JP & J9 are on a mission Part 2

Friday, January 27th


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Last contestant. Sixteen and binge and solid sixty. On still in lethal want paid Kurds welcomed the jet engine share hurry this morning. Don't go to an out of bed you're concerned what is your concern. I was just wondering if anybody else found it disturbing that they peak still has all these clothes from it eighties. Not yet available under a lot. We don't know why he's into his private. We like him at war and what happens and the weekend stays and and yeah and I Europe. I think every if or in writing the public trusts are a lot of pain. Currently isn't about it but it Curtis asking about JP because he's out trying to attract and the guy who works out in public. And blockade on the sideline he's right sleeveless shirt I had band pink arm and tiny little shorts socks although it is in the EU. Speakers on FaceBook by did you go to disparity from one if it occurred I'll take this AP when you were when it when he has his closet. Our boss I've only about. Had a party in this house like a week before Christmas just kind of celebrate. When and what a cool your sanity 941 hand. And as you joke. We I'll say that we should show up wearing one easy. Adult one and we all had a joke and then and I really funny that the media attorney argued and nobody thought about it again. Except for JP and his fiancee. Who literally showed up wearing it 01 so sick it's 'cause it is the advancement. Absent an elite eight an extra spare bedroom and get married bragged yesterday in and it cost him I thank you learn a lesson. It. The pontiff is the amount and. Parker. On from an extra votes yeah that Hillary's. Got some leftover coffee program. IJ period there. Any any sign JP of our fitness but he. Paula. But that didn't that yeah. I think he's in the macarena is you literally in the monitoring and refreshing that live as. In a. Like I'm like it's right unit just listen man. I didn't. It's yeah it can mean I was in a case that arrive yeah. They RJ PG mean anyone going to be there he is on. I only know them. I I JP any sign of our work out friend. Darren yellow Oregon. Pop. I. It's well outside. All right well it. While Werth would thank you though for going out there earlier period appreciated you did give me there's a lot of people and invited you got quite a yeah. Okay. Russa did. Sensing and I'll. I JJ guess you guys can head back thank you go through that way and we'll have him. Take this mission out again maybe next week and at that people of Buckhead in this. In the commuters who travel through their thank you for this year he gave me one. What about the Monday. I. The we. The only answerable gonna answer you saw all snow and next week. I JP we'll see you back here. Monday I am Monday and he's exhausted from all is working out basically. On me when a bomber. Bummer that the mysteries of ending. It just means he's got to the year ago. Half. The higher than we do about it I'm down it's. Star in 941.