A Jingle Jam Proposal Update

Monday, November 28th


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One. Jessie. I jingle jam right around the corner actually coming up on Sunday. I think. Arrested college fortified. Right now 040474. Line. 9400. It that's the phone number and you can see X ambassadors and Charlie who. In train and James all on the eight. All one in. And day oral 47419400. Is that the phone number Collor 45 as noted in the game and you could you know upgraded to grow. I gotta catch up with Chad. Who originally called it's. Back in the middle of the month he had. He wanted to see if he would borrow our stage jingle jam. Colonel and marriage of who's who. At some point to the concert. Being able to get up onstage and I mean I'm not in addition. And I'm not Greenwich. As part of deplorable and our most people. I think it's really sweet sad and found Ruble and I think that still love it's always the song going to beat proposal or you'll play the song and then get down on one knee caddies the outcome and again. That's all I am I'm probably gonna deal and Amanda Walsh you. But I'm probably do acoustic version. Sort of a lot's baby got back. I honestly. I. End. It you know she doesn't get at that point that it ended the I think it it'll when he. There had a few meetings we talked to the people we need to talk to you and shed got the OK so act jingle jam on Sunday. Chad is going to take this stage and he is going to propose to his girlfriend. In front of thousands of feet. And a ranking high on that Chan. Well better I'd like yeah. Integrated. It even Pratt is that is that planned why's that. You guys were already planning and come into jingle thing. So you're gonna come just kind of like normal. Like normal normal that at some point. I you're gonna end up on stage. You're gonna sing a song. Perform assigned times being too yeah. For our bands that nationally touring and Baines you do this for a living and rape them met them there's going to be little EU in the spotlight. Well Jeff not gonna make you nervous at all and yeah. Yeah I don't totally I'm no good next year. Yeah. The tablet sorry you know saying. Well. Yet and I did that get back on the senate that they could get higher salt I mean there aren't. I'm ready edge here and it yeah allow. That's a pretty song. Did and what it looked like lead I think that the lyrics are very that they don't like. You know most guys that I had a lot of hurdles Saturday but are not a data they're. Out. I can edit its growth. Yet we get that that you insane. I dabble. In morrow like ass hours. You know dog and a lot of the a lot of stuff your car I'm gonna get a incompetent and Abdullah getting a lot from here and I had a conversation so. Albeit. So you're gonna saying the thing aside and and and she's obviously gonna say yes. Which will be good because you are lost to be entertaining some other people. I'm from. Yeah yells hometown. Her say it rolled out a loan to our fans are coming in on her on. The lieutenant Iowa. I think it chief I don't know and I didn't have learned afterward. You know if all goes to plan a good celebrated as they become such as he. On Sunday. And there's not really unique place it open. Let's celebrate afterwards I think what a lit in red doing. In getting. And work together and go to that word for our champion while also. That's perfect so very delicious that's absolutely. Garrett I'd actually bought it last week and I had that he'll require. An absolute. That's gave that's that's that I like to be referring to that stage really load up with them and yeah I can't overload it and they're available at LA. Her right so we will see you and I'm Sunday and I am we're gonna talk to you I definitely wanted to commend you lined up Friday. And find out notes. Exactly how you're feeling like mirror nerves wise eyes and all that and on Friday morning. As far as anything anything's that would go it's a good song and easily be approved. We found out where in the show you're gonna perform right in the middle of that Liguori yeah it's oh hole. Everything everything's coming together nicely so. Chad onstage in jingle jam proposed and his girlfriend who's a little closer. And she is zero idea right. He had zero idea she didn't like lace and achieve it I countered most Louis during Thanksgiving and you know that I let it go to my play and how they would but we kind of ignored and football Saturday so good together right now. You keep up the ignoring and we will see who had jingle jam on Sunday. I don't stinky you have an artist today look just. And no one noticed the company's bought and ends we'll cover you jumping ship show star and 841.