The Joke-Roast Debate

Friday, January 5th

Monday's show is gonna be full of Bulldogs fans hating on Alabama, but should Alabama get to have their say too?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. 'cause I'm on national championship game Monday night right here in Atlanta Mercedes than stadium will be sold out everybody's all about it so just I have this big idea. Oh lead. Are going to have a chance for Georgia fans to do their best. Alabama jokes. On and on Monday if fired up for the big I try to pick up. That is a terrific idea and and James says I'll and then the next break. We give Alabama fans the chance to be the same thing because why. There's so many Alabama fans NL which is located and where Alabama new. Is located where Atlanta is located where oh in Georgia. University of Georgia. Has rights to let it. Here's the thing is all the Alabama graduates. Leave school and come to Atlanta where I mean basically it's the migration of all the schools in the south everybody comes here. We're gonna you know they're M ballad out on the field I. I stammer I I'm just an I have against in the hall I'm gonna go grab him. Edmund yourself. I will be back in on the 22 troop reinforcements detect isolate if if you agree with Jeff you are well known Collins talked about it if you agree with me and think that there should be equal time. I just think he's gonna get us. Fired up so for a 4630941. If you wanna get in on the debate. Jamming. Please say hello again to our old friend and coworker. Marco go. Hillary Jennifer. To look. And how those big and nasty wreck that Alabama could. And I see if he's Georgian bay back. Yeah. I give my losses and. My favorite George expert ever or how. I know it's like my Big Brother big sister when way to college and. We did hang out again it's see now it's actually moral leg to mural prison mates I escapes all at different times. And we swam through a river of crap to get to the beach and Mexico in an area now is he why today. And it is beautiful how are you die is good we used to work with Markey you may have known as fell back room we were at Shaw shank and then. Features edge and and then what and then we all laughed it different at different times for a different the same reason and we have all ended up working together under the same roof because. March radio station manager and the game insanity for one our sister station for Earth Day. Once again and that's always saves them in this business. Yet you never crap on anybody because we're all worked together again eventually it's gonna happen so you never make fun to the end term intern could be your boss before you know after. But it's good to see doesn't so there's a billboard alliger and Smart and as a billboard over on south Cobb drive of the yells at big heads and every time a driver. Are you is you guys good to see is so right it's life science and if the exact size body on why you are the ultimate Georgia. Fanatic expert playing the top like on the stereotype they make fun off like win the argument which is why the dumbest arguments out there when the stands. I am a thorough I know we're degraded play Alabama but amateur takes into the bus on this one windy only argument you have his hat I am based and they're well yeah yeah that's right I'm that guy I applied to Georgia I got the rejection letter on Georgia letterhead that was the extent of my anger enterprise. Us and I'm guessing you captives. I know it's framed. Well it got into the Georgia bookstore before and they sell the diploma is actually what there selling is the frame did sage like just dollar on the air just as a fake name I have actually debated. Buying the frame off the rack with the fake diploma and they're wiping out the name putting might donate money. Obama I got the diploma get off my back OK there we got there was a moment I actually went to Georgia for two weeks take you to my Big Brother insist her gossiping to live an app. Athens as a frat boy for two weeks I made for a week because it's doable college students the game a little bit of money. You know to survive for the week I spent the entire money on beer and head George attach it and had to come home we. And I had to beg for more money and it just need to. Good night's rest and give detox a little bit because Athens by god Athens. Now. And there is no jug mark's got a tattoo on his arm even diehards it's grown up. Run up has stated Georgia you I love this team. I was born and raised and the and the mean streets of Smyrna here and bingo and you George games my whole life. Mya my mom went there my dad went there my older brother was a graduate assistant there my little sister just graduate of and they're so it's in my blood. My wife Gretchen she would on like our second date and I were sitting there. Mean she's still getting to know each other a little bit. About eight or nine years ago and she goes well you know on your shoes graduate George we're talking football you know try to go to the awkward part of the second date which goes well I got to go and pay for my season tickets. SNL in that we Mary may well. I'm thinking I'm big and so you know it's like seemly braves' season tickets and we should he gets Terry you know what are we talking just know my Georgia sea dig. They say when you know you know. That is what I and then I found my forever bride so if she ever veins sexier than that second game yeah. Yeah we actually note yes once a year Wendy tickets she comes in with all the season tickets to terrorism in its. Just holds it up and that's all she's where it is phenomenal it is a nominee I love you baby Mary and alerted all over again so yeah I. I'm like I'm and I just a bleed red black and I'm so proud of this team has just been such a fun year and was about love coach Margaret Margaret was a and you've heard this before he was a phenomenal guy. A guy did he pass me. This is good but he could not didn't win the big gains. 2012 the last time Georgia and all I Alabama met in the SEC championship. People call that the greatest SEC championship of all time that was when Auburn when I'm sorry Alabama warned they went on to play Notre Dame and win the national championship but that game. That's where Murray at five yard line so to spike the ball Andrew Murray. Should does that stop the right TI FA I have my market and they are you talking Greek suggests yes they they didn't get the home run right you needed to take doomed to the World Cup and so that's half. Actually what I'm talking so the so we've this amount of passion and Lou. Six feet from you make your state. And again so here's our idea Monday before the big game we are gonna have. Georgia fans calling in and be able to troll Alabama fans are some good jokes I'm guessing you've got time. And then where I wanted to give Alabama Crimson Tide fans. Equal time to come on and do there jokes because it's like gearing up for the battle that will start on the field at 8 o'clock Mercedes then why. I just feel like it will bring you up the adrenaline. And because there's almost as many Christian fans in Atlanta. TJ in LaGrange tubs and how wrong she