A Jingle Jam Proposal Request

Wednesday, November 16th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. Once stunning before wants a very special requests from may very special. Jeff engine show listener and it all revolves. Around our upcoming show on December 4. Again. We've got a listener who wants to borrow our stage they wanna say Adelaide X ambassadors step aside and. Move over Charlie who told me. Com. Go low wage frame. Yeah. I'm okay. Finally. We got a listener who wants to use our stage to propose marriage to his girl for. I'm so we're gonna grab him right now on because obviously we can't identify him two's most proposals of surprise. We're gonna call him Chad welcome to the job intention to add. He's so Chad you got a big hand of four to jam like he wanted to. You don't lead the good thing and going to show com. For awhile now. But I really do want you to be just a really great story on our grandkids are over there to get up on stage for most people. And do something special and and herbal like that plus. A lot more added pressure on everything out well. Forget for Eric a point public proposals yap so what is your girlfriend like tells about that. I obviously can't even name that. And doughnut their name. We've been dating for a little under a year. Classic American look story and that plan kicked fallen Piedmont park on ten and I. A little wrong when that didn't ate out. And I had 83 brute strength shirt six Montessori gated and just know that go on a merry. Los those still eats okay you go on the route if you like. Talked to her dad have you gone down that route yet or. Is bigger than. Travel and not Manila. Actually that in person she's from Iowa so we have not made sure there were gonna go over Christmas that is. Again OK so will you you'll pick up in if this works out you've got the phone and call him. Had a time and be a night earlier say it's rendered a cat. I would I would try to be more eloquent than that wherever workers like yeah I got a little out there that I'm super excited. Okay. And then how do you envision this kind of playing outage jingle jam he'd be out of it yet. Carl had are out on and I know it's flat spot backing not you know. That is just ask anyway on. What I was thinking it at some point during the concert. Being able to get up onstage and I'm I'm not an addition on. And I'm not going to tell our side. I wanted to players song. And I wanna get too cliche at Illinois they cheer and saying. A lot of singers song as part of proposal and for those people. That would take a lot of guys and now I think. I think they can do it. Senate seat so here's a concert we've. For national touring music acts and you would like to get up in between a couple of bad. And not being a great singer and not being acted on guitar and sing so well. Earlier weren't allowed. The order I. Really sweet sad and found Ruble and acting and still love so is this ongoing did beat proposal or you'll play the song and then get down on one knee caddies the upcoming. The all them on probably get a deal on Amanda Walsh you. But I'm probably do accused it very long. It makes lot's baby got back. To go on my I'm. End. If you know she doesn't get at that point it at the end of the aisle I can't get down on one knee. After the my Anaconda don't want none. And then you can get down at night. Right at it alone you know but it says it's. Okay Irv thank. All right so what we need to spend. What we need to take this to. Are people. And make sure it's okay with them but I'm it's going to be okay and how easily easily I just think that the bosses get a little bit nervous about things like this yet. Destructs let's run show what song are you seriously thinking of doing that will help. Not to make a lot of that our Tom de beloved song from one of our favorite movies let go up. Aren't they hit fishy. General Dag. We got it all right. So wool running through it all the proper channels and and it will call you back tomorrow it is time legislating a thumbs up thumbs down and it comes out. Wools are planning. Well I'd permit and you also. Number direct question any chance you'll read about it. I'm not I'm busy thank you ought to. I thanks Chad and hang on the line encourage you to get your information and everything will. Will be back in town took a blunt I'm perfect. Instantly. The idea OK fair and goes so huge on stage at jingle. I wonder if one of our artists would help out with her like. Give them a guitar and he is on I don't know we get lots of questions ask I it will let's just get it approved we know how Tony feels about things that are different we're gonna go ahead and give him up to speed. In an envelope utility of the loop process t.s and dot those acts we'll circle back hits his this time tomorrow and that you know the bosses. Star in 941.