JP & J9 are on a mission Part 1

Friday, January 27th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah solid sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on starring not before one. Fitness. Early this morning. If you have not yet done so please head over to the I'll start ready for one FaceBook page. Well. I. Eight. Out there on the street. In his workout shorts. It is fitness on. If you're wondering how JP is dressed for this mission and if you don't know what the mission is. We get a phone call from Don a couple days ago and after she was on whether as a bunch more calls with people saying. I need to know to there's a guy who brings fitness equipment and when I talked about it jumper. Or try to rally chin up bar free weights treadmill. And apply HE brings fitness equipment he sets it up. Rate in Buckhead apartment bucket rate across from bucket theater. And he worked Saturday morning it's. On that median where if you've ever driven by its almost like a big triangle median that's big enough to have a little park and it ends right there on the sidewalk. JP's out there to track him down. And Jeanine well within Scioscia FaceBook live the whole thing and if you can't just check out the face of live anyone and RGP stressed. His wardrobe is the fabric version of this on. He's got a head band. And arm bands. Shorts that made me a little bit uncomfortable would have for a fair. I like it if he was a gym teacher. You have an investigative. It's he stressed I'd JP. I didn't they were were watching your work out and these are glad you're looking as sexy as you ever have. I mean I thought I which we did this yesterday what you'd actually here at the readout. I'm a reason why is it my Fiat are now. And global what do you mean what he's actually is now out there. And called him Monday at nine years. The weather change and asked to be do you think I led my equipment on the freezing cold would've. Oh I got a little bit a hole from gone aren't actually at broke I thought I'd minute ago. And then you might only know later knocks. And a couple comments that people are saying he's not only out there until ultimately there yesterday around this time he worked. On and Ian OK so do we deet. I mean. Field. Bad is it cold just has to keep working out because we we can play similar workout music like this. How is going to be okay. I mean I yeah I. Are you willing to sacrifice a few more minutes I mean it is for the greater good. I've got a kid but then at north of creeping into the wheel well I. Thought I'd forgotten about hurdler. Sure yeah. You're the one who wore almost illegally short short legs you could a guy and you can got you red sweat and sign yesterday he's out this shirt that's cut off at the sleeps he's. Gone. Act if you want to check out on the corner featured a blog benevolent. Out at me. Pump up to big guy and I snow. Okay. Yeah. You're required to call many Brock. Yet for a drug well I had brought about since. Fearful of job. Yeah. That's all I'm not although. And yeah. I. JD that I'm. Thank you for your sacrifice we'll check in we do. They're like fifteen minutes of CB shares up okay every content warm we didn't bring a puppy. Yeah. Harness all the work they do yeah. Now back to the one story now before wants.