A Jingle Jam Proposal Request Part 2

Friday, November 18th


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He's your drive and knows drown out try. No national duty of ball. While you're. On story now before blind. Wednesday morning on Michelle Wie took a telephone call from a guy named chant. And what he pretended his name is Chad can he's got to be unanimous art is he. Is planning a pretty elaborate. Surprise. He wants to get down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend ads on any for a once jam and he's I've I did out he has. Song that he wants to perform. Either that area there's or national touring musical acts. Performing and he's fine happen between two of them with a guitar that he is okay at as are his words. He's not a great singer but he likes to sing a song once special on the I think necessity. So we have spent the past 24 hours having meetings. Are waiting longer and need flags. We've had. We've had innings we've had discussions we've had conversations. And I'll let's get Chad back and the phone. Chad welcome back to the jet engine and jam. All. Well you name cause quite a theory Larry and I are out. It. Everything here. I bought and you're toast or for the kitchen yesterday and I was worried I would all the side. Well. Everything here. Is if your Chad you were a source of yesterday's. And were excited value that while the details still need to be worked out. If you liked for pros. Onstage at jangled. We can make it. All get. Approved I am now at all. Much. I'd say that agency now they do once in oh. There are gonna want to know some of the house that they don't want another song you're gonna saying and I just. I. But what we can't use Wii game tickets for anybody that you'd need to bring in will make it big deal and we what would be out there in a little. As long as your cool without being able to share with any listener and these Americans out there on Michael and a. All and I as the girl old and yeah I was gonna say as the girl in the equation we have to figure out between now and then how to pull it off and making a surprise. As I really I really want you guys is coming to show her to think she's just coming to Asia. Well I mean she didn't add on to the next week and in fact that I can do my best to ignore what sports at. Yeah I will make usually no and then the I guess yeah it is it is so exciting that. Army is is she by any chance a jet engines show listener or she more of a late sleeper or are. Chiat day a little Paris so. Make sure they shouldn't initiate this week because she can get and Internet in the holidays. But. It shouldn't be an issue. Well okay well what we'll do then is will start crossing tease tease the corporate vehicle crossed the tees they'll back the guys on our mind and an all after the holiday we will revisit. And wall start. Planning it out says the whole thing comes together onstage. At jingle jam signed December of war you'll walk into the concert a Freeman and you want out of a concert engaged. That's an incredible. You really that great to try to marriage after a few weeks they're Jeff. Yasser Arafat though Chad do you start practicing and her her senior sung and getting good about it because now you're gonna have quite an audience. To hear it's not going to be just her it's going to be. Hold when people inside the Anthony does it infinity energy center. In an Internet. Are we as there are there any other. Issued which wardrobe that it's somewhere between like hammer pants and that Janet Jackson. To bowl halftime on bumble. Erving if you ought to be dressed the same as Jenn hobby go for. Perfect. I out. I Chad thank you for for bringing this is who will be back in touch. And the next few days we'll start working out details. They look at you rob a bank said. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough they just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.