JP's Going Over The Edge

Thursday, April 27th

And it's all for a great cause! Help JP raise money for Special Olympics GA

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Star in 941. JP let's talk about your guy code over the edge real quick what Chirac which are planned for Saturday so we're trying to raise money first Special Olympics Georgia got. And there is a company called over the edge where you can go onto a building. Hook yourself up to a piece of rope yeah. And climb down the building how tall is said building said building is the overlooks three building and by innings and it is 22 story. All loans and energy and you know how an NN NN. Dina how long it takes ago from the top to the bottom. Something like ten to fifteen minutes or how about right you're really repelling. Down this side of a 22 Storey building as if it were mountaintop or I now biggest tire rope around his waist and lower him down which is a sack of potatoes really yes I'll still. Nothing I mean there's there's a lot more science into houses giving there's a lot more banks to hunters anglers are. Involved. There yeah there's multiple. I don't know the terms but it bullying in theory be earners and hey this thing's Elvis technical things yes and so will you have your hands and feet on the building and you go at the hands are on the ropes OK in the feeder on the building and they give you usual booties so you don't old scuff up the windows are building. And he just wow walked down the building went backwards. I cannot do that and I can't do. Yet so the kicker is is that I bought a bad man costume perfect day I think it is a bigger do something like this you better be dressed up as a super here's it's a really cool experience. And it is where we're trying to raise some money for it so we're trying to go over the ads Saturday in its eye gets more donations I can make it happen right now on not MI goal so I need to be at Michael. If you are the starter Andy for one FaceBook page you can donate 510 dollars when every cavity can you sum grade for the 27000 athletes is a solid picks Georgia. Great people great cause and it's leading to its eggs in ME JT it's our ninth for. Dot com. Parent or. You desired at 41 Atlanta dot com side. Because traffic are have a cup of coffee and guy and all the money raised goes to special moments of Georgia and you can be able to go watch you do it right yes I should be doing it about balloon. And 130. If you wanna see that man in the air. Look at that look at this guy. I had subverted the play kids to do assists and of course will allow will film the whole thing yeah. Well it's will wolf on the whole thing and we'll have my god. You than me. I skydiving but that's like one scary decision for about thirty seconds and minutes overt yeah. This is. Ten or fifteen minutes and a little. Which is get a feeling an eternity given that it's being you got hit heists. Wanted to witness than. NHL all star. For our.