for me in my personal life. And I had this dream this thing that I was holding onto wheel of fortune. And I tiptoed it's gonna work out gonna work out what you need to get on with your life and you need to pursue what he studied in this fool and you know your supplement your income with the wagering but you can't. Just look at we'll fortune and not apply for jobs thinking that this can work out so every day you would look down here what advantage you bracelet. Yeah. Yeah. Give me the strength of point four Mara. So that picture online is you it's that it's the meet in dream portion of the show or pat says. Hide everybody inking graduates they're winners and says combined of the losers. You got 5600 dollars and trying to you know I did and I do it and that's a good dollar amount. Yes yeah it is a good dollar amount and on our goat here we go on get toga party. So. I was really excited and really emotional to be on the show. Would she do is when pat -- come out indeed they do the first toss up they. Webber gets the first toss it gets to go first and introduce yourself to everybody. I got the first tossup. And I couldn't control myself OK in her legs you'll see me on the show and whatever and I put it on the Jeff and Jen FaceBook pages to show you that this is literally having as I was going to be I'll ask the next question is where's the video the video is on the Jetsons and intemperate so FaceBook page. But I've got the audio that's just as good it's being not being able to control myself in going rogue so there's stuff written got a card the producers had taken the time. To say about itself. So I wouldn't rogue runaway I didn't even notice it so they give you a bit Viet interviewing at a time and then they say. I pay my name's JP Allen a lifelong cubs fan from Chicago's chances. Been a dream of mine and. I'll tell you something pat I make the best pancakes in Illinois yes okay. But why do what you fed was if you wanna hit it says JP NW lessons amid along. It. I'm okay. Read those devices is a guy you know it. Look first toss up on the map. Let me. And it's JP Baja California would be. How could go I just want 1000 dollars JP I want to know everything about you as you can actually Tommy ho to take is that my name in Spanish and my school week all right very good. I'm minister could JP anyway that's OK okay fine I appreciate you not to be difficult how would you say your name and it's kind. No matter. There isn't bad at the air radio production at the university of southern belt like correct yes the salute to the southern Illinois police looking room okay. I've proof but I don't wanna get the polling badly did nice to have it's. So why are you get choked up collect. I won 5600 hours of living with her parents at the time okay. People told me of it. Trying to chase his dream of radio and do this it was impossible so many people and this is guy acts that you heard his voice on their his name's Charlie O'Donnell okay. You saw her with this is passed away. He was one of those people who some meat be on the show I got big replies doesn't matter I stood at 5600 dollars and met with Charlie's. He said. You know GP what are you gonna do now that you you once the money you got bigger a couple of times he finished third placed in making the ball is round but. What do you do you like on earth. Take this money and pursue radio because I'm really passionate about it and having the opportunity to potentially. Impact people's lives and they make people laugh like that's what I wanna do with my life. It would send any goes I've no doubt the you'll be successful after person after prison told me that this is just something that was stupid to chase. So I suggested he 600 dollars and started my radio journey. In. Chicago Illinois in turn my butt off. In it led to Philadelphia. And then it led did limo and then I met my soon to be Weis and Jessie Heidi here. In. That little jumping what you think that I locks you army finished third plays on wheel of fortune got 5600 dollars it took that money in the eventually expanded off you know it is it's gone but what's not gone. Is what I have now and that experience in that seeing that I held onto. In that. It just. If you're going to something right now. She's something crazy like try to do you click of fortune do Bruce you can do it on that show you can get on something. And potentially change your life in you don't need a life changing money you just deal will boost being a little bit of encouragement from somebody. To push you in the right direction. She did she worry need to diligence sometimes just. I doesn't feel like it's gonna ever happen and this this was my lottery this was my moment this is everything to me. And now cried about it on the radio yeah. Well. Well we're not trying to land because I'm crying with you right now is the sweetest story that is awesome and so loss you get accurate their place you wind. And it is very clear from that audio that patsy Jack hates you woke up. And the idea of nice because he wants to kill it because it's it's time he did at that moment I feel like he did but she kind of saw the roller coaster that I was going on he's like. This guy has gone through some stuff and there's so much more to the store but that is the biggest part of it that somehow tell real fortunate let me suggest. Well we're the lucky ones. And I wanna know more about the man who gave you the advice is he the big voiced guy on the show and he he is still being used to be. And they have a new voice guy now but his name was Charlie O'Donnell. In law he said chilly in the coolest way possible that he would say she day you're going to. Chi today. Sincere and is he just pronounce words so cool and I I don't just talk to about it and I'd just not to be too long windy here are to be very short but. I it was an alternate and that's a whole different deal so I. Sat backstage in Chicago didn't get a chance to be on the show in Chicago went out to LA and I spent a lot of time bar scene that we'll fortune. And Charlie O'Donnell keeps seeing me in recognize me goes. You rolled up his newspaper that he had and I had probably watched about 1516 taping of the show it looks at me he takes his newspaper any hits me on the knee goes. OJT would you just get on the day and show already sick of seeing you with a smile. I mean. I met pat say Jack I give I don't want to hug but I'll always remember Charlie O'Donnell the voice cast of wheel of fortune in how towns and how. He took me under his wing and didn't make me nervous and made it. Just an incredible X we have. Adios you hunting down a White House and the. Look at the pictures. Sorry did you know hot or not coming up next please just a great story and we set the bar high of Virginia and I. Nothing yet on and I and their pictures help cut back yeah back up. Who's on tomorrow. Well was going to be Meebo and I was just gonna talk about my comments out of the century. That's because I didn't have them adds now not. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.