JP Rides the bull!

Tuesday, May 9th

PBR at the Battery Atlanta honored JP by letting him be the very first to ride their mechanical bull. 


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We have got to spend some time ads won't stock this weekend. Swanee town senator thank you for the hospitality thank you for the great weather. Thank you for coming now and bringing your pops of so much fun. By the animals involved in this weekend like and narrowed Geneen. And JP were there and Sunday hang out with a go to it was stock. They were so cute there were multiple goats there were two and they urges the sweetest little guys and they were so soft and I don't surprisingly Connolly Angel. Your fingers of Philly pitting even have teeth. And surgeons felt well we're adding nearly oh my gosh you're so cute and amply goats. One over the cat lady. I guess and I'm proud that you yeah I think they both won actually and then I Saturday Jan and I were there and I got to meet a page named peace malls where I. And best name ever put this. And the pigs were owners that they get to McCain and the owners again I don't know whatever it. People walking the paid and they both had teachers that reference either bacon or a Barbeque Cynthia. And so Jack death but I appreciate that since the events as it was great Bobbitt the weekend the animal that started the weekend off was JP's new best friend. The mechanical ball. Over that PBR at the battery. The only thing is it was your cowboys had two. I I think everybody was scared you know when you look around our room and easy terror and fear in people's eyes. The word nervous forming because you're testing it out for the very first time they can't even had a test drive yet and you mount up. That the by the good thing about the mechanical bull is it all because it's it's not a real animal against that a real unpredictable animal. Yeah your hands are fully. In the control your year but is fully in the hands of the guy at the controls. So it's not a predetermined. It's narrowed its big guy I made it narrows messing with you while you're on. Yeah as spotted. Though if you're a guy whose top and on line all cocky in what now it's yeah and that guy's gonna whip you option for second always be nice to mechanical bull operator whose name is Cory and I was very nice to Korea's they may cause ago and wink wink. They'll blow blow it your biggest preprogrammed why do you pay attention to the girls who are wearing good bronze. And see how long they get to hang out and the mechanical bull you know on an am. OK. And all of those things so you know it's going through your brain plea it's so let's out. Odd array after the show on Friday we walked across the street to the battery. And introduce herself to the mechanical bull JP was going to be the first one to take a ride yes it was nerve racking. Here's some audio from line and the videos online right now right yes started 41 Atlanta beast the age horror saw. Well. Okay. You can't. See you know we didn't. Okay. Okay. Hey V I'm glad. Fifteen. Hey resign Heidi this but I made my had a little bit of an injury on it. Oh G Edwards and bang I didn't bang anything. I ever. Hurt my wrist arm wrestling somebody about four years ago. And when you're using your wrist a hold on the bull I'd flared up a little bit some next time when I ride the ball on an eagle lefty. And I promise they'll monger a day at a that's a.