is. And it. On the ground. Now Georgia and figure I'm not lives. Alabama plant went back to win and they're bright it would can teach you will never make chewed Rick George and I am Brodeur. So see debris came oh wait it out and whoever. And a. And I'm gonna scout on your ramp up the excitement if we give the balance 404263094. Wine. We relate your support in telling Jan how wrong she is that you. And she I'll still aren't. It's tough debate going on his studio this morning the jet engines show winning teetering and on Sunday fans. Stroll. Alabama Crimson Tide of Georgia Bulldog fans go up tell us your best jokes best insults what I. I think. The Alabama fans should have a chance to do this any backboard just even up for the game just says no way we are George out all only. I think Jeff intention who's right now we know somebody in the governor's office because the governor. Declared today red and black game you want your children governor deal. It's listed I'm learning from Georgia the win I just think it will amp up excitement. Give everybody a chance. Marco and who is our former co worker over at the other radio station now works for nineteen and the game so we're co workers lyricist. As a sister station sports aren't safe as tech family you have to deal mark we've. Sports fans. Who. Are constantly mad that you are supporting the wrong right all the time he. The person Elena working in sports radio and added as a radio if he does for a long time is it in Sports Radio. It doesn't matter what your opinion is it's wrong so if so if we. In the state of Georgia give air time Alabama fans there's a chance that we will actually lose listeners. That's a real that's a real possible and I chanted down checks in on on looking over governor deals I'm looking over the press release out senior awareness has Taliban in my day. So a lot around lacked a lot of I saw heard you talking about how the the state let the employees out early. Day yeah wanna have yelled into as a jobs anywhere so they're gonna be. Our. Judy welcome to the shadow. I think Dan is absolutely. Wrong we should not let Alabama and state. Do you think Alabama radio station would let any Georgia can't speak on their radio show absolutely not an ID EA. My husband I have 300 IE DA and it is time that I'm in Alabama absolutely. Georgia need to shine island Alabama. She is sick of the Saban year. I'm mixing signing on any us Jen out of power fellow. And how was I think that the passion her voice came from all those tuition check she is right here and I kind of experience. A Korean Douglass bill. Yeah I guess they'd go down by the way don't give up then I'd chancellor not Smart not double digits anyway. Half a king did you hear the rumor. Yet Nick Saban he's only gonna dress twenty players for the game on Monday the rest of we're gonna have to dress himself. It. Each other shoes to. Therein though you know groups at a lot. Darren Immelt then it's. Don't dog I wouldn't immediately comment on your page last night. Alabama Iranian agent are never gonna let Georgia play and Carling and Anna wrote that diet let me think again that is not our participation. Concrete. Not everybody to participate in is not. Mean playing in late summer drought in the national championship. Now I don't think that there are as many. Alabama fans that will be at the game as Georgia fans now that though the reality is is this is not new for Alabama and I'm gonna give them some credit here. They've done this before. That's why you start intended the national championship for dead just CS examples after seeing them in the world there's a couple of times a Sony. It's vice governor so. The tendency of the exact. It's tennis or general search see what I. I don't and Allen him right now if they're all if you look at they have sixteen national championships out this is not a new new venture for Alabama if you look online the tickets right now. Alabama fans are selling their tickets they're like look we've done this that's like Georgia fans we should be buying up all those eggs look at what we did at the Rose Bowl. I mean it was 6040 yeah joke look at Notre Dame wouldn't assists the historic spots ever play pro ball it was a Georgia take over that we give. Georgia fan base is fired up as wed done this women and asked Jim did you since 198080. This that certain 1980 seepage. Great show and Mary and a. I did. Atlanta you got everybody rep Brad Bennett you're worried about these things judges and what about how the. Alabama and their lives here. Of course it's a little foggy outside of Albion fans have that coat hanger on top of the antenna with little tin foil argument they don't forget this morning. Sierra and Logan veil. Okay honeymoon dad died when and in encrypt and that could actually 9% and it horrible huge cattle. Well. Did you a grand. Mallory in Athens. I am on inside the oh. I think she's on your side she just outside of Seattle yeah. I saw. A couple of computer to answer that. Chris and we'll learn Alabama stands around and we console to throw you off. Hadron. And the market yeah. Yeah I gotta give an unbiased. I I know eat in either eat Mac it's hard. Penn State Nittany Lions fan and I got a day I don't see it as happened happened and I think. In an all nation is going to be literally Alabama purse the old nation like Italy everybody wants Alabama. Two to win or even boredom so. All you GA baby although it. And you know win the crowd takes over like that it really changes the outcome of the game I feel like the players skillet and energy chain. Yeah I feel like the more Georgia fans in there you know more in balance it is and there is their chances of winning. There is a little bit of fatigue when it comes out and you can't ignore and you've got to respect the success of they have had a lot of people aren't national champions sixteen past championships and how they've had how many playoff appearances like four under the next abound this. I probably didn't want to it is. So luck but I very quickly very quickly you do know what they call a hot girl on albums campus was lost and McCain good question yes you know the average Albion suited gets on their SAT what is it gradually. I. There's a JT behind it. Yeah a hundred and but you know they have a real grass on the Alabama playing field why is that cheerleaders have some degrees on during the game. Hello. Yeah. Ernie and bedroom. OK don't lie and I'm so. Yeah so I'm a dollar dollar ends however you'd. I don't let Alex and I haven't because he has been at Georgia and a bit Alabama already have a cause overall they have no record that nobody else who's not that I. I hate Alabama I respect it favorite so I'm gonna barely old battles. Rule and. Let us like that customers are feeling. I'm gonna music. Everything that he's got to constantly put my head. Things don't humming this my ringtone. This is our sexy music of the house. I believe the act conversation of timeline our basement pages today and easy to find a jet engine channel leaderboard at work today he went on Jan how wrong she. All you like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.