Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Game: Part 2

Wednesday, March 8th

The Jeff & Jenn Show plays a couple rounds of Jimmy Fallon's fav new lip-reading game


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Star in 941. I ordered to playing I'd jury comes with three games. This is where one person has on head on planes loud music the other person is whispering to them since Nancy guests. What you're saying. Comes I think originally from YouTube where Jimmy Fallon turn evidence that was for named. For China right here you know still from drew and now if I'm ready that would asking. The tide Janine will now be receiving from Jan Knightley. It says Jennings got headphones on loud music and Harry or us young and I'm going to read her a quote from Conan. On the bachelor have itineraries and music claim you get Jamie. It okay. Rio. So loud. It is my goal cars circle. My my regime is deep down was start out there let me. My heart. And soul into gold the fence about being cold right. But my but regime and it is Latin. My higher school choir aegis. Not aren't my heart to my heart my heart yes yes yes. Is goal my heart is colds. It's carry and so yes he gold golf and go all of that I feel like pinch outside answers with her. She met. But my. Yes. And I. You never. Is. Locked them. Lashkar him flat platinum all of this go yeah. 900. Mile high in his cookbooks but it and I love it's going to be Eugene. I. I don't play it easy his plaque. I'm just add that and to that and your parents Janine are so proud. All loan reform share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.