JP And The Butterfly

Wednesday, November 8th

JP opens up about losing his sister, and the beautiful moment during his wedding where he knew she was with him. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones although now. It's a sad story. What it's such a beautiful thing that have trained and JP and high eighties when and I'm really beautiful touching moment that. Made every single one of last year so is occurred. During the some mothers sign that pants. And JP's wedding so obviously that's JP and his mom on the dance floor. And we have to give you a little back story. This ceremony. Started. Where is the release of a butterfly. For a very special reason. I have been struggling. Really really hard. Because. News. On Wednesday and early August I got a phone call from a mom saying that mice or Veronica had passed away. This two and a half months or Heidi BioWare did. Unwitting bit my sister brought it was supposed to be yet. Disposed disputed. And if could be really really hard. So we we had this dilemma. What are really do for her the wedding in the ceremony or Reid's gonna put her name in the program are Regis SCANA. Not talk about it and we wanted it is only special because. I have two younger sisters of slam look at Kelly in Geneen on the show is my two younger sister of my radio sisters because. I've always been an older brother in my household and I feel like you know on the older brother hits radio station so. My sister Christina. Decided to read the release of the butterfly at home. At our wedding and it is. Says as he released as butterfly in honor me know that I'm always we see you and I always will be. Hold your hand say a prayer close your eyes and see me there. Though you may feel a little bit torn apart please know that I'll forever be in your heart. Fly away butterflies as high as you can go right there with you more than you Auburn. And we released a butterfly and it's a it was dark it was raining at the wedding. And we weren't really shared the putter for how it was like. There wasn't a whole lot of some might say here that butterflies need plate of flight towards away. And the butterfly ended up fighting anyways and flew away in and of being perfect. We wanted to honor my. Middle sister. Product there and we did. So this happens at that at the beginning of the ceremony what you need to know about. JP's wedding ceremony the entire thing was a reception. Lying to from them walking down the dial at that beginning to start the ceremony but she didn't come down to the wedding march was a countryside was an aunt Heidi came down at last sung by a beyoncé okay is that Canada James is going to be our security guys came back up the Al that was the country's right like though is not a happy man Thomas threats yet so it was just. The whole thing's a party so now everybody's partying the ceremonies over. They did ceremony was beautiful on the butterfly has been released and now it's time for the first stances. So Heidi dances. With her dad and JP gets up to dance for this mom and because. It JP is I'm a huge to fall and because his mom is just as silly as he is. We are all jolted to attention when we hear this. And JP and his mom like skip around the dance floor holding Elmo dolls and it's funny. But damn it the music progresses. And the song forever young my arrives here on my Indian Coast Guard. The son forever young my rod Stewart's a supply. And this. While this song is playing in JP and his mom. Person would answer and you can see them looking that each other and just such understanding and knowing way and watching her as a mommy so proud of you in that moment and so have before you know. It just is beautiful the way you while we're looking at each other and we're all watching them and all of a sudden. It's free can butterfly that they released in honor of JP sister who died just two and a half months before the wedding. Comes out of nowhere. Flies down from the ceiling. In lands in the middle of the spotlight on the wall. Behind against. And sat there for this entire site. And here's. No doubt in my mind. At that rate there. What is your system like that was a sign of her saying hey I'm still electing. She wanted to come and I know that she would tore up the dance floor in speed toward up in her honor. My execution is silliness so putter around and she was with us. And that that that happens when your mom is that brightly she knows you're dead in and and my head unit together secede your baby sister Christina yeah she CNET everybody knows that that was that was your sister there. If it was if it was the coolest thing that I've been a part of what happened that was us it was a clear sign. So. I think there's some people who doubt whether or not. People from the other side send signings or maybe you question if you're elegant you're favored bird it was. And Powell and somebody passes and an owl flies by the next day and I just a coincidence I was not a coincidence. That was beautiful and that. Yeah I don't know I try to tell a story on TV to tell this story. Good how important she was DNA and so coalition is there. I know us or words. Other than. If you go through something right now. And you kin. Keep their memory alive every day were by telling a funny story it's horror. Just keeping their memory alive. Or. Thinking of the Sesame Street team. My mom and I listen to watch says. Today when I was about two and a half years old that's why I'm so Smart I don't know if you guys know. Half half half half half Tyler my ABC's good wow and yeah. Well they're Ameren telling these bogus ratings right now how much similar post Sesame Street between the ages of five and thirty CU which I am right now I'm not so sure. I was doing it when I was a kid and kids with the smarts. It started out silly which is so you and it and it was something so poignantly just so awesome stuff. Thanks for having us all there and I hope somebody heard this story today is. Reassured that there are indeed. Signs from the other side of the big immaculate China Europe and and then. Star in 941. We've been talking about JP's wedding and his for stance of his mom and how they got a beautiful sign from the other side in the form of a butterfly. As if he's younger sister passed away just. About two and a half months before the wedding and she was obviously going to be a part of it. And her passing was was sudden. And they wanted to keep her included so. At the beginning of this ceremony. His sister read a poem. And released a butterfly basically. The short version of the home is hey when you see about a five that's me. And the butterfly and you flew up into the rafters of this big space at thirty foot ceiling and just disappear off into the top nobody sought again until the middle of the sun. And mom dance. When he came down and landed on the wall literally about JP in his mind into. If you see a butter slam and an anchor eyes shut and having a beer when autonomous system Veronica she's there. If you see a ton of butterflies that many in a garage and yeah having Beers you've had too many fans. I get all of our kind of I just game Carter's well. Yes I some like this happen years while. Yes when I was trying to like my first turn. I got the first five grand Darren and I didn't even know without having a boy or girl. But we looked at it in the first thing that stood out one day. A picture. In the sonogram. Of my dad blonde. Packed away when I will actually. And he way. Well mantra wearing band and a and the EU nor is there a certain way he had a mustache and appeared. And you can see his face. In a sonogram looking down at a baby lot. I hello my. And sisters I'm Mary there. My mother came literally took a sonogram and cynical saw it on the screen which we both started bawling her eyes out and actually looks like you're having doorway and I'd like. Okay we name is Jack comment because my dad's name and and I now have a son named Jack comics. Did you frame that sonogram do you have that in your home all. Particularly I do and don't only learn. He he appears every want to allow you recently my sister has just finished a step which we have. And she's thirty they cleaned and took a picture. Of her and there is what looks like somebody had all her. In the picture. Alone. And she said she could now mark Carlson has. A dollar retention in the picture and no light trucks the world. What they don't want national Barbara wow so. Won't he appear everywhere are wild. And I have a feeling JP the you haven't heard the last your sister is currently home I think you're gonna see a lot of signs from her. What I have to do this on on the show in the near future and just as the phone lines are setting that light up Wii is. Signs this is so happened so clearly with my mom and one of her dear friends who'd died from breast cancer out and damn. And she got us of such a clear sign it was it was really beautiful. It's a sad topic put his hat is sad because they're competent and because they're still here that we and handler grid. Megan had to do this and that tomorrow or or. But the day after in new we've been talking so much about JP's wedding we're about to share a video of it so if you've heard a sideline and you feel you like I just grabbed the Legos there. My agency if you were visual match is the reality is they got but battling a ten minute video is a ten minute video and I cried the entire time it's beautiful it's fun. There's less of silliness on the dance or that I think you'll enjoy and then the release of the butterfly and my mom and I had Danziger awesome video I want now the other butterfly story folks grab some tissues and watch video. We'll share and I'm error FaceBook pages out. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.