JP's AlphabetiCall

Friday, June 9th

It's JP's turn to test his skills!

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I think more loyal folks are awake enough when Kevin and did nerves are high if you're about to make the alphabetical. And yet it's so nervous about this please you start every sentence with. The next letter of the alphabet and we think it while you're talking all your doing is going okay what's next let's ex let's next. And I think that the nerves are count how did BK is your parents are on the phone in your. Kind of prank call and I'm so you don't wanna get in trouble and you don't wanna let them down that because what's the most basic thing everybody's supposed to learn the ABC's. Right you talked at home either you for your school rate is you don't know that that your parents failure. So there's so much a possibility for getting in trouble in disappointment. I don't JD. I decided to call his dad and achy I'll dramatic call. It was your dad's first name John in giant. Chicago out. Hello Lou are you there. Until you hear brilliance. But I'm not what you can. Our days. Yet night game today. North and the place. Yeah so those five. And you know I'm content they're playing more pushing the play in the morning and everyone in Chicago is excited right. Big time. You know sort of roll in including that you know. That change the Booth perennial come pins are you kidding Bloomberg. Peru. About 500 at their own searchlight. Figures. You know. I don't. Got a disaster. It's shuttle mission is going to be all cool I get to the Internet. Taken taken what are. You know it's a perk go about my whole way into the mode emerged from lecture lip. The right. Why don't jog I just want to. Keep moving forward and yeah. School. Work so we look at leaning towards getting it cheese steak today. Seeing and I. I thought they were. You can't. A little. Little fair and true since this. Not bad enough land either. So you're you're playing on one tons of things in new England and plus earned that trust. Our man I'd say to go to the airport major rewrite. Glory were almost you almost close to get yourself some big toe and keep them quiet tackles since I can. I heard it took it right. So then. Smooth. Clock is when the game as I forgot. No acute subdural try to those the end area don't miss your period there's going to be. Only on the man I can't. Determine Camelot. Understood. But I don't know Murray and do very well soul I think there in the American literature you know there during the during the mission in very good national. During the eastern division. So well on. Important words. Hopefully area code you know brings mustard no. Yeah. Yeah. Xylophone that's what I forgot. Xylophone you're always tell me to get my stuff from the house and I forgot that I was on an art room it. I. I'm remembers Gerald thrown. Why. It's. I was there. HIJ a big day yeah. I ABC's Nextel once you don't sing with me. Kelly she's so far the only line of young busy. In. She's running dead zone in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough congestion.