John Mayer, Mr. Rogers, or Winnie The Pooh?

Thursday, August 10th

Can you beat this 'Who Said It' guessing game?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Tonight John Mayer is coming to relax. And I you've come up with a game Jan. That everybody can play along win then known him. Okay yeah jam melee sir he license key player. Yeah and then. That didn't yeah. With somebody else who has really profound things is everybody's childhood friend mr. Rogers who. I'm John Mayer writes that he is the. We'll examine. I'm so the game is Doucet and John Mayer or missed Iraq. How should we buzz in. Her name's Evan. Just go around the room okay this just in this is just for fun round I can get a slightly different parish and their tickets or somebody who's who of course and make it into. I'm just yeah. Then around what do I went to get his mind what do I went to edit a sandwich. I'd everybody can play Majid because he help me please yes. Kelly Janine and Janet let me ask you who said this time. Peace. Means far more. Than the opposite. Of war. Dynamic. Peace means more the opposite of war okay hold on let's let document Akerson over it and. Thanks blonde is gonna say John Mayer because sounds like a John earlier Ben LA that you're looking Manny makes things I can animus around. Yes and as a way a little party and soon. You you just barreled down the hill in on the continent trained so I wanted to give you got to John I usage and mattered Jillian I opposes same things that Ryan so likely or peace means far more than the opposite of war who set it and. I'm Gil being. Mr. Rogers and hobbies the only when he's right. Tonight. Second one. Tell you I just answered heck yeah yeah ASEAN now on the who says I can't be free. From all the things I used to be DI NN on your downs definitely John man you sure yeah and who says McCain gives now announced the end of. Ten goes mayor yeah yeah that. Everything. Are you can't make yourself stat dreaming. Who you're dreaming out. Oh I know that's definitely John Mayer again. I'm Anthony Mac accounting can see things really confident here he damn well what have glass and somebody is confident let's say yeah then yeah. Mr. rather's. The answer to that is the who's saying that I like you just the way you are. Bruno Mars. Kindergarten teacher. I at any hour I'm going and mr. Rogers you have some low end PM units are different. I know there are many lows mister Rogers I he's using now you know so ultimately I did. There is a lot of previous about them thinking you know all you plan flown on them and hang her hang. I'll be I mean days and went in basically invites a child into his house. In any immediately change just like this you guys are her neighbors doesn't mean that all adults are lying around children that. Lion ate there is famously the last line and every episode of mr. Rogers yeah. He say when he senses that the kids back and into the world he says like you choose just the way you actually are and last one. When you think you're at the end of something. You're at the beginning of something else you said H and mayor mr. rogers' sister letters Yemen surrounds all my. Yes. Mr. right. Janet Mayer is less. How many rings I think he should be the mr. Rogers tonight and he showed an honor its fifth. So he's. One Campbell changed a year. When Glen Campbell I've seen you dance songs is like immediately tendencies and a fast busy ever kind of Fred Rogers TV contracts that. What you said. I think. ID 8:20 this morning angle was another round of who's edit mister Rogers or. Blank. Are incensed and mayor or blanket and an odd because it's a different territory than and that's and we played an expanded by just wasn't for. Apparent council takes oxygen. Star in 941. Emails John Mayer or we need him to the question is whose status. John mayors in town tonight if you wanted to show. Gonna win payments. Is there and Lawrenceville all you see John Mayer tonight. As I do you are you gotta do is kids. More right than Ron has got five quotes here half percent by winning the group. And you have to tonight John Medicare users against a penguins did which okay defense. We actually tougher than he thinks they're both pretty easy and yet you reboot after he had three had tried to go on the show all right. I am right. Act together in general John manned spaced is apparently went to stamina it's and John Mayer jammed. Hi Miriam who's added John Mayer or winning the doom. Sarah sometimes I wish I was there whether. You bring me I've been conversation forever. And when it rains. I mean the talk of the day who said that John Mayer or Winnie the glue that if it. On okay. I'm getting my business can't tell I'm being at home carries. I thank you want to. If you live to be a hundred. I want to be a hundred minus one day so I never have delivery that chip. Who said that yeah. It kill you show our. All the experience or yeah I'll go into. Yeah no I'm saying. I'd him. You know as you get one more and you win okay. I know pressure. So scared of getting older. I'm only good at being young whose senate John Mayer winner either true. Let me think about well. If you behind the world. Are you a 100% sure. Yeah. Need a final answer John Mayer went through so scared of getting older. I'm only good at being young. I add that I'd be down there. Yeah on the air. So buried under siege comments tonight. Joyce and the other is to have a round damn hole and a mesa. Inflation juice you can enjoy the show. And just for fine. Jan and Kelly good save gas tank if we are. If wearing each other's dreams we can be together all the time who set it retailer John mayor Antonio is. I say oh my time that's a funny thing and if we can be in each other streams were and each other's dreams we can be together all the time who said Jan Merrill. It's still a tie us up and really ahead of this can even also say mister Rogers maybe said that from. I'm going John Mayer now as do girl. You say to you say damn man yeah. My last one. When autumn comes it doesn't ask. It just walks and where it left you last. We need approved or shot do you swear I was in seen how how important because it allows when it was definitely didn't. Went out and comes and doesn't ask it just walk scene where it left you last win either blue or genre may. Where don't go winning it then I'm gone down there. I'm very thin like you down. I don't have a house and outlining the I. I know that John Mayer relates to indulge from time to time and some of the adult things in life and may not be legal and hide the would like to think that he would find this game really really fun so if anybody season tonight. I would like to hear this from the stage right. Aren't you know. Somebody comes down mantown beginning yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.