JP Went Over The Edge

Monday, May 1st

To support Special Olympics GA, our very own JP rappelled over the edge of a building! 


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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. Justin gen shell ol' ball. It was I'll weekend's G I was. Watching you go over the heads on FaceBook oh my god. He spent part of his Saturday helping out our our friends and Special Olympics and George. And over 1101000. Dollars were raised in total guy. So you got. That. Money is not JP anymore is bad and he. Over the edge is a fund raiser that Special Olympics as the kids. Nine superheroes the opportunity of rappelled down a twenty story building. And her palace where you see the wind at the oval window washer that you get the hardest sign you're kind of walking backwards down the building. And like that crazy rock climbers out west that doing. Yes basically you fall slowly using a rope is what repelling god. This is prolonging the agony and Ambac JP loves that challenge and he loves the Special Olympics ago. He's like yep I'll help you out yeah there's a lot of people I need to thank but the first president you'd think is Sam in Noonan Georgia. I got to play this clip for you you're gonna hear. His soothing voice in reassuring me that everything's going to be okay Hijazi is he worked her Special Olympics where he is just a experts. When it comes to repelling times that all the time and was there it is sister everybody got. So he made sure you're like lots and say understanding Mary you're getting ready at this point you're getting ready to go over the edge yet I have all the butterflies and acid billing it building a master architect. And use very soothing. So what that this little hip is we've got you into the bedroom on the roof so you have a thoughtful and attached to the top of the stripe cards yet. H one of those slopes including the funerals that your casualties keep up the penalties and what can I am Sam Sam you're making me feel very it is secure right now. That I am that's what we're here do we I'm afraid he got out and you professionally or push for and so this is what we do perform their ordeal lived. Melatonin and Noonan. No we're told and other north Georgia mountains come on I'm okay brokers who would look or do they were throwing all the time okay. It was it was food there and our our. You and your 22 stories up pregnant so how close to the edge RU innings having this conversation beats. The manner of speech. She was it windy it was very windy. And you look over. The edge where you're going I didn't want to but I did and it endowments were scared are back so I'm in my Batman costume. And then of course if you weren't a Batman suit somebody's gotta say something so that I surrogate heckled a little bit when I'm in. Freaking out at this point. Am trying to stay calm and they're gonna pay bat Amanda hit a Batman and I got a question has a baton and I'm like dude. I need to focus on ice or didn't. Articles I think emirate. You got her. Last word. Tell my mom offer. The ball over. Oh my gosh. I'm sweating so much. Oh. Prop it. Is rather than where zoom. Popped. They called a boy wander for reasons this is not yours don't man's job. Potent well no. I don't need anybody all my head I got pinch. You look beautiful Georgia. Specifically sightings. That man play that's my bet and that's just so you feel like yours doctor cared dirt. Yes then you learn as JP that's what I needed did you decide how to do this because I'm scared of heights. I don't like heights heights and I don't get along very well only. So you lean back literally over the Senate's OK yeah yeah. The next part of this is me going over the end you have to do one step at a time or can you lake. Balancing dealing a few feet and attack what you have to do something called straddling the straddle that into the building. You have to do something calls. Went straddling. Okay. How does he said I. I so this is me straddling the building and then I go over the edge united scream like a a little babies actually set I. Here it is. Like this leg yeah. All the building off off off off off off off but I hadn't put your leg over the building and no big deal I. Heard throughout the golden very good look at it through the building all of the building. Yeah yeah oh yeah up to follow up could. Quote below your. No no no no no there would my lover they available yet it is it is in my blog that he played okay. Aren't. And I'll let him go. I'm not that into. They'll get there regulate them but they get blown out Margaret it don't look at. Well under orders. I want to. Yep. Wolf work. Berkshire. Quote. There yeah yeah yeah. Yeah we talk to you disappoint myself or I'm. Nice and he got it. Don't even look out. Hello I'm an executive making following on the building I think it took me about six minutes and I started to get in a rhythm towards the end. And then is Suze I got down the bottom I said something that I did. Wasn't I can't believe I set and I was like why did I say that I just so happy to be on the ground but I was. I get to four hours for the adrenaline to Wear off a malaise muscle shaking like. Yeah I got you got out about being 130 and this was like 430 later in the afternoon Phillies are still shaking our yellow what are you going down one person at a time. Or can you make you look to your left in your right see other others those two people repelled at the same time and I was back and on the left side. And then my friend Chris who joined the star 941 team yeah it was just that the Spider-Man. Now I and he was on the right of me perfect so claw that's awesome. Yes asserted dinner editor towards the end is the final thing. I can only mean that. Not nobody will give our dark know where am I don't. Know it's all bunched up like a bunch of good solid in my job. This isn't where it is what happens when you're bat tides have a nice day job okay yeah. President and go over the edge is really all. Love but your really did turn NCA costume wearing experience it's Reuters president dale. JB won't buy cans that have zippers they go bill I am bat man costume first six minutes of fun. Bob did you read your first of all you get a thousand bucks yet we reached our personal goals and I think the start only for one team reason a lot of thousand dollars EL of that and Allen and 101000 rays with a special events and strength guys to graduate. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and it